Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Puppy Therapy

"Happiness is a warm puppy!"

Charles M. Schulz, that bloke who drew Peanuts

To make up for my shocking lack of pictures in my previous posts, I shall now strike back with visual vengeance. Besides, the head hunting season is on so I'm not up to being my usual verbose self. Heads not filled to near 'splosion with thousands of scientific names of germs and worms, mundane and bizarre ways in which the human body can go awfully wrong, and the myriad of manners in which prescription drugs can act (and shouldn't act) on sick people and people who think they are sick - those heads will roll! If you don't have buckets of medical facts leaking out of your ears (and from other less polite orifices), you aren't working hard enough, ya hear me?!

Here's how I deal with stress,

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*Baby gurgle* *Lick*

Meet my personal favourite from Mom's litter. I haven't name her yet, so let's just call her... Beans!

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"You has a flavour" *Lick lick*

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"Nyum nyum nyum nyum nyum..." *Lick entire hand*

My hand must have tasted good to puppies.

The thing about Beans is that she has incredibly expressive eyebrows. Here's her sitting on my laps,

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Beans pondering on the meaning of life and existence.

See the two neat and symmetrical whorls above her eyes?

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"Luff me, please..."

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"You luffeh me, mmmkay?!"

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"Dun leef meeeee!!! Ehn!"

Sock's brood is a much more multi-coloured bunch. She likes exotic lovers, hence the exotic puppies.

In fact, considering that she has a light brown coat, I think she had several exotic lovers at the same time,

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"Hmmm, strange - these aren't suppose to be here." *Squints*

That's Patches on the left. He is the dominant pupsicle of the litter - that means he's bigger, badder and can walk all over his brothers and sisters whenever he feels like it. There's a Patches in every litter.

Patches already appeared once before in this post.

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Patches and sister. "We bring yew teh qte!"

Patches was Phoebe's favourite - he's just so round and dopey! But he had disappeared for a few days already now. My guess is someone have came along and adopted the little rascal (I hope it was not because he looks delicious). After Patches was taken, his siblings suddenly became just as plump as he was. I guess he must have been hogging all of Socks' teats. Greedy li'l bastard.

I was kind of glad that someone have decided to keep Patches instead buying some purebred from the local puppy mill - the strays here in Manipal are extremely mild and good natured. I don't know why's that but I guess it's because of conditioned selection. Vicious strays are usually put to sleep real quick hereabouts - and I don't mean in a pound with a syringe either.

Anyway, here's a short clip of Patches I made a week before his disappearance. It was the first time ever he waddled out of the burrow under the stairs,

Patches and Sibs home video.

He does waddle, doesn't he? That's my hand there at 0:16 which Patches licked. At 0:55, he lost his balance and plumped down on his fat rump. I LOL'ed at 1:00 when he scooted his big puppy ass around and parked it right on his li'l sister's head. Check out the synchronised long puppy yawns at 1:11 - I felt drowsy just watching them. Infectious shit. And he's such a blur darling when he looked so sheepishly at the camera right at the end of the vid. Patches just oozes teh qte!

I think if I'm ever feeling suicidal, just put a puppy in my arms. I don't think I can kill myself with something so lovable to live for.

Thinks God invented psychotherapy when he made puppies,
k0k s3n w4i


pinksterz said...

haha yes puppies are adoreable! i agree. i like those super furry one (sorry lor dunno what breed and names) but too bad cant touch them :|

michellesy, canine fan said...

O.M.G!!! Sho. Kiut.

Gah. I want adorable bundles of fluffines to cuddle too! Methinks extreme measures are called for - dog-napping the neighbour's pooch LOL!

Good luck for your exams OK?

wahlui said...

waaaaaaaaaa so cuteeeeeee. and the yawn. oh em gee! :D

bevE said...


po ur hand is very fats. also, u using my language!! T^T "luff", "luffeh"..... T_T copywighted.

and po, u sound like a mommy

Jen said...

lol beve, he does sound like a proud mommy. pretty soon he'll be wiping tears of happiness and saying things like "they grow up so fast".

can they get any cuter? roly-poly puppies. ahh.. the perfect pick-me-up after a rough week. i'm back at work btw! =D

my fingers and toes are crossed for u.

InnShan said...

fat patch is my fav! cute..they yawn!! so contagious~ XDDD

bevE said...

jen: xD imagine how happy he'll be when they start making more babies! he skips out on the whole birds n the bees talk xD

this post is kinda a girly post. -.- everyone's gushing =.= *gets a sudden urge to go to a specific shop in MV*

Skyler said...


(too cute for words)

Yen said...

This is a good way of dealing with stress. I have something for you in the mailbox.

voon said...

Hou DAK YI!!!!!

Baby animals r the coolest

Favorite Fur-BAWLSSS:
Bear N Lion cubs

ze besto said...

patches and sibs so cute so cute so cute

poooooo dun lif meeeeeeeeee

bevE said...

skip to my loo my daaaarling

Michelle Chin said...


bevE said...



po i forgot to mention i seee your tuuuummyyyyyy x3 xD

michellesy said...

LOL - looks like we're not the only ones appreciative of the cuteness of ze furry ones =)

This landed in my inbox today - adorable!

bevE said...

i like this one :D

bevE said...

i wan see po camwhore wif puppy

k0k s3n w4i said...

you CAN :D
If your hand and the pups are dry.
Or if they aren't, you can samak or something right? With air tanah.

Strays are equally cute. They need the love moar!

Puppy yawns are teh awesome!

I told you before that I'm fat, just that you didn't believe me.
And I don't camwhore =d. EVAR
This post is only girly cos... how many guy readers do you think I have anyway -.-

"They grow up so fast..."
In fact, I did. Several times actually. Have fun at work, Jen!

Come adopt one :D

Didn't stop me from talking about them xD

Yea. I go play with them for a bit right before every exam paper xD

I imagined you gushing like this in real life and I can't help laughing xD
Baby penguins!!! and Ducklings!!!!

@ze besto
is that you, beve? -.-

@michelle chin
err, thanks?
it's just a phase :D
All future post shall go right back down to being long, dull and totally uncute T^T

If you like teh qte, you should go check out Cute Overload (AKA CO). Google it,cos I don't remember the exact URL. Totally the best site for this sort of stuff.