Saturday, June 02, 2007


"Haven't you heard? The refreshers are no longer allowed to drop a block."


An academic year in my school is divided into four 'blocks' and a 'block exam' would be held at the end of each 'block'. At the end of the year, there would be a 'university exam' where 30% of its total marks is contributed by my performance in the 'block exams'.

My class, Batch 18, is the last group of undergrads graced with the privilege of dropping the score from one of these 'block exams' - that is, only the best 3 out of the 4 'block exams' is averaged out to make up that 30%.

'Refreshers' (students which failed one or more of the subjects in the previous academic year) is detained for six months to sit for the next 'university exam'. Luckily for them, they are still allowed that privilege - or so I thought till not too long ago.

What I am about to say next is purely hearsay, and as we all know, hearsays are suspect at the best of circumstances,
so let us not take my word for it, okay?

Quite recently, someone told me that the 'refreshers' are no longer given the benefit of disregarding the grade of one of their 'block exams' in the calculation. The reason of that was said to be because some (not all) students from Batch 19 went to the faculty and tried to convince them to extend that 'block-dropping' policy to their batch as well - citing that the refreshers, who are going to sit in the same university exam as Batch 19, still enjoyed that policy. In brief, the students from Batch 19's argument is "it's not fair".

The faculty then proceeded to be "fair", and stripped that privilege from the Refreshers. My reaction when I heard that was, "What the fuck?" - my exact verbatim.


As far as I can see, no one can be blamed for this rather unfortunate turn of events. The Batch 19 students who complained, if this story is true, are only acting out for their own good and could not have foreseen such a thing happening. But it cannot be denied that their train of reasoning that "it wasn't fair" had directly damned the refresher's right to that 'block-dropping' privilege.

What that few Batch 19 student did wasn't wrong - but it sure as hell didn't feel right either.

My point of sharing this story (regardless whether it's true or not) is this;

Many things in life are like that.

Drive safe and switch on your Conscience, so you don't knock down any innocent pedestrians.

You konscience,
k0k s3n w4i


innshan said...

wtf? batch 19 did?

michellesy said...

Not wroight at all =(

Rabbit said...

Eh! U are not lion! U are a meow meow!

Kit Sze said...

apparently batch 20 can drop block.
only 19 isnt allowed to

Wan Yean said...

any shootouts after the announcement? that should settle the score.

thanatos said...

those ppl which complain....must be damn sure that they won't become a "refresher" one day huh.....

i sure hope they won't go begging for the privilage one day when they are desperate one day tho...

it's not a good idea to burn the bridge after you have crossed it, you won't know when you need to go back again...

k0k s3n w4i said...

Like I said, it's hearsay. A rumor.

wroight is a portmanteau.

I am a lion. *eat rabbit in one bite*

@kit sze
What? That didn't make sense at all! I thought the lecturers love Batch 19?

@wan yean
Been watching the papers. I'll keep you posted.

If this story is true, of course. Anyway, they couldn't have known that such a thing can happen when they went forward with their plea.