Thursday, May 24, 2007

Idle Doodle

"This is to inform the general public that the name of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (Deemed University), Manipal, has been changed to MANIPAL UNIVERSITY with immediate effect, in accordance with the notification dated 13th September, 2006 of the University Grants Commission."

The Registrar, 20th December 2006, in

Damn. My school had gone and changed its name last year and I know nuts about it till a couple of days ago.

This post will be brief. I don't feel like saying much.

This is how my school's emblem/logo/cop mohor/magical seal/rune of awesome cosmic powerz looks like; that dinky little brown 'M' shaped thing with an egg floating above it (left).

A few days ago, I doodled a tangled, messy, "tribal" interpretation of that logo with a pencil and a black-ink pen on my sketch pad. Here's the result;


Then, I took a proper photo of it and 'cleaned' it, producing this;


After pottering about for a bit with my Photoshop, I came up with this;


I know it's crap but what d'you think about it?

k0k s3n w4i


- Kye - said...

Manipal Uni sounds cooler, but the formerly known as MAHE thingy is kinda lame.It should be something like "Founded 5379BC" or something.

Nice graffiti art, I think you should put it in this yr's MMMC mag or put it on the library's The Wall coz I saw a few drawings up there too.

fuolornis said...

I prefer the hand drawn version.

Its more artistic, and eye catching than the one drawn w photoshop.

hand drawn: looks more tribal
photoshop drawn: looks like some kind of blackstreet graffiti

JustAnotherTragedy said...

I like the one done on photoshop better :D

Innocent^^Guy said...

I think it looks like some logo on the clothes that a hip hop or rapper would wear..

bubbly soda said...

eh k0k, i like it ler! good job! tribal design rocks!!! you have more? cause I doodle those stuff in class as well. all over the notepads now they are gone with paper lama!

michellesy the technophobe said...

Why are your doodles so nice, while mine look like the big steaming pile of turd that they are? 0_o

I like your hand-drawn "doodle". Inverted commas because I think it looks like something that required more thought and effort beyond something scrawled out in a spare moment.

I also like it because for some unknown reason, I can't view Picture 3 and 4 =(

Techonology is out to get me I tell ya! *looks paranoid*

michellesy the technophobe x 2 said...

OK, now I CAN view your ps-ed versions.

I like it - it's got a very tribal yet surfer-ish feel ala Billabong to it =)

You should consider shooting it over to the powers-that-be of Manipal U in conjunction with MAHE being granted tertiary status.

The joint will be rockin' in no time, yo! *winks*

bevE said...

how did u do that ?! but i agree that the tribal version looks better than the ps-ed version - ps-ed one really does look like graffiti

niCk said...

if pai family is a hip hop family, they'll like that logo.
it's cool!

Crux said...

Ditch the stupid eggish M. Tribal ftw!

innshan said...

i inspired u to draw..

Wan Yean said...

u've got too much free time to be messing with your uni's logo. i wouldn't even bother

aya* said...

ahaha. who'd expect a manipal nerd to actually have artsy skills :P


i think its a really nice piece. i prefer the hand sketched one tho. :P

k0k s3n w4i said...

@- kye -
They scared people don't recognize them after they change name la, haha. Putting it in the mag or on The Wall isn't really for me to decide anyway. Besides, it's just - like I said - some idle doodle.

I didn't plan it to be a graffiti art at first. it just came out to look like that accidentally, haha.

Ah, I recall your name from Su Ann's comment board. Hi there.

We Manipal kids are hep, dawg.

I don't usually do tribal/tattoo art (I do sketch a lot). I can give you my deviantart account address if you like. Post up some of your doodles too, wei.

Did it in 40 minutes. Just decided and went for it. The photoshop bit took me a lot longer tho' (esp, the cleaning bit). Show me your doodles and I'll be the judge whether they are turds or not (I suspect you're just being your usual over-humble self)
The school authorities are sticks in petrified mud, I tell you. Remember the designated seats and dress code? They'll burn me at the stake for this blasphemy.

It just came out, haha. About the photoshopped one, I just played around with a few artistic filter (a bit of cut out and neon glow after fiddling the colour selection to get this inversed effect).
What's wrong with graffiti? LOL

The Pai's need to loosen up. Let's go spray paint T. M Pai's bust over at the nursing school!

Let's stick it to The Man, yea!!!

Eleh, wanna take credit la now. Okay-la. Yea-la. You da man, man.

@Wan Yean
We all got our little hobbies right? I doodle. You eat endangered animals.

I damn hip, okay. Haha.
But not as hip as you la, Kak Aya - clubber extraordinaire.
Your reputation precedes you ;)

Rabbit said...

Wuah! *puppy eyes* Nice!

I like.. *think*.. I think i like.. *think again*

I cant decide which one i like better. -_- Not because I am indecisive lah! Both also look nice mah! =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

Haha, same thing la the two. Why rabbit got puppy eyes mia? Mutant sia!