Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Different Kind of Birthday: Part 1 of 2

"... it feels nice being asked out..."

Her name had been changed to defend her anonymity. So, Liv she shall be for this entire post.

'Defend' sounds way more chivalrous than 'protect'.

Three days ago on a Wednesday afternoon1, I skulked behind a notice board outside of the International Centre of Health Sciences and studied the various bits of announcements and bulletins populously occupying its plastic surface with apparent great interest, though none of them concerned me the very least.

The keyword here is 'apparent'. I'm the sort of person that don't read notice boards even if they are posting the next winning lottery ticket numbers on them. I have a secretary who reads them for me. I call him 'Shaki'.


Three days ago on a Wednesday afternoon, I was waiting for someone (whose name I still could not spell) at the spot where I last met her the week before at the very same time. I didn't have anything planned for Saturday, and after a couple of 'maybe I should', a handful of 'sounds like an idea', and a generous sprinkling of 'why not?', I decided that this is an excellent week to be stupid. I am at liberty to invite whoever I want to to celebrate my 21st birthday with me, am I not? Righto.

For the longest time, 14th of July was a night of casual dining, of delightful conversations and most of all, of the company of just one other person sitting across the table. My ex filled that 'company of just one person' part - it's like a sort of personal tradition. This year, my birthday loomed overhead like a hangman's noose with 'OMGALONE' stamped all over the rope in firetruck red.

As if cued, just when I was swimming in all these unpleasant thoughts, my ex and her smashing, top-o'-the-line, improved-formula, spanking new boyfriend walked past me. Awesome timing. Wow.

That's a bad coincidence.

You know what a good coincidence would be? A good coincidence would be that Liv shares the same birthday as me, and that she didn't tell anyone about it either. Then I can confidently tell her with a roguish smile, birthday boy to birthday girl, that "truly tis' fated" and Providence intended us to celebrate together et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

But this sort of thing almost never happens.

I thought of asking someone from my class actually, but the threat of a gossip meltdown seemed far too much for me to safely stomach. And asking a guy sounded gay no matter how I looked at it. A stranger is good. The best conversations I ever had was with strangers from halfway around the globe.

Through the transparent bulletin board, I saw Liv heading my way from 12 o'clock. Panic gripped my liver and twisted it like a pretzel - it's been awhile since I've last talked face to face with a girl I do not know, and had never once asked one out in such sudden manner. I mean, when was the last time any of you girl readers went out with a bloke you do not know? Oh my god, what was I thinking! Okay, okay, we rehearsed this before right? RIGHT?! Step one: walk up to her. Step two: ask her out. Step three: pat self on back for a job well done. Just calm down and countdown - 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 -

Wait for it... wait for it... Go!

I walked down the steps to 'bump' into her. I raised one hand and waved weakly at her with a smile - which she returned - and I proceeded to walk right past her. A whiny movie director with a megaphone was shouting "Cut! Cut! Retake! Retake!" in my brain but I just kept strolling stiffly away. I was on the Please-Don't-Make-an-Arse-of-Yourself Autopilot of Good Sense.

Then something else took charge. It's called the Fuck-It Manual Override.

I made a sharp U-turn right before I almost unwittingly walked into the flowerbed, and found that Liv had totally wandered out of frame. I sprinted in the direction she was heading, nearly running over a certain famously rotund lecturer before finding her again by the Greens. With the slightest hesitance, I shouted her name (which I couldn't pronounce properly either). She turned, looking strangely calm and unperturbed considering a stranger just hollered her name in public. Victorian composure, that - good breeding tells.

"I'm just wondering whether you're free this Saturday," I blurted, or at least I imagined as much.

She replied in the negative. It's a busy week for her ahead.

The conversation then turned to lectures, school life and a lot of other generalities which I shall not bother you with here.

But I did manage to get her number, by the way.

End of Part 1 of 2

21 years old,
k0k s3n w4i

1 Yes, this was how I began my post last Saturday. The symmetry appeals to me.


Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Waiting for part 2 and hope something Magical happens! Hope you have a lot of luck! As Dumbledore says... All it requires is a bit of love (or something like that anyway).

Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

And by the way! Hope you have a rollicking birthday.

Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Sorry me again! Why do you not try out a new header for the blog? I think one of those designs you created for the cards or tickets will look good! Or maybe something more lovely??!

pinksterz said...

so this is the thing you couldn't tell me because 'i know your classmate'?


no wonder you were over excited and super nice that day. :P

i have been guessing the same thing. lol!

good luck with this liv girl :D

sXydeViL said...

definitely batch 19 or 20. nyah!

Rabbit said...

I didnt know you are 21. -_- i always thought you are younger than me. Sheesh!

Happy birthday! Wait, a belated one? =P

Look forward to reading ur part 2~

mrbherng said...

You know what, I hope this will be a positive change for your posts with numerous parts. All I remembered was having a not so happy ending in all the previous part twos.

Not this time right?

Innocent^^Guy said...

wat? pinkster knows liv? pinkster, lets talk on msn :P

Happy birthday btw!

pinksterz said...

no no i don't know liv. it happens that i know one or two of his classmates only.

ingshan said...

i think i know who she is..
batch20..kinda tall n slim i guess..
err..izzit dat one?d one u talked to during that 'occasion'?haha..

happy bday dudez..
sry for not being there in ur party. i'll tell u d reason later..haha. quite funny.

someone who cares said...

Happy birthday she-darling,
Happy birthday to you;
Hope her plight be in your understanding,
Relax the passion, keep it cool.

Where bane of results rule,
She pushes herself through and through;
Living alone in hell and fury,
Days of stress and anxiety,
Only dwelling in God’s mercy.

To which friends fade in the mist,
To another hostel she had shift,
Few to confide to, others may miss;
Relationship problems, she-darling tells me,
Only dwelling in God’s mercy.

If nobody knows her date of birth,
Nobody celebrates? Nobody cares? Nobody heard?
Alone to celebrate on her own, forsaken and a pity,
Only anat’ spotters adding to misery,
Only dwelling in God’s mercy.

She needs a friend not a suitor,
Somebody that supports and encourage, not a lover;
A friend in need, is a friend indeed,
A reminder, a precaution when sowing the seed;
I hope we are talking about the same person,
I know we are talking about the same person;
Happy birthday she-darling,
Happy birthday to you.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Dr. Vishaal Bhat
It's not magical, no. not by any standard. but it's pleasant. and it was indeed one of the best birthday I had.
Don't think I can find the time to make another header - at least, not anytime soon.

I think i might have toned this post a bit wrong. it's not exactly the same thing you've been thinking.

I can't ask seniors out one meh?

Walau! I look so young mae? and no, not belated. you wished on time. Thanks!

oh, it's happy. there shall be no sad stories on happy days.

thanks. and no. she knows nothing.

I think I know who you're talking about. but you're wrong. guess again, pal.
Tell me over dinner, k.

someone who cares

to quote myself;

it's like a sort of personal tradition.


I thought of asking someone from my class actually, but the threat of a gossip meltdown seemed far too much for me to safely stomach. And asking a guy sounded gay no matter how I looked at it. A stranger is good. The best conversations I ever had was with strangers from halfway around the globe.

I seek society, not a lover.
I think I could not make it plainer.

someone who cares said...

Well said and my respects,dear friend,
But be wary of the thoughts and intentions;
Be caring and thoughtful,
May God be kind to you;
All the best in you life and my best wishes,
May society come to you and blessings in bits and pieces.

Anonymous said...

smashing, top-o'-the-line, improved-formula, spanking new boyfriend walked past me. Awesome timing. Wow.


so funny.

Happy belated birthday

k0k s3n w4i said...

@someone who cares
you're really someone who cares. and she is very lucky to have you.
my thoughts and intentions, the last I checked, were legit and above-board. :)

@kit sze
Thanks. A day after is hardly belated.