Sunday, June 03, 2007

Here's Something for Med School Kids

"... according to that online aptitude test I took, Radiology is the most appropriate field of specialty for me."

Me to Shaki, during lecture on Friday

"*points and laughs at k0k* Hahahahaha! Give me the web address for that test. I'm sure I'll get something better."


... and next day, about midnight...

"WTF, I got Radiology as my best choice too!"

Shaki, over the phone

This is going to be a short post (but don't worry, I'll more than make up for it with my next one). On the buzz of a brief web wanderlust, I stumbled across this online Medical Specialty Aptitude Test in the University of Virginia's site.

I'm sure everyone who's in medical school now would already have a few possible specialties in mind that they would probably go for later in their practices. Of course, wanting something and being worthy of that thing are two completely different things. This test purportedly assesses the suitability of the temperament, attitude, and individual quirks of the candidate taking it, and provides a list of the most appropriate specialties for that person;

Click Me to take test!

Radiology (I'll kill you if you laugh) is my top-ranker apparently, but Infectious Diseases and Urology comes in pretty high too; both I consider as über kewl speshulties mainly because they are Dr, Gregory House's (okay, okay, his was Infectious Diseases and Nephrology; I know the difference, dammit!). Incidentally, I scored lowest for Family Doctor (is this even a specialty?) and Paediatrics (I eat kids). I'm not much of people person and I bet the Aptitude Test smelled that a gigamile away - and decided I'm better off fiddling with X-rays, CT and MRI machines.


Do post up your bests and worsts here after you have done it. Now that you know mine, it's only fair that you tell me yours too.


On a somewhat related note, check out this blog for Malaysian doctors and medical students which I found to be a rather engaging read (even if you aren't in the healthcare line);

Click me too!

I suspect that I discovered the link to the Medical Specialty Aptitude Test here but I can't really recall for sure.


On a totally unrelated note whatsoever, according to Nuffnang's stat-watzisname, you can apparently reach my blog on Google using the keywords; karnataka state girls showing their pussy.

Don't click me, please.

Last I checked, it was a page one hit.

Note to self: Must try to stop using the word 'pussy' in my posts.

Lazy Sunday Lounger,
k0k s3n w4i


Mischique said...

I laughed so hard at the 'kartanaka blabla pussy'. I saw one linked to my blog by google searching 'girls who like peeing loudly' or something like that.

Anyway Radiology sucks. Go for something that earns crazy money. Like a neurologist or cardiologist.

michellesy the non-med-student said...

LOL - I was about to suggest (tongue in cheek) that you go for paediatrics as your specialty =P

I had you pegged for surgery actually - you don't have to be a people person to do that. That's because your patients will be under the effects of anaesthetic (and considerably less annoying as a result).

ps: If family doctor = GP, then yes it's a specialty. Oz is desperate for GPs these days and when I say desperate, I do mean throwing-buckets-of-money-at-you desperate.

A friend's mom is earning 6 figures a year from practising as a GP.

pps: AHAHAHAH - karnataka wtf. pussy wtf. What about cissy - I thought you liked that word too XD

innshan said...

beware k0k, potential sex predator(s) are lurking in ur blog. haha. funny dey~!

btw, i too d test,
my 1st one is:

1. general surgery
2. opthalmology
3. hematology
4. gastroenterology
5. med oncology

and last few:
32. nephrology
33. general internal med
34. family practice
35. neurosurgery
36. emergency med..

quite accurate...thanks for d link!

innshan said...

btw, d last picture..when i click it. sum nasty sexy nude babe appeared? y huh?


Zzzyun said...

my first few:

1 gastroenterology
2 endocrinology
3 dermatology
4 plastic surgery
5 pathology
6 ophthalmology
7 radiology

and last few:

31 hematology
32 radiation oncology
33 obstetrics/gynecology
34 orthopaedic surgery
35 family practice
36 med oncology

eh not bad.. i alwiz wondered why i tend to handle GI system quite well... but plastic surgery? i dont think i wanna do that. :T

and looks like im not made up for oncology. haha.. no 'you only have 3 months to live' moments! phew~

thks for the link, quite useful. =)
i might put that up on my blog too, since a lot of med students read my blog too..haha

ling said...

Rank Specialty
1 thoracic surgery
2 nuclear med
3 plastic surgery
4 pathology
5 pulmonology
6 neurosurgery
7 otolaryngology
8 general surgery
9 obstetrics/gynecology
10 radiology


michelleg said...

OMG, zzzyun!! i got almost the same as urs. ahaha!! here's mine

1. gastroenterology
2. dermatology
3. plastic surgery
4. anaesthesiology

last few

34. family practice
35. infectious disease
36. obgyn

im so not choosing gastro. plastics and dermato seems fine. haha!! but quite surprised that obgyn is the lowest but i guess due the the working hours :P

dobbs said...

In case you didn't notice you were blogrolled by the MMR recently, together with zzzyun and michelleg :)

Zzzyun said...

michelle> yaloh!! really similar eh... who knows, next time we might be colleagues eh *winks*

dobbs> oh ya, i just found out. thks for blogrolling us eh! ^^

baby sa said...

 I know nuts about medical stuffs k....
what'sso wrong with oussy??!

baby sa said...

pussy i mean

k0k s3n w4i said...

Maybe only radiology is what my minuscule brain can handle.
Why on earth would people wanna see girls peeing loudly? What kind of girls like peeing loudly anyway? So many questions (0_o)

Then I'm better off as an anaesthesiologist (which I scored pretty high for). Like I said, watching people sleep sounds like the sort of job for me.
P.S. apparently, it's a lot easier to reach my blog with 'pussy', go figure. most of the rest of the world use the 'sissy' spelling, methinks.

I wanted med oncology but it wasn't in the list at all. but I'm terrible at comforting people anyway. I'll probably go "your lungs are shot. wanna donate a kidney while you're waiting to die?"
P.S. 'nasty' is right.

keat seong once said he wanted to go into plastic surgery. he say "I wanna be an artist. I wan to create something beautiful out of something ugly".
do spread this test around. I dun have as many med skul student readers as you do.

I got patho and neuro quite high as well! but neither appeals to me.

I'm surprised you didn't score higher for family practice. obygn has longer working hours than the rest mae?

I did, that was how I discovered MMR :)

@baby sa
pussy? nothing really. I quite like the word. but I dun wan casual surfers to think there are really karnatake girl pussies here. XD

k0k s3n w4i said...

considering the page views I got for this particular post, I'd expect more med students to tell me what they got T_T ... share-le

michellesy said...

"Your lungs are shot. Wanna donate a kidney while you're waiting to die?"

AHAHAAHHHAHAHAH - that's very Dr House-ish. XD

V+0+0= said...

Hey kok it seems I don't qualify for paeds also. I finally could drag myself to answer the seratus-tiga puluh questions.
1 physical med & rehabilitation
2 pathology
3 nuclear med
4 nephrology
5 infectious disease
6 hematology
and my last few
31 otolaryngology
32 pediatrics
33 family practice
34 emergency med
35 ophthalmology
36 anesthesiology

lol dr.annama will be so proud of me

Kye said...

My first one was "Pathology". Sounds cool though.

bevE said...

1 radiology
2 pathology
3 neurology
4 nuclear med
5 endocrinology

cool eh cool eh ?!

33 otolaryngology
34 orthopaedic surgery
35 radiation oncology
36 med oncology

... I don't even know what it means. T_T And i'm not gonna do anything to do with meds !

Anonymous said...

mine's the coolest ok. so ER

1 emergency med
2 pathology
3 urology
4 radiology
5 orthopaedic surgery
6 neurology
7 endocrinology
8 allergy & immunology
9 otolaryngology
10 neurosurgery

30 med oncology
31 anesthesiology
32 rheumatology
33 pulmonology
34 pediatrics
35 physical med & reh
36 psychiatry

k0k s3n w4i said...

TV is a bad influence to aspiring doctor.

Hey! You got nephrology! I wanted that! Hehe, I got kinda high for Patho too (tho frankly, I doubt I'll enjoy doing that much)

Petrology sounds damn cool too, but it turns out that its a study of some crappy stones.

High five! Radiologists unite!

@kit sze
I never watched ER before :p ... they always say that emergency med is for people with short attention spans, LOL

innshan said...

""@kit sze
I never watched ER before :p ... they always say that emergency med is for people with short attention spans, LOL""

lol at this too..

pinksterz said...

1 pathology
2 nuclear med
3 neurology
4 occupational med
5 allergy & immunology
6 infectious disease
7 preventive med
8 thoracic surgery
9 radiology
10 neurosurgery

and this one is so me:

36 pediatrics BWAHAHAH!

happy mou mr koki chicken?

k0k s3n w4i said...


Spam bloggers aren't suitable to treat kids. Kekekekeke.
I happy for what, kak elephant? XD

Anonymous said...


i never knew that. but very true. XD