Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kok Blok Dojo

Ugh, I wanted to write a proper post tonight but I simply couldn't do it. Something nasty got me. I woke up this morning with a deadly case of sore throat which I guess I must have picked up from one of those snivelling brats in the paediatric ward the day before. Kishan shone a pen-torch down my gob and he told me that my tonsils were positively raging. By this evening, the infection had gone all systemic on me and escalated into a full blown upper respiratory tract killer - tender sinuses, teeth-ache (from my sinuses, I suppose), fever, a nose that runs like Watson Nyambek, and an evil grandmother bitch of a headache. Leaking from your nostrils is called rhinorrhoea by the way, and I'm only telling you that because I want to make my blog more educational.

On the bright side, the sore throat's gone, thanks to my own ministration of hot ginger tea (ahhh...) and Coca-Cola. I know it's irrational but I always take Coke for sore throats. I figured that something potent enough to wash toilet bowls can certainly take on a few puny bacteria. If nothing else, it tastes awesome.

What really bugs me is that I've taken ill at a most inconvenient time. I have a ball ticket to design, 10 Obstetric case sheets to copy write by Friday, and an end posting-examination on that same day.

I wish Phoebe is here to nurse me back to health.

Anyway, I was going through my blog's stats today from the computer at the nurse's station outside the antenatal ward (that's where they put mothers who are about to deliver) and I realised that most of my visitors come from Google using the keywords; kok blok. I ran the same search and I found that aside from my blog, there are a whole bunch of links leading to miscellaneous websites featuring a "Kok Blok Dojo" t-shirt. Intrigued, I clicked on one of them and I saw these,



The tagline which accompanied this shirt is "I got my black belt at the Kok Blok Dojo and now all my buddies want to kick my ass! whats the deal!?"

Yeah, I'm fully aware of my blog name's unfortunate connotations but I assure you that I have never partook in the effort of blocking anyone's cock. Far from that, actually. But hey, if you ever need to get a birthday present for your girlfriend's interfering cock-blocking best friend, you can always order one from the Crack Smoking Shirts website. [The remainder of this paragraph has been ixnayed by the author due to a sudden attack of conscience, and also because his headache is better now and he feels less mean]

Edit: Yesterday night was the worst night. My illness peaked at about 3.00 am with the inclusion of symptoms like pain all over my face and a throbbing ache in my left shoulder. Once again, I triumphed over some stupid disease. I haven't taken any medication or seen any doctor for years now. What doesn't kill me makes me cockier.

P.S. Can someone tell me what the chinese words say? My fever and headache took away my chinese reading skillz.


fubi said...

u got chinese readin skills ah? xD KOKSENWAI GO TAKE SUM MEDICATION NAO >_> said...

oi medical student, can i ask something? does sore throats and sinus problems affect our Eustachian tubes? as in, maybe the infections spreads there as well? afaik, they're connected. i went to a doc to check out my tinnitus and it was fine since then till a bout of flu struck and my ears have been ringing, damn. dun wish to waste RM200 to check and have upper class anti-histamine from the blood sucker doc. >.<

michellesy said...

Poor James, and no Phoebs to take care of you T________T

Get better soon ok? *hugs*

ps: The Chinese writing translates (literally) as "One Hundred Things" wtf hahaha.

k0k s3n w4i said...

fubi: took some acetaminophen for the symptoms but i'm still sticking to my no antibiotic pledge T^T i went to a chinese kindergarten ok.

charbokia: well, since u already know they are connected, why do u ask ? :p the eustachian tube connects the nasopharynx (the part of ur pharynx behind ur nasal cavity) to your middle ear - it's to maintain the pressure inside ur ears. so yes, sinus or throat infections can get up there.

michellesy: poor me, yeah T_T at any rate, i feel better now. that may have something to do with me popping a pill every other hour, tho. "One Hundred Things"? that doesn't make a lot of sense :(

sinye said...

i thought "bai-shi" means "pepsi" in chinese?? wahahhaha...

bai-shi-ke-le = pepsi cola

mrbherng said...

Yes, "hundred of things" and it doesn't make no sense anyway. It may just be another of those American tees that chuck pseudo japanese or chinese words in.

By the way, you are a medic student, don't pop pills in every other hour, you should know better.

sim said...

"百事" is actually a brand for athletic apparels.. quite popular in mainland China ;)

Get well soon!

k0k s3n w4i said...

sinye: i learn new things everyday :)

mrbherng: the rule of cool trumps reason anyday. anyhow, "every other hour" was a figure of speech - I do know better :P I only took two for the entire day actually

sim: I bet the person whu designed the shirt googled for "Chinese T-shirt" and a 百事 one came up, and he just adopted it. thanks for the wish :)

chaborkia said...

i just wanna make sure. ever heard of the term hypochondriasis? lol. i am one of those buggers who are over-the-board worrisome about their health. ya know, tinnitus is not that common among my peers, so i have no one to talk to about it.

my bout of flu made my sense of smell depreciate too. boo hoo. :(

*is guilty of swallowing 6 pieces of pills everyday when i am direly sick with fever*

k0k s3n w4i said...

chaborkia: hypochondriasis? sure - ever since I read that joke epitaph which says "I told you I was sick". not to mention that hour long class in psychiatry we had on that which was so boring it made me want to die.

Jen said...

hahaha i gotta get me one of those. lets people know i mean bizness!

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