Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Sound of Falling in Love

"No, you may not call it a date."


This is about me. Not anybody else.

I remember having to lie to all our friends so no one would follow, wanting to join us. She had her share of jealously protective and possessive girlfriends, and all girls have one in particular that sticks on quite firmly like a sixth finger, needing to be be at their side at all times of day and wanting to know the littlest details of their girlfriends' life and doings. Of course, it can really be incredibly annoying if that girlfriend happens to be rather close as well to the bloke that was in love with said girl. She would be incredibly tiresome then. She would park herself right between the boy and his sweetheart at all times of the day, and talk to them in turn but hardly ever letting them exchange a single word between - whether it was in a McDonald's having lunch, in a movie theatre, in a car or in all three of the tuition classes they happened to share. It was quite hellish.

Then there was that one day. I don't know how important it was for her, but it certainly was for me. It was the first time ever we have gone out alone together, unchaperoned and unaccompanied. It was only for less than a couple of hours - and we had to enter the movie theatre separately so there would be no chance for anyone to stroll by so conveniently and go "A ha! The jig is up," on us.

It was all kind of cute really the way we took the secrecy bit so seriously. So childish, yet so very necessary. I won't say it was worth it. I won't say what need not be said.

The movie was Di Xia Tie. At that time, it was my third time watching it.

I don't remember when I watched it the first time but I think I saw it alone. However, I do remember that I definitely watched it on my own the second time. That song would come on at certain special scenes and it would get me every single time. I love the even rhythm of the piano and its clarity of a feeling that wants no elaboration. I love the earnestness of the voice that sang it. I love the string of repetitive gibberish that was used in the place of lyrics. It was one of the few songs I felt rather than heard.

There was another version sang by Elva Hsiao but with proper words. It felt strangely hollow, though.

I watched Di Xia Tie for the fourth time after that "not-a-date", and that was the last time I heard that song, four years ago. Until yesterday night. Last night, I suddenly felt the indomitable desire to listen to it again. It took me the best of 3 hours to finally hunt it down.

It was the beautiful, beautiful sound of falling in love.

Quite hopeless,
k0k s3n w4i