Monday, July 09, 2007

I am the Student Council's Designer Bitch

"Since u are one of MMMC pricey artist and [the Supremo Ball] is coming up... and dat U ARE apparently bored, why dun u grab a pen and paper and do some random + simple (i mean really simple but nice) design for the ticket?"

Su-Lin, student council member,
and class representative of Batch 17
in my tagboard on the 8th of July at 1.25am

I have no idea what she meant by pricey. They aren't paying me a single cent.

I'm not in the mood to ramble and spout long strips of text like I usually do. So, I'll hand my megaphone over to my pictures. You know how they always say that lame shit about how "a picture is worth a thousand words"? Well, my pictures are worth a million words apiece.

Why? Because they are my pictures, and by association, they are heckuva lot more awesome then the common riffraffs. If you disagree, I shall ignore you. That's the secret to happiness.

Okay, moving on,

I was aiming for classy elegance, the sort that reeks of Victorian society ball chic with a hint of Gothic accent. Since they aren't paying me, and this is basically an act of pure kindness from my generous heart *cough*, I meant to steal a frame design from initially instead of wasting my time designing one myself. In fact, I went as far as to copy a vine motif frame from that site into my laptop, and was all prepared to use that. However, I discarded that idea in the end, and drew one of my own;

Drawing of part of the frame in my Pharmacology notebook. Took me an hour, it did.

I simply can't abide unoriginality.

The pen in the picture is placed there as a size reference. I work best with tiny details, and for that, I swear by Pilot's G-TEC-C4 gel pen and it's precision 0.4 mm ball point. I brought about eight of them to India, and I'm down to just one left. They are bloody expensive at the price of about RM 7 each.

If you're interested in knowing, I had lots of practice drawing fake tattoos on my arm back in secondary school. It helped pass those boring hours known to the general public as "classes".

After cleaning and trimming the first picture using Photoshop CS2.

After I got the frame bit out of my checklist, I had to work on the theme of the ball, which is Una Bella Notta, a remarkably lousy and overused theme for balls, by the way. It's so commonplace that I won't even bother giving it's translation here. Everyone already knows what it means.

Of course, it's not nearly as lame as the generic term we use for the event: Supremo Ball. C'mon, get all the student council jawatangilakuasa to vote on a new name, please - traditions be damned. I will not attend a ball which sounds like the brand name of Tesco's newest line of economy pasta sauce. A man's gotta have principles, y'know.

Also hand-drawn and trimmed using Photoshop. Looks like then Malaccan flag, right?

Since the theme has something to do with nighttime, I decided that using motifs of the moon and stars should be more than sufficient. If they are not, then sorry - I cannot be bothered to think of anything else. You can see a face in the moon if you look properly. I like how it turned out, in spite of my spending only 15 minutes on it.

The star, however, was a bitch to draw. Symmetry is my kryptonite.

So after everything was put together, it looked something like this;

What do you think? Say something!

Earlier, I planned on having the silhouette of the Taj Mahal in the background with the moon and the stars having bits superimposed on it (and have the colour of those parts inverted - you won't know what I mean, but trust me, it would have looked cool) but I got lazy. Like I said, it's not like I'm being paid for it.

It'd look awesome if they use silver ink on a textured sheet of stiff paper - the sort they make swanky business cards from - but unfortunately, the Council is too cheap to do that. Somehow along the way, a bit of Nightmare Before Christmas had slipped into the design. Can't help that. Too bad if they don't like that sort of thing.

Anyway, there's something else attached to the main ticket above but I did not include that here to prevent some of MMMC's more enterprising crooks from counterfeiting it.

So I'm the only person outside the Student Council capable of printing authentic-looking fakes.


I think I'll set up a stall in the carpark on the night of the ball and sell the tickets at half-price. That ought to reimburse my efforts for this charity designing gig. Suck on this, Student Council!

Designer bitch,
k0k s3n w4i


lingghrzhi said...

tell earlier lar dude..alredy buy ticket hw 2 buy frm u

lingghezhi said...

eh..1st to comment?this is rare...

lingghezhi said...

shud i spam?

lingghezhi said...


lingghezhi said...

lemme think...

lingghezhi said...

ok! Done!

innshan said...

i'm speechless. let's split the sales money from the counterfeited ticket. haha.

sXydeViL said...

EH YA HOR! If i ever wanted a tattoo, i think i noe who should i go to for a kewl design! Thanks in advance c0ck!! Bwahahaha!

And btw, i cant jz place a taj mahal at the back of the tix. it juz sounds wrong. Una bella notta with a taj~ Damn, juz like me photo with my middle finger parallel to taj's higest point. =P

ANYWAYZ, would take dis grand oppotunity to grandly thank u for ur grandest kindest hearted intention upon designing the most awesome tix (with the lamest theme)! WOKAY? ARIGATO KOZAIMAZU! TERIMA KASIH! XIE XIE!

innshan said...

stop thanking him. give him a free ticket..

Jen said...


that is wicked. i'd buy it just for the sake of being able to keep such a cool looking ticket. the intricacy and detail makes it look magical. the stars look a tad moroccan. i love the little hooks.

you do realise that you're in medical school, right? what the hell are you doing there!!????

p.s. you are giving them more than they deserve! for free at that!! silly silly silly artsy doctor.

fuolornis said...

amazing work!

Anonymous said...


michelleg said...

NICE work!! so freaking cool! compared to mine. u should demand for a free ticket to the ball u know. at least u'll have a free dinner.. haha..

mrbherng said...

I know who to look for when I need some design for the Malaysian Night here... don't need you to draw though.. just dig from your archive will do =P

sXydeViL said...

talk to the pressie, sinchan. am not one. If i was, i would gladly gave him two tix with shalini as a date!

pinksterz said...

it reminds me of those old malay film poster. you know p ramlee and stuff.

ahaha. i used to use my friends' arms for my creative outlet in high school. during labs we would sit at the back. pity them.

no wonder so many comments. that linghezhi guy. lol!

aya said...

ok. nak tattoo boleh mintak design, kan kan kan?

btw. im backkk!! damn lama no visit. :P

so since ur designing skilss so powderful. y no make some cash out of it by offering ur designing skills to other uni events? i noe a fren who's doing that in my campus. den can get money to buy drawing ball penssss :D

Rabbit said...!!!

Draw me a banner for my blog!!! =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

aiyo, I also only receive this assignment on Sunday, what can i do rite?
got time to spam go update ur blog la wei. mati duno how long d.

or u can be my agent within the council. I give u the tix, and you sell them when you're jaga-ing the pintu. they wun know what hit 'em.

the taj mahal i had in mind would have looked magnificent!!! gah, we artists have always been misunderstood by the tasteless... hmph.
I dowan dr shalini d. today when she's giving a lecture in the lab on skin tumors, I stood upclose to her and found that she's really fat.

Sold! RM30 pls XD
I wanted to go into graphic design actually, but my Mom said that she wun pay for such nonsense.
And she said that about journalism too.
And veterinary medicine.
And marine biology.
Being a doctor is actually pretty low on my list. Sigh.
p.s. i'm just a really, really generous bloke XD


@kit sze
tech-free my ass XD XD XD

that's because your college didn't ask YOU to design it. you would have pawned everyone else, I'm sure.
meals from that hotel is generally considered to be so substandard that even backalley mice won eat them when they throw out the leftovers.

well, if you need anything done, just lay it out to me. if i like the project, and if I have the time AND if I happen to have something cool in mind i can do for it, i wun mind doing it. it's like a hobby for me, much like ur photography.

black and white r0XX0r!
I didn't practice on my friends last time because I was in an all boy's school. it'd look awfully wrong to be caught clutching another guy's arm :|

yea, your last visit was more than 20 posts back! you must been awfully busy ;)
u trust my tattoo designs ar? permanent mia know? not scared i slip some hidden picture or sneak my blog address in it how?
my designing skills so-so only. i just started learning hw to use photoshop. plus, i dun really have much time to this sort of work. med school, y'know.

you.don't.know? I'm.hurt!!!
actually i wondered why you dun have a proper banner in your blog since the first time I visited, considering you got so many fansee. i got free time i do la, k? but no promise.

Rabbit said...

*sayang sayang* No hurt hurt oledi lah wokeh? Ekeke! Yay! s3nw4i is gonna draw me a banner!!!! =P

full of taste susu said...

SHE IS FAT! Told u from the beginning! or did i? LOLZ.

gaL said...

The design looks so ol' skool. Like an opening show from an black and white movie. :) But i like it. It's nice.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Wooooi, I say if I got time and mood, ok!!! no promise mia. if I dun do dun cry, ya. XD

@sour susu
no you did not. you agreed with me that she's one of the hottest woman in MMMC.

old school rox! I was aiming for that actually. glad u liked it :)

bevE said...

saw so many comments i thought there was no point in commenting =.= then i realized a lot were from the same ppl after i opened the comment box

where in ur brain do u come up with these designs? =_=

k0k s3n w4i said...

somehow, for some reason, you made me feel sad T_T

the design come from my infinite wisdom, bottomless sagacity and awesome psychedelic imagination. and weed. smoked with pesticide. XD

bevE said...

lol !!!! xD yeahh rightt

LOL everytime i hear or see 'psychdelic' i imagine hippies. guess what i imagined !!

i imagined u with long flowy hair, purple bandana (almost a bit like a samurai teacher x_x), big print flower bellbottoms, a long-sleeved shirt with flares, maybe white buttons, and those round sunglasses. XD

Lol, and obviously as a finishing touch, smoking a pot of weed round a campfire with other people in the middle of a marijuana forest for some reason and u standing with one foot on top of a dead log with the wind blowing through your hair and flapping through the folds of your shirt with a couple of dried leaves in your hair. xD

don't you think you sound cool?? =D

(=D i feel happy my mood's getting better. i also almost threw up on the keyboard. *shudders*)

k0k s3n w4i said...

I'd sound cool regardless how you envision me. I have more cool than a marijuana forest has highs.

your mood getting better because you're talking to me. my coolness heals your soul. let's all join hands around the campfire and sing the "happy love flower power" song.

what's with the throwing up? preggers so soon? you just only reach back msia wor