Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feeding Frenzy

"You are what you eat."

Unknown author

I am rice.

I have tons of more interesting posts and pictures pending that I would rather write about, but seeing that this particular post has an expiry date on it, I suppose I better write it up before it becomes too stale to tell.

Yesterday, I visited the annual MSA Malaysian Food Fest for the first time (I do so hate crowds) which crash landed for the night on campus ground. MSA either stands for Malaysian Students' Association, Multiple Sexual Assault, or My Sorry Ass - I don't give two pence worth of care about it because acronyms are such a waste of time.

I was there really early, of course - about 7 pm-ish even though I was suppose to meet mi compadres at half-past-seven. I couldn't help that because my dinnertime is about 5 pm everyday. Considering that I customarily skip my lunches these days, it's amazing that I even managed to shift My Starving Ass there without suffering a hypoglycemic crisis on the way.

Of course, no stall was opened yet then. Dammit.

Here's an aerial... well, semi aerial picture of the
fĂȘte taken from the fire escape beside the lecture hall complex,

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Miniature Scene from Above.

I pretty much spent a whole half an hour sitting by my lonesome self at one of those tables they've laid out on the square.

Then the people started to mill in,

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Motley Sauntering Aimlessly.

I didn't take many picture, and none at all of the nosh I scarfed. My hand was oily, sticky or covered in some unidentifiable sauce most of the time - I didn't want to grease up my camera's clicker, naturally.

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Many Supper Aficionados.

I entered with about 300 rupees in my pocket and went home without two coins to rub together. Everything was grossly overpriced, with the exception of a few odd cheap 'n' chompables here and there. The muachi (some squishy, mucoid stuff which was apparently glutinous rice flour balls covered in peanut bits) from a Batch 17 stall was pretty awesome, costing me only 25 rupees. My personal favourite from the fest was definitely that chicken congee I bought from a Batch 19 all-girls booth, reasonably priced at 30 rupees per cup (yes, paper cup - quaintness to da max).

Besides those and Tze Hau gang''s luo hon ko and dried longan drink, Nana and crew's fusion murtabak Maggi, Su Lin's team's handmade fishballs - there's not much I can remember now. Apologies to all the other maker of goodies whose creations which I could not sample for want of gut space and moolah. My Starvation Act have left me with a Much Sissier Appetite and Massive Stomach Atrophy these days. Trust me, I am truly sorry I couldn't eat everything. Same time next year?

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Mess of Stuff we Ate.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention - the main reason I was there was for good ol' Sanjeev's 21st birthday! He's our classmate from Repiblik Sesel, or Seychelles for the rest of ya.
That's his cake in the picture right there and he wasn't there yet when this was taken. I have no idea whose hand it was that appeared to be grabbing at the key-shaped strawberry confection though.

I was sorely disappointed that no one was selling Indomie goreng though. What sort of ripoff Malaysian Food Fest is this? Bah OMGsorrysorrydon'tbanmefromvisitingnextyearplease

P.S. Jen pointed out that Many Stupid Acronyms fits too. I still can't believe I missed that! Shit, I is becoming dumberer everyday.

Foodie extraordinaire,
k0k s3n w4i


Jen said...

its not my fault you're becoming a Morbidly Slow Arse =D

so its purely coincidence that your fave dish of the night came from an all-girls booth? was it a pink paper cup? with cute leetle pink hearts and smiling daisies?

that cake looks awfully familiar. is there only a lone baker over there in manipal?

and no indomie??? tis an outrage!! how dare they!!

gaL said...

u really miss M'sia food that much? haha. u just came back not too long ago brother. haha.

btw, was on a makan trip around mlc just now, sad case not much nice food i can think of. susah la. -__-

bevE said...

ehehehhhhe. u is becoming dumbeweh. heeeheheeheheheheee.

jayjayne said...


I can't wait til I go back. In a matter of weeks! WEEKS! *Actually, 1 month from exactly today!* Please excuse me as I squeal in helplessly girly excitement. I may be wearing a school uniform. Currently with bunny ears.

I sicken myself.

But I did expect more food-whore pictures :0. And pupsicles with blue eyes? Ho'hum! God has a sense of humor ;p

Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Actually I did like a bit of the stuff... Was wondering whether I would run into you.. But Missed Some Action?

michellesy said...

AHAHAAHHH - looks like you've started an acronym frenzy there =D

k0k s3n w4i said...

My arse is very quick, thank you very much.
Sorry to disappoint you but it came in a very ordinary paper cup, hmph.
I've no idea where they got the cake because I was never one of the fella to go get it. My job is to help eat it :D
Ah, you understand my Indomie woes!

One day is too long to be seperated from my beloved Malaccan/M'sian food, sister.
Eh, go makan trip must ask me T_T


Go back to...? M'sia?
I'll excuse you if you show me that picture of you in school uniform and floppy, bunny ears.
I always start digging in before I think of snapping any pics. My bad.
I think pupsicles with blue eyes is one of God's better ideas, hmph.

@dr.vishaal bhat
They were made by amateurs. Come Malaysia and taste what the pros make! Too bad I didn't see you...

Not quite. Where's YOUR acronym?