Monday, May 07, 2007

Of Schadenfreude and Beetle Eyes

"In the smoke-filled world
Where the jokes are cold
They don't laugh at jokes
They laugh at tragedies"

Regina Spektor, Lady (2006)

To those concerned and should feel rightly so,

Of late there are those who read my words who took delight in the sorrows of others though their words fell elsewhere, and not here - hence my ignorance. There are those who knew me and did not read the things I wrote before, yet read now these words I meant for people that knows me least, or not at all.

To these people of gossip and indulgent of the evil of schadenfreude, I tell you this; Remember that my words, when weighed against hers, are weightless and do not need to be the truth at all – but enough light they did give for me to see your tails. Seek your conscience; are you listening to these words I bled or are you just hearing and repeating with unfortunate words of your own choosing?

Repeat this then; Fuck you.

Strangers indeed make better friends.

p.s. Everything I wrote in my previous two most recent posts, and everything else not flecked with Regret and Pain, is entirely truthful. There is nothing I would do to alter a memory wrought in Happiness and Better Times.

Your fucking friend,
k0k s3n w4i


michelleg said...

just dun bother about those f*ckers.. they have nothing better to do, really. i hate those kind of people.

michellesy said...

Who knows the truth of the matter but you and her?

And even in the most intimate of relationships, there are unplumbed recesses of things we keep only to ourselves.

So if it please them or not, so be it. It is your blog and they may or may not proceed to read what you scribe.

But at the end of the day, it is your blog and you decide.