Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My First Time

"And you, maybe you'll remember me,
What I gave is yours to keep"

White Houses by Vanessa Carlton

I remember vividly our primordial MSN conversations, peppered with cute yellow emoticons & mainly childish curiosity on my part. Those hypothetical questions you used to ask & I loved to answer. Those daily messages you used to send, asking me out for dinner so we both wouldn't have to eat alone. We didn't have lengthy conversations on MSN, but I think I mentioned to you once how i've never received flowers before & I always wanted to know what it felt like.

I like listening to your thoughts too. The way you express your opinions & tell me things while I munch & listen. And how I can share my love for books with you without being thought of as some lifeless anti-social recluse. With you, it always feels like i'm more myself than I am with anyone else. With you i'm always comfortable in my own skin.

You never tell me stray puppies & dogs are icky & I shouldn't touch them. You care about them just as much as i do & you understand that they deserve their equal share of lovin'. Long walks with you are never exhausting because you're company makes it all worthwhile.

That night when you walked me home & I had tears streaming down my face, I told you the answer you wanted to hear. All these thoughts came flooding into me & I knew then that you gave me a glimpse of all the things I wanted & could have. And all I had to do was just reach out & take it. With you, happiness is never far away.

You asked me once, how I knew I loved you then.

I think it was when these came knocking on my door & you touched me in a place no one ever did before.


Missing him,


michellesy, phames-fan =) said...

Phoebs - I *heart* your post!
And you know what, I actually thought James was the writer, apart from the ampersands =)

Therefore, allow me to reiterate - you have NOT ruined James's blog ok?


calvin said...

Me too! I never thought it was Phoebe who wrote this post until I came to the last line.

The two of you are just one of the most loving couple I have ever known ^^

k0k s3n w4i said...

I w1nz w1f phl0wers!!1! LOLOLLOLLOLZ


So sweet T_T. Write longer mar. I wan read more about us xD

I also thought I wrote this until I read the signature

senorita.. said...

hahahhaha so farnee.... (referring to k0k's comment)

u two are just adorable... dun mind me asking, how long have u two been together?

Ya Hui said...

so sweet lah you two! :D i wish my bf will do that too... an online dedication, i will squish him to bits, LOL!

calvin said...

So, who is going to reply to the comments in this entry? =P

k0k s3n w4i said...

senorita: err, 7 months? we are trying to prolong the honeymoon phase. everyone knows that that's the best bit of a relationship :P

calvin: her post. her replies xD. i'll just reply those directed to me as well :) she's having some problem with her internet explorer, and open the comment box. Firefox foh life!!!

lemon said...

michsy: thank you xD *hugs bck* im so happy you commented for my post!! please pet Leo for me T_T

calvin: ehheh ^_^" bt he writes so much better than i do. Thanks xD

baby: your flowers match my bedsheet *giggles & hugs back* i let you win 1 T^T

senorita: *waves* yeah, what k0k said xD

ya hui: my bf is squishy too!!! well, you can dedicate 1 to him & then he might reciprocate

michelleg said...

so sweett.. hehe.. ^^

nissy said...

Hi phoebe.
k0k is a c0ck person. I think he talks too much when i first know him. He talks a lot about his dreams...and dreams...and dreams!!!

Well, he is, still k0k. I think i'm in better terms with him after i move out from that cramp space of Nehru. I found out he's just as nice as anyone else. He is a sweet guy.

Ahem, i wanna take this opportunity to thank ur hunnee for helping me out till now.

thank u!

nissy said...

I don't intend to sound offensive-lah. U know-lah, my inggeris suxxor!!

kesimpulannyer...k0k memang baik. XD

gaL said...

U guys are super sweet! if there is any couple of the year award thingy, i'll give to you both on the spot! :)

Keep the loving strong k. hehe.

ph0ebe said...

nis: so funnee xD he's always nice & sweet T^T i spose its coz he's helpin you for supremo *giggles*

gal: yay!! *hugs award triumphantly* :D

Anonymous said...

er i think u rip off this post from somewhere in e net rite..pls state the source..else i will state for u..

k0k s3n w4i said...

So... my girlfriend ripped off our relationship events off somewhere? Gee, and here I was thinking that they were real when they happened to us.

eh, your nickname's ripped off from somewhere la. pls state the source. if not, i'll state it for you, dipshit.