Tuesday, June 12, 2007

k0k bL0k Needs You!

NO crappy quotes this time. NO, OMFG-Wall-o-Text either. Let us all observe a moment of silence and thank the gods for that.


Okay, that's enough of silence for the day! Now, let's get down to business.

I want your opinion on something.

Yes, you - your opinion!

Which header/banner/flag-o-awesome-cosmic-powerz is cooler?

The old one?


Or the spanking new one?


Vote on it!

So, what's the verdict?
The old one! "Don't go fixin' stuff that don't need no fixin," my Grandpa used to say.
The new one! I heart new header!
Neither. You still suck. I hate you.
I like hamsters.
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Thank you for playing.

P.S. Do let me know the reason for your choice, okay? Pointers, exclamations of awe at my awesome photoshop powerz, constructive criticism, destructive criticism, love letters, and death threats are all welcomed.

P.P.S. Yes, I am perfectly aware of the inordinate frequency I use the words, 'awe', 'awesome', and 'powerz'.

P.P.P.S. Spare me the Harry Potter jokes, I beg of you.

The one and only,
k0k s3n w4i


bevE said...

Hee ! Guess which one I chose ! x3 If the other one is you, or if you looked at the results at the time of this comment, then it'd be easy for you to guess.... Heehee. x3

o.O I had no HP jokes in mind. All I thought was this Evil Man might also be known for his dashing good looks and abnormalities - a XD for a face and a big stump coming out from the back and an injection needle from the front. o.O Looks painful...

pinksterz said...

and i thought you are busy with your block exams?

new one is way cooler!

bubbly soda said...

i like the new one but its taking half of the page!!!

but it is still up to you. The old one is nice cause it is orange. blar... i like both!

Abcchin said...

OMG.. i love the new one.. it cracks me up like hell.. lol... so damn funnyyyy agagagagagagag

Jen said...

oh dear. i actually voted for the old header. somehow, the new one looks a tad erm.. how do i put this nicely.. kiddy-ish. *cowers in corner* the "XD" face creeps me out. the original one suits the tone of your blog better, methinks. the new one looks far too random (wtf?), looks a wee bit out of place and slightly messy.

maybe i'm far too comfortable with the old header, but i quite like the threatening "ransom note" font and druggie-esque syringe.

but if the nation votes for #2, so be it! =)

p.s hope i wasnt too harsh or anything. the new header looks cool, but isnt really my cup of tea. sometimes i think i'm simon cowell's asian doppelganger. tough.

fuolornis said...

I prefer the old wan.

More professional...

k0k s3n w4i said...

Let's give it up for HAMSTERS!!
You know, the only words I can understand from the second part of your comment is, "known for his dashing good looks"... XD
You taught me this emote, btw ---> XD . I couldn't screw my face up that way so I smudged over it and used the type tool :p

I am. I'm also suicidal. it's so lame, it's cool, LOL

It took up a whole page initially. I had to shrink it.
Orange is my fave colour! only, I can't seem to work it into the design. darn.

It cracked my up the first time the idea came into my mind and I went, "shit, I must try to make that!"

This is the sort of comment I truly enjoy reading.
The word that came to my mind when I completed it was 'childish'. Thanks for the feedback, jen. I'd write this reply longer, but I'm going to be addressing most of the issues you mentioned in my 'after-poll' post anyway - and I don't want to repeat them.
P.S. the new header is so not my cup of tea either. it's done on a totally random tangent.

If you can consider me 'professional' XD.

k0k s3n w4i said...

@those others who voted for the old one
I wished you'd give at least offer an explanation. I'd really like to hear from you guys.

FuYew said...

I prefer the old banner. I think the design n wordings look better.

michellesy said...

I voted for the new header - a change is always nice.

If cheery and upbeat is what you're looking for, then this suits it to a tee.

ps: I wasn't going to comment on the parallels between the needle and HP's broomstick, but I was going to say how it looks, erm, rather suggestive. Er, you know what I mean 0_o

pps: I do miss Emo Hitler from your very first header though.

ppps: What? No 'crappy quotes'? But I love your quotes =D

Voon said...

New header definitely. It doesn't have to actually nicer and like all things in this world all things just have to be NEW! I am shallow and have ADHD.

Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

I voted for the old one.. I guess i did not like that harry potter take with the syringe pointing towards the hospital block..

Maybe I do not gel in with most of the crowd here who prefer hamster's...

k0k s3n w4i said...

I'm inclined to agree with you.

a change is always nice? how about a sex change? wait... how about an accidental sex change? XD
Ok, forgive me. I had too much chocolates.
P.S. I've a mind as unmarred as white canvas. enlighten me about this 'suggestiveness' you speak of.
P.P.S. Emo Hitler? I got a feeling that lots of people think I'm into fascism with his face sitting at the top of my blog.

I wanna be you. life would be so uncomplicated then XD. I dun have ADHD, unfortunately. I have only a self-diagnosed case of bipolar manic depression.

@dr vishaa bhat
that's what I would have voted for! (if I didn't already cast it on hamsters). It wasn't so much a Potter take as it's a visual pun for the line, "Ride the high" though.

Wan Yean said...

i like the new one, but i don't quite like the "lost ur mind" statement.

and oh, u inconsiderate jerk. your new banner got my connection slowed to turtle pace.

michellesy the chocolate addict said...

What do you mean your mind is 'unmarred as white canvas' - I beg to differ, dear sir.

Which brings us to Exhibit 1: how sushi differs from the female of the species. Remember? XD

Anyways, all this enlightening and 'splaining is making me look like a corrupting influence - on your pristine, pure-as-driven-snow canvas, er, I mean, MIND =P

Er, anyways, just that the broomstick happened to be er, between your legs and er, so are other parts of the male anatomy.

And erm, you know what they say about men and their vehicles of choice - the bigger the better. Er, yeah.

Erm, do I really have to say these things out loud on your blog? *shuffles feet embarassedly*

ps: WTF. Accidental sex change. Do you mean you went to sleep one gender, and woke up as another 0_o

pps: That cannot really be one of your lecturers, can it? Cos if one of my clinical supervisors/ lecturers/ tutors decided to read my blog one find day, I think I'd kill myself. Or delete the blog. Possibly.

ppps: There is no such thing as too much chocolate. I repeat: There is not such thing as TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE. Take it from a female: there' ain't no sech critter as too much chocolate, dear sir =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

@Wan Yean
Get broadband! dialup is stone age technology, dude.
It's hard to think of good catchphrases in so short a time.

Incidentally, my dream car is a Mini Cooper. XD.

Accidental sex change. A mistake perhaps when they cart you to the wrong operation theatre where you're in fact there for a simple vasectomy, maybe?

And no. not one of my lecturers. maybe a lecturer, yes. but not mine :)

Ya, I remember what I said about sushi and women. "Sushis can't give blowjobs" XD

michellesy, mini cooper (with racing stripes) fan said...

ROTFL - I wasn't expecting you to say it out loud ON YOUR BLOG XD

"Sushi can't give blowjobs" indeed. WTH.

At least you've bravely and rather victoriously owned up to it LOL!

ps: I love Mini Coopers. I don't know how that reflects on my physical attributes, as no such link has been drawn between females and their choice of wheels.

But gawd, I love 'em Minis (the new ones, but the original rocks too)