Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Series of Disjointed, Unrelated Events

"Diazepam is administered to patients suffering from febrile convulsions in the form of a rectal suppository."

Dr. Rajendra Holla, Professor of Pharmacology,
and Associate Dean of MMMC

Was I the only one who found the idea of shoving-something-up-a-patient's-ass-while-he's-convulsing hilarious?

I'm having a bad case of acute examinitis right now (with an additional side helping of flu as-if-I'm-not-screwed-enough) so the posts you guys are getting this week would be lame (like paraplegic-lame), patchy, shallow and borderline incoherent.

And short.

Thank the gods for short.


Okay, now for the first item of the day;

I spotted a firefly floundering in a puddle three nights ago near my front door. Here's a pic;

You gotta admit that I got good eyes, no?

See that pinprick of light on the floor there? That's the bugger. It wasted nearly an hour of my time which I planned to spend studying Pathology - because I just have to rescue the microscopic idiot, dry him with a a microscopic towel and gave him a microscopic cup of hot chocolate before sending him out in the streets again.

Here's a video of him floundering on the floor of my anteroom and spilling that microscopic cup of hot chocolate I gave him. How's that for gratitude, I ask you?

The cup is in there somewhere. It's just too darn dark for you to see it.

Good luck in deciphering what the bugger said.

I wanted to attach some head-banging music to the video actually but I simply don't have time. Pharmacology exam tomorrow, peeps.


Yesterday when I came back from my Pathology exam, I discovered that I have stupidly locked myself out of my own house. I already wasn't in a good mood at that time *cough-that-Pathology-exam-I-just-sat-for-cough*. When I discovered that I didn't have my keys with me, I can swear that I heard Simple Plan's Welcome to my Life playing at the back of my head.

And the lock itself mirrored my emotional state at that time;


I tried futilely for a few minute trying to open the window at the side of my door so I can reach the spare key I keep inside (it's a loose-latch affair and I thought maybe I can dislodge it with a good shaking). I was on the verge of breaking the window with my Pathology textbook (two birds, WTF) when one of Acharya Compound's groundskeeper came running to me with what appeared to be *pinches-self-to-check-if-it-was-a-dream* my keys!

My door and window. Fifi just won't bugger off for me to take a proper picture.

Turns out that my Aka came by to clean while I was out and noticed that I have left my keys behind. She then proceeded sensibly to give them to the groundskeeper for him to pass to me when I come back.

She's a gem, my Aka. I'm glad I raised her pay.

Fifi, Socks and Mom at my front door.
This picture has nothing to do with what I'm writing, I know.


From my extensive blog-hopping experience, I found that the most common names bloggers choose to call their blogs are;
  • Life's Like That (oh, really?)
  • C'est La Vie (Life's Like That, in French - to prove that they are sexier than their English counterparts)
  • Pieces of Me (when I first heard this Ashlee Simpson song, I just knew people are going to start calling their blogs that)

Blogging is a medium for celebrating one's individuality - not murdering it by stabbing its still-beating heart with a generic catchphrase. Sorry. Grumpy mood. Welcome to my Life is still playing in my skull.

And the most frequently used post title is;

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events

Every time I see this, I feel like driving an ice-pick through my eyes. For the benefit of my sanity (or whatever left of it), please restrain yourselves from using it. Please?


Okay, that's all for today. I'm signing off now.

Have a nice life.

And good evening.

Molesting his Pharmacology textbooks,
k0k s3n w4i


michellesy, emotionally traumatised molestee said...

LOL - having Valium shoved up your ass would certainly calm ANYONE down I tell you! XD

And you even camwhore when locked out of your house? *gives K0K the 0_o look*

Dude, what do you do - lug a camera around with you 24/7? that why you prefer cargo pants to jeans? More room in the pockets eh? =P

And dammit, Fifi ( + mom + grandmom) is adorable! ARGH - canine....withdrawal......symptom........resurfacing.....must.........resist.....

And you're such a bleeding heart, your Boy Scout-ness even extends to floundering fireflies 0_O


By the by, do you know if you are the last of your kind?

Do you belong to some dying breed that is expressly placed on the face of this earth to rescue fireflies in distress?

Cos every male I have met here (uber-nerd Asian med/law students aside) only seem to be interested in two things:
1. EtOH
2. Boobies. WTF.

The uber-nerd Asian students are interested in two things as well:
1. Ace grades
2. Boobies (as seen on Internet porn. WTF)

So please, if you know any other male like yourself who belongs to the bleeding hearts club, drop me a line ok.

WTF - that sounded desperate.

But there's a backstory to this, promise.

In a nutshell here it is: Went for thesis meet-up with coursemates. Finished meeting. Was dragged to neighbourhood pub. Coursemates got drunk. I didn't. I only got groped. WTF.

Yeah. Restore my faith in huMANity, someone.

michellesy said...

And of course: good luck for your exams!

pinksterz said...

extra tulan! rotfl.

and i did use that title also before okay?*cough*

and happy err...*looks back at your post*...oh, molesting!

bevE said...

lol ! lol ! xD the firefly looks animated. xD hee. the morse code was hilarious, your tinge of dark humour made it better.

omg u should do that song tag, with the random playlist thing... xD I liked singing that God Must Hate Me by SP every Sunday on the way to church last time. my siblings and mum went crazy. xD

that's so strange that Fifi - is it Fifi ? is the only one with black and white fur with hardly any brown. o.O

it's up to a blogger if they want to express their individuality by joining with the other bloggers who stab blogging "with a generic catchphrase."

gosh that song must be annoying. -_-

i don't mean to make you moodier, but your tinge of dark humour is really in my favour.

.... o.O

i think you sound like an emo teenager. x_x (<-- random thought that just crossed my mind)

Jen said...

i think mr. firefly has ADD. either that or he's been hitting the microscopic bottle one time too many. you probably caught him after a night out on a drinking bender with the microscopic regional double-dutch team, that cheeky little bugger. i cant wait to see you move on to saving bigger things. like roaches for example. or are you partially biased towards non-illuminated beings? (in which case, i think us nasty humans can wave goodbye to any chances of being plucked from danger and force-fed/rectally administered hot chocolate by you. shame.)

ah, simple plan. one can always rely on them to make one feel even worse about any situation (isnt music supposed to do the opposite?) and increase annoyance levels. your aka deserves a treat. and an award. and a statue erected in your hall in her honour. and perhaps a national holiday in her name. oh yea, the keys to the city would be nice too.

what? you're right. the ones to your house will suffice.

you'd think that with the internet, people could plagiarise more unique blog names. so does mine make the cut? =D

oh gosh, i do so love your emo phases. makes for good reading. haha!!!

Jen said...

you got fifi at a bad angle. she looks like a goat from where i'm sitting. sorry fi!!

innshan said...

wat's with that firefly? lolz. yeah, lately a few flew into my room too. i just don't bother much, they don't glow as bright as what u cammed. I left them to rot in my room. Damn, ants are infesting. Sh!t.

how izzit possible to lock urself out of the room with those mangga?hehe, yea i agree with M, u still have time to pic it..and having a cam with u 24/7...hmm, salute!haha..(well,u cud take d pic aft d incident too..u know..)

innshan said...

i feel bad 4 u, michellesy.

michellesy said...

To innshan: I feel bad for me too LOL!
I suppose if I was drunk I wouldn't have minded.
Problem is, I wasn't =P

michellesy said...

Addendum to innshan: Which is not to say I'm open to molestation when inebriated. WTH.

In any case, having never been drunk, it's going to have to be an uphill battle trying to molest me without me noticing =P

But I suppose that those perverts thought Asian females were easy pickings - easily cowed, gullible, less likely to speak up etc?


Zzzyun said...

i hate pharmaco. my brain just cant seem to rmb the weird names... arggh!

yesh i know this comment dont really have much relevance to the post, lol.

anyway, ur Aka is really proactive. lucky b@stard. haha.

innshan said...

have faith in humanity..
not all men will grope anyone on d street. there r many decent ones..:)
be positive. it's just that u r unfortunate. blame them! u r not at fault. u r just a victim k?

fuolornis said...

i always think that Morse Code rocks

Abcchin said...

3 generations oso together.. grandma,mama, fifi lolx! extra tulan LMAOOO

Rabbit said...

Eh fifi pun mau camwhore and appear in ur blog mah! U dont la block her. keke! later she becomes extra tulan then u know. =P

k0k s3n w4i's said...

I can't imagine myself being very calm when someone is shoving something up my pipes - oh well, to each their own.
And... err... whoever said I was a scout before? cough*... Most of my guy friends are afraid of bugs. Shaki for one, screams when he sees a grasshopper.
Now forgive me o' wise woman from the land of Auz but what on god's green earth is the EtoH? It look damn familiar... but I just can't seem to think what it's for. The closest thing I can think of is ethanol (It's in my pharmac textbook). But for the record; I like boobies too.
You got groped by some of the locals? How did that happen?! Gee, that must really feel shitty... I'm sorry.
P.S. huMANity. Hmmm. How's this?; I never groped anyone in my life before that doesn't want to be groped. Scout's Honour!
P.P.S. I CAN take a picture after that happened, y'know.

I know u used that title before. That's why I write it here XD

I never heard that SP song you mentioned b4. I'm pretty un-savvy when it comes to the hottest contemporary hits - my playlist is a mix-match of of music from all the ages (even classical tunes).
You like dark humour, huh? Did you watch this British flick called "Keeping Mum"? Dame Maggie Smith was insanely (pun intended) hilarious in it! if you didn't know, maggie Smith was the actress who plays McGonagall in the Potter flicks.
P.S. I AM a teenager. Sort of. One that can vote in the next general election.
P.P.S. I think Fifi took after her no-good father.

You want to be rectally administered hot chocolate? Kids these days sure got strange fads...
I do like your blog name, LoL. Daring people to read... that's some kick-ass psychological ploy you got going XD. What I really want to know is why you call yourself Serpentinegal - that really caught my eye. Girls these days usually put 'Princess' or 'Lady' in front of their names. It's either that or the pseudo-cute '-chan' suffix. You gotta go and name yourself after some cold-blooded critter.
P.S. Fifi's overdoing her diet. You hurt her puppy feelings.

Firefly? Just wanted to post up something nonsensical, that's all.
ANts are your friends. They help you remove the other dead bugs from your floor. And I took the pics after the incident la. Why everyone think I'm so crazy, mia?

Yes, I AM one lucky bitch.

I think Braille rocks more.

Thief see d also don't dare to break in XD

Greedy fifi. Got whole post dedicated to her d still no nuff. You really understand the camwhore need, hor? One day I must learn camwhore skillz fr you.

michellesy said...

LOL - sorry KoK, I got a litttttleeeee carried away with medical chart jargon.

EtOH stands for alcohol - I didn't mean to be all mysterious about it. And I probably wasted your time when you went and looked it up in your textbook too, time you could have spent taking in valuable pharmacology information *sweats*

Er, it's just a quick, discreet way for us to flag alcohol dependence in the charts really. Without family members finding out their dear ole Grandpa has been hitting the ole bottle one time too many =P

And yeah, all molesters (Pharmacology textbook molesters excepted =) should be castrated. And that's my last word on that 0_o

I have only been clubbing/ pubbing twice in all my time here (not being very fond of EtOH myself) - this time makes three. I can't say they were experiences I was eager to repeat:

#1: My friend got groped
#2: The girls got thoroughly smashed by imbibing one girlie cocktail too many and sang in the cab all the way home (Celine Dion's greatest hits anyone?)
#3: I got groped.

How's that? 0_o

The damn thing is, the place was so packed I'm not even sure who groped when how. Gah. The what I'm certain about 0_O

I have my suspicions though. Sigh. Lots of pumped-up and tipsy rugby fans were in the vicinity (drinking and watching rugby goes together apparently).

But yes, I understand not all guys (you and innshan particularly)
are perverted enough to cop a feel, so to speak.

I guess I didn't need to be groped after a long day at work and an even longer thesis meeting. In my work uniform no less. Gah, perhaps those guys were blind drunk after all.

ps: LOL - stop incriminating yourself by admitting to liking boobies and bjs on your blog dammit! I'm trying to preserve your er, pristine reputation OK XD

pps: I just thought you were a camwhore par excellence, that's all =P

michellesy said...

To innshan: Thank you for your kind words.

I think the only thing I got wrong was to go to that pub in the first place =D

But yes, I understand not all males are like that - last time I checked none of the guys I was friends with were perverted. At all. Or so I hope XD

Denise said...

People should read this.