Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's Coming Over Me?

"I like the fact that you're so spontaneous, so witty, so sweet - but only to me."


Outside the International Centre of Health Sciences.

Romantic Comedy

I dedicate this to all Lovers.

"Hark the loud red flowers in loverly bloom!
Basking in the breeze and May days' sun,
Oh, their radiance hath dispelled mine gloom!
But more radiant than thee, I see none."

"Oh stop," you said to me with cheeks aflame,
"You silly man with your bad poetric!
It’s sweet - adorable even - but so very lame,
They’ll market you soon as the next emetic!"

"Ahah! you’re in error," I retorted,
"That wasn’t poetry from mine lips spouted,
But Love."

And I stole a kiss from you,
In that moment you stood agape.


Near Manipal Bookland.

pink and red
In a private park behind a small bungalow.

These pictures are reminders to those who have yet to realise or notice that we're thick in the month of May - possibly the prettiest time of the year in Manipal. Sure there are class tests (like the Microbiology one I'm flunking in a few hours time), but remember to enjoy the flowering trees so laden with blossoms that they look as if they are ready to keel over anytime soon.

mixed bloom
A close-up which I could not resist snapping.

Somewhere near that infernal T. M. Pai Hall where they torture us with exams.

They aren't going to stick around forever, y'know.

I want you to smile,
k0k s3n w4i


michelleg said...

beautiful flowers!

innshan said...

beautifully taken!
i saw you snapping away yesterday! lolz

Abcchin said...

wow!! those pics are real good stuff!! good job! and i enjoyed lookin at it!

mrbherng said...

A change of photos for words there?

niCk said...

eh! wanted to take those flowers down near the ICHS that day after autopsy. they're beautiful.
my cam was not with me.

Rabbit said...

I want go manipal! how much is the air ticket?

k0k s3n w4i said...

cun rite? haveto be there in person to really enjoy it tho.

oh, i thought of seeing whether the flowers would look better in the evening light, but it didn't turn out good. that ICHS pic was taken on Sunday actually.

Thanks. Glad you did :)

Microbiology test, man! I don't live in cyberspace, y'know, LOL.

Ah, now you can take my pics. With my blog URL splashed on them, of course, haha.

About RM500 - RM600 if you go by Jet Airways - but I warn you first; you'll have to change your flight twice + 2 hour busride. Can cry one.

AhPau said...

they're sooo beautiful can!!
sigh...why don't we have such nice flowers to gaze at in moscow? =(

pinksterz said...

a doctor turned photographer and then jiwang poem blogwriter?

*i skip reading the poem actually. not into poems. so forgive me if it's not that jiwang but more comedic<--taken from the title*

michellesy the flower-struck said...

What has come over you?

Spring (or is it summer?), my friend, spring and the memories of past love that it always evokes.

The pictures are gorgeous - nothing like a poinciana tree/ bougainvillea in full bloom.

ps: I would never doubt that you were witty and sweet and wonderful and considerate....but only to Perfection. She was a lucky, lucky girl.

k0k s3n w4i said...

@ah pau
I'm sure there are if you know where to look. I take lots of long walks, and I was actually looking for nice things to snap.

I was a jiwang poem writer since Form 4 actually. I rarely compose any these days. Uninspired (plus, some people don't read poems, mia XD)

It's summer actually, but yes, there was a distinct feeling of spring wafting about in the air.
The Royal Ponciana! So that's what it's called! I'm such a botanical moron.

michellesy the non-green-thumb-inclined said...

I'm a botanical moron too actually.

This can be proved by the fact that I flounced around calling poncianas 'flame trees' until I was (sternly) corrected by my next door neighbour.

But I still think flame trees sound lovelier *hmph and makes that snobby face icon that you do so well*