Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Camera's Super Drowning Skills

The last thing my camera saw before plummeting to its watery doom.

Can you see a delicate, almost invisible orb web strung right over the pristine water in the photograph? That's what I was trying to snap. It's simply mind-boggling how a spider managed to suspend the blessed thing just inches above the running stream from the odd bits of stream rocks which jutted out of the water surface. I had to balance myself precariously on two slick boulders about 4 feet apart, and lean right over the web to take it.

Not one of my better ideas, this.

Murphy's Law got the jump on me right after I hit the clicker. My left foot slipped a couple of inches and the brief panic of almost-falling loosened my grip on my camera, and it fell like a bitch.

Now, it is the most expensive memory card reader in the world.

Bye Cam. It's been swell hanging out with you, buddy. And fret not, for you shall be replaced by someone cooler and better than you.

P.S. This happened at the Bhagsu waterfall in Dharamsala. It's as if my camera went 'I've seen everything there is to see - so I shall go die now'. The pictures in the remainder of my North Indian travelogues will come from the cameras of my travel mates - a lot of which was also taken by me anyway.


fubi said...

his last pikchur was awesome T_T i kinda miss him o.O

michelleg said...

omg, so sad... thts why i always make sure my wrist is inside the strap..

but cool picture!!1

senorita.. said...

what make and model of camera was tht?

sinye said...

but..u know..old wan never go new wan never come...wahahha..

k0k s3n w4i said...

fubi: yeah, we have had really awesome times with it :(

michelleg: I had the strap on actually but too bad it slipped anyway. thanks :)

senorita: panasonic lumix something-10. some of the best compacts are manufactured by panasonic. i plan to get a lumix dmc tz5 next

sinye: now that u put it that way... xD