Wednesday, April 11, 2007


"When [the other faculty members of MMMC] told me that Batch 18 is a lousy batch, I didn't want to believe them... at first."

Dr. Beena S. Suvarna,
Assistant Professor of Pharmacology


Batch 18, collectively

Dr. Beena was assigned to coach us in the principles of Pharmacokinetics. She discouraged note-taking so we can (hypothetically) concentrate better on the subject material and talked to us while standing right at the back of the class where we could not see her (I suspect she has a problem with crowds). Also, she would turn off all the lights in the lecture hall so we could better see the LCD projection upfront.

Notice anything wrong with her methods? Let me enumerate;
  • When our hands stays idle, our minds will wander.
  • A lecturer who stands out of sight exerts no presence in the class.
  • Lights off + wandering minds = ZZZ. In fact, she told us in her first lecture that she didn't mind anyone sleeping as long as he/she does not disrupt the class.
Satan himself cannot tailor a better temptation deal, honestly.

Judging from everything I've said above, you'll have to admit that she's ain't the cream of the MMMC faculty members. But I have no doubt at all that she knows her stuff very well - it's just that it's really difficult to follow her lecture when I'm napping so soundly.

BUT, I'm certainly not dumb enough to go to my mentor* behind her back and complain about it.

Apparently, some prime candidate(s) for the Stupid Award did just that; people so bloody stupid beyond belief that they should be featured in the next episode of "Ripley's Believe it or Not". Measures must be taken to stop them from having children next time. We certainly don't want their stupid gene to be continuously perpetuated in the human race. Hitler had the right idea about these things (though admittedly, he targeted the wrong folks).

Haven't everyone realise yet that their mentors are part of the faculty and hence, will cover each other's ass? How can they expect their mentors to be discreet and confidential about these things? Un-fucking-believable.

The result is a rather sulky, wallowing-in-martyrdom Dr. Beena giving us a guilt trip during today's Pharmacology period (refer top).

I don't care that whoever perpetrated the fiasco today reads this, and neither will I bother finding out who it was. All I want to say to him/her/them is this; You guys are fucking adults now. For crying out loud, please be more tactful. T-A-C-T-F-U-L. Go look it up in a dictionary if you do not know what that means. You're no longer cute 5-year-olds when you can say the "darnedest things" and grownups would go "Awww, how adorable!" and laugh it off. We all know Batch 18 already has a crappy (in fact, the crappiest) reputation among the faculty. This kind of shit isn't helping.

Most importantly, talking shit behind Dr. Beena's back to a colleague of hers about her methods is downright dishonourable - and by "dishonourable", I meant "animal" because that act is thoroughly beastly. She had been more patient with us than most of the other lecturers had and she's nice enough to let me sleep in class. She may not be wizard at what she does but she was sincerely doing her best for us. I felt sorry for her.

So fucking grow up (or at the very least, shut up), please. Opinions aren't toys.

Am aware that he's a pot among kettles,
k0k s3n w4i

*Mentor: a member of the faculty which is assigned to be a bunch of students' "parent away from home" but hardly anybody really sees their mentor on a regular basis anyway. I have in fact, forgotten my mentor's name but I'm pretty sure that there's a "Suresh" somewhere in it.


meifong said...

haha. it's hard to bear indian lecturers and the indian systems. but what to do larrrr.. we are studying in india, gotta bear with it.. i totally agree with u. anywayz, how can u forget ur mentor name! buy something nice for her/him when u are back from malaysia ma.. hahaha..

sXydeViL said...

"Measures must be taken to stop them from having children next time. We certainly don't want their stupid gene to be continuously perpetuated in the human race"

I can so relate to this statement to one of my hilarious encounter in medic school. Some fucked up nuts actually went wailing to "HIS" mentor because I used to use (note the past tense-BECOZ I DONT/ CANT anymore, all thanks to that bloody idiot) mobile phone during lectures.

That arse really ticks me off, dat everytime I see him, I do feel like holding him on his neck and tuck him under the guillotine and have his brainless pathetic head chopped down! BLOODY FOOL! And the best part is... HE SITS NEXT TO ME IN CLASS! so yeah beat dat! SUCKS big time.

michelleg said...

anyone would sleep in such a condition!!

k0k s3n w4i said...


I did! Two packets of Malacca's Famous Tan Kim Hock Dodol! But he's on leave in my first week back, so I ate them all. :(


That seemed like a pretty pointless thing to do - other than to really piss you off. "Wailing to his mentor"... honestly...

Revenge la. Maybe catch him dig his nose or something then complain to YOUR mentor about it. Cite some hygiene concerns or something, haha.


*hands up*

Rabbit said...

*pokes* Cannot sleep in class!! wake up!! *pokes again*

Anonymous said...

precisely. love yr last line. we're in bloody med school for fuck's sake. i expect people around us to at least hav a teeny weeny bit of common sense. i mean, a couple of years down the road we'd be dealing with lives.

initially i thought her class was totally crappy but her intentions were good and for that i respect her. and yes, i really really felt sorry for her too.

k0k s3n w4i said...


*ZZZ* huh? *ZZZZZ*


It's unfortunate that our batch should have such a poverty of common sense then. This 'Beena Scandal' almost topped last year's 'Seetharama Bhat + Refresher Notes' headliner.