Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Can't Think of a Title for this Post

"I will kill you so hard you will die to death."

My current favourite quote

I'm craving for something. I suddenly thought about it a couple of hours ago and even made a mental note to go out to the convenience store to get some. Right now, I simply can't remember what I was craving for. I keep thinking that it has something to do with marshmallows, but I'm sure that wasn't it because the store don't stock marshmallows.

What's worse; I'm still craving for it.

Have you any idea how torturing it is to crave for something you can't even remember?


Okay, here's a few words about my new header. I wanted to do this in my last post, but I wasn't in the mood.

Last week, the image of someone sitting astride a syringe with the line "Ride the high" (Syringe? Ride? High? Drugs? Geddit? What do you mean it's not funny?) suddenly popped into my mind for no good reason during a lecture class on dengue and yellow fever. That somehow got lodged inextricably in one of the narrower pipes in my brain. Then (also for no good reason), I dared myself to make a header with that theme.

I already have most of the resources I need lying around in my huge, sprawling 'Photos' folder with the exception of one with a guy in a riding position (preferably wearing a lab coat). I tried searching my usual stock photo haunts but I could not locate even one that's remotely satisfactory. So I did the unthinkable;

I camwhored for it.

If you're a regular here, you'd realise that the only photos I took of myself are simple, straightforward mugshots for my blogger profile page. I consider posing in silly positions to be beneath me (yes, I'm a duffer, so bite my nose off). Unfortunately, once I set my mind onto completing something... Well, let's just say those moments I spent self-timering with my camera were thoroughly unpleasant. I felt mortified the whole time I was doing it.

The reason I put an XD in the place of my face was because I looked so sheepish and embarrassed in the picture.

While making the header, I realised that the background image needed a frame, and finding no suitable ones on the net, I drew it myself in from scratch using Photoshop (CS2 - I know I'm outdated) in ten minutes. That's why it looks so shoddy.

Putting everything together was a cinch and the result left me with mixed feelings. The first thought that came to my mind was, "This is so not me." To be perfectly honest with you guys, I don't like it one single bit. It's too random. Too cheerful. Too idiotic. I nearly binned it on the spot. That's why I started the poll in my previous post (I would have gone on with the new one otherwise). I was just wondering if my readers would like it more than I did.

I thought that my allusion to "losing my mind" would be a dead give-away that the header disagreed with my sensibility and taste.

The poll is still on, by the way. Nope.

Note: The place in the background scenery is the Manipal Greens. It's where my university hold fairs, cultural shows and similar festive nonsense.

At the moment, I'm addicted to the Cyanide and Happiness comic strips drawn by this deviantARTist, kris-wilson. You can find the whole collection this comic series from, jointly contributed by other artists as well but none of them matches up to kris' style and humour (in my opinion). The quote-o-the-post at the top came from one of his strips.

Here's the link to kris' deviantART page and archive; CLICK ME HARD.



For some strange, disturbing reason, his brand of humor reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes. It was a sad day when Bill Watterson retired from drawing them. There simply isn't enough Calvin to go around in this world.

I'd know. I've read each and every Calvin and Hobbes strip in existence.


Oh, by the way, I finally remember what I was craving for. It's chocolates. I haven't had some in months.

I'm going out to get some now.

Err, bye?

Got chocolates?
k0k s3n w4i


michelleg said...

so paiseh man my comments always so short compared to ur other "fan-si".

yea this comic strip really reminds me of calvin n hobbes. im starting to like this cyanide and happiness strip. im still subscribing to calvin n hobbes everyday via email. damn good!

anyways, my friend siew han happens to read ur blog and said he likes your flow of english. he's too shy to leave a comment tho. haha! :P

michelleg said...

hmm, just realised there's another calvin in calvin n hobbes. haha. calvin fetish :P

Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Hmm.. "I drew it myself in from scratch using Photoshop (CS2 - I know I'm outdated) in ten minutes."

If you call that outdated , i guess i must be antiquated and fossilised..

It' fun reading your posts.. Wish i had the literary acumen to spruce up my thoughts and present them the way you do..

Keep up the good work.

Jen said...

i love "cyanide and happiness"!! made the wonderful little discovery about a month or two ago!! =D cracks me up all the time.

hilariously sick and twisted. yummeh. just the way i like it.

so, you're sticking with the new header then? i can just die laughing as my imagination goes into overdrive, thinking about you attempting to snap a decent enough picture!! XD

and the poses!! hahahahhahah!! cmon show us the ones that didnt make the cut!! pretty please!!

pinksterz said...

i was wondering why you didn't show your face in the banner pic? sheepish looking eh?

awwwww, c'mon show us!

pretty please? *puppy eyes*

you did a perfect job for it. sampai pakai kasut untuk camwhore. tsk tsk. unbelieveable for a erm, guy. :P

btw, your page load real slow lah. even when i was on 100MB.

himilkcaramel said...

duffer. *bites nose off k0k*


a-ha ! (not the 'aha!' surprise kind, the kind that's derived from 'haha') lol ! you're so cute in this post. xD "sheepish and embarrassed" (*cough* now u know how to win more girl readers to ur blog xD)

=_= doing the border in ten min is really short ok. I took 4-5 hours to do my banner. and it started out like crap in the second phase. -_- and almost looked random-er in the end.

(no offence if any, but it - the banner - does look a bit comical, and a little different themed from ur blog, as you pointed out. in another related to that, it reminds me a little of other bloggers, who deco their blog in a way that helps more towards making a first impression towards readers, rather than accomplishment of self. does that make sense? o.O)

u have all the calvin and hobbes strips ?! CAN I SEE ?!?! T-T PLEASE ?!? o.O i don't like chocolates.

btw, if you got the 'XD' from me, then I don't care what you retaliate but I must say I feel a little honoured that i'm significant enough to make it into your mind that u use xD from me, and think of me when you see Pocky. =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

There's no 'fan-si' here. Just like-minded people sharing thoughts ;). It matters not if the comment is short or long (as long as i continue getting them XD)
Frankly, I like everyone who reads my blog to express themselves freely. Write as long or short as you want, just so long they are true :)
I'd read every word.
And say hi to Siew Han for me, k?

@dr. vishaal bhat
Hey there!
Outdated and fossilized? No way! Anyone's whose 27 and blogs is hip by definition! I'd be lucky if I'm half as hip when I get to that age.
And thanks for dropping a comment. Writing is sort of like a hobby for me. I keep this blog as a practice ground. :)

You, young lady, have impeccable taste! The more I know you, the more I think you're my long lost sister or something.
I might not be keeping the new header after all. I'll keep the poll running for a little longer. if new header does not beat the old by at least 5 votes, I'll switch back.
Showing you pics of myself in undignified positions? Never! I've destroyed the evidence. I've burned them to ashes, mixed it with four parts of water, drank them, and shat them out. they're gone. no more. finito. kaput.

Perfect job? but of course! I'm a perfectionist! (I photoshopped the shoes on actually)
The pics are no more! refer to my reply to jen.
As for the slowness, I'll see if I can part with any of my sidebar widgets. I certainly don't need so many.

U bit my nose off!! how can I wear spectacles now?! aaargh!

Chicks are into duffers these days? I gotta go get myself a nerdy plaid sweater and nerdy glasses! I'd have the femmes coming in in droves.

I tot your banner came with the template actually. it fits in well.

Dont worry about no offence (it takes a lot to irk me). I'm perfectly aware of just how silly it is. as I said, i'm a duffer at heart (is the chicks coming in yet? I can't hear them)

I have the whole Calvin and Hobbes series in my laptop! come and see! I'll show you! You do have my address right? good luck locating my house XD... and what kind of girl are you? i thought all girls are chocoholics? whatever would your boyfriend do during your PMS if he can't tide you over with choc?!

the XD, Pocky... things like these about people have a strange way of sticking in my mind. some of my posts feature quotes from friends fr almost a decade ago. Either that or I'm in love with you. pick one.

bevE said...

xD You know what i'm talking about. - the cuteness thing, - or - actually, the duffer attitude works too. =P didn't you know? all the geeks get the hot girls. xD

nah, I made the banner and the bg myself, an agonizingly long few hours, and got the codings for the rest of the template elsewhere and edited a LOT to fit what I liked.

you're terrible ! xD when the day comes that you visit my house to snoop for books I'll go through your C&H files. o.O how many gigs do you have in your laptop ? xD I don't know what my bf'd do, maybe we'd have more wrestling matches with me dominating more violently than usual? o.O xD

"some of my posts feature quotes from friends fr almost a decade ago. Either that or I'm in love with you. pick one."

hmn, tough choice. how about C, I'm the superior TGUO, so obviously I'd make an impression wherever I go. Bwahahahaha!

Zzzyun said...

i quite like cyanide and happiness. have read a few after ur recommendation.. got a lot of funny 'Zha dou' moments. :P

and whats wrong with a cute header anyway? i think it's cute. *winks*

imho, the old header was too wordily messy! blek.

bubbly soda said...

a sudden memory terrorism? not good! On the other note, a camwhoring male blogger... c'mon don't be shy! there are a tonne of them out there but you? POST THE ORI PIC!!! It'll be fun to see a sheepish k0k since you are always posting in a shameless way! bwaahahhahahaha!!

michellesy, non-photogenic pumpkin said...

*Claps hands in glee*

I have finally found someone even more uncomfortable in front of the camera than moi - MUAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!

But seriously, I get what you mean about getting awkward and embarassed - even though you were all alone and there weren't any witnesses to the crime, so to speak.

Heh - I actually sweat when I sense cameras on me, I really do.

And all the sweat does is coat my coarse and common features, resulting in my visage looking like a shiny, glazed, overdone pumpkin.

Truly. A pumpkin - cos I'm chubby. WTF.

I invariably delete every photo of me I can lay my hands on. If the shutterbug in question was inconsiderate enough to refuse to jump on the digital bandwagon, that's no obstacle. I have found that film burns really well too. WTH.

Anyway, I thought the new header 'wasn't you' as such.

But like I said in your previous post, if you were looking for something bright and cheery, that was it.

However, if you are the dark, brooding type that you keep reassuring me you are in real life - well, it's your blog. And your header =D

ps: "How about you go outside and play catch AIDS in your butt?" - LOL!!!

pps: Chocolate is merely the manifestation of a thousand unnamed longings, distilled into a bar of pure heaven.
I have found few things that cannot be improved by chocolate - my ex-housemate (who was from Japan) used to add a touch of it to (of all things) curry =D

ppps: See lah, did I tell you, or did I tell you? XD
"Geeks get the hot girls" (to quote Beve). Now that two females have said it, you have to believe us =P

sXydeViL said...

Olla! Well, im trying hard NOT to imagine u cam whoring with ur usual serious face... XD

I admit, i failed.

Well, the new header is nice. Both are unique in their own ways. Since u have created that, just use it for a change.

Anything original to me is nice. One thing i like wbout ur work, u arent a copy cat. =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

Nerds get all the hot chicks? I donno. I'll try to google a pic of Stephen Hawking's wife.
It's cool that you understand HTML and stuff. I only know the most basic of those kinda greek - my template is one of blogspot's defaults and the only thing I did to it was change the banner.
My C&H takes up only 200mb actually, in about 3800 scan.
You're not such a big TGUO anyway. You're not as Unknown as you like to think you are :p

Very random right? That's why I love the series.
Most of the people that voted for the old banner are people who knows me in real life. Cute is not something you'll associate me with.

If I post that pic, I'll never be able to live it down. dangerous images like that should be incinerated for the greater good (which I did).
I suffer transient memory losses all through my life. like that time I forgot o bring my school bag to school for instance...

Ah, you understand my plight the most! i keep feeling I was doing something that would disturb the balance of the cosmos when I took that pic (balance restored after destruction tho).
ANd I AM dark and broody. you can try to ask some of my other readers that have actually met me before if you won't believe me :p... or look at sXydeVil's comment above. She mentions my "usual serious face"
P.S. Incidentally, the chocs here in India are invariably substandard (at least in Manipal it is). for some reason, even their Ferrero Roche leaves a faint (but distinct) taste of bananas in the mouth.
P.S.S. I'm sure Kate Hudson likes cool guys. I shall continue trying (pathetically) to be cool.

that's why I keep the face I wore for that picture as a secret. all of you would laugh your heads off if I show you.
The header: Or i'll use it till I think up a replacement.
I detest copying anything actually (except backed up lab assignments). I try to be as original as I can - tho there are times I might subconsciously try to reproduce something I've seen before.