Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nuffnang's Killing Blow to Advertlets

"An exclusive Nuffnang blogger is a blogger that has NO advertisements from any other ad network that originates from South East Asia on his/her blog."

Nuffnang's definition of an
exclusive Nuffnang blogger

How many other proper blog ad network do you know which originates from South East Asia?

Sperm-head versus Sperm-head. The Nuffnang Jizz Man putting a foot out and down.

I received three emails yesterday from Nuffnang, one from Samantha Wong and the other two from Mr Co-Founder Timothy (which, amusingly enough, was found in my spam-box), detailing their new "exclusivity program" dubbed the Nuffnang Glitterati. It's just like the Illuminati but the difference is that it has glitter in it! Like wow, right?!

I shan't bother talking about all the fringe benefits offered by Nuffnang to members considered eligible to participate in this program but if you're interested, here's the page in their webbie that gives the full rundown.

I have never, at any single occasion, ever written about earning from blog ads or the ad network I'm affiliated with. I have always felt that that's a rather pointless thing to do - unlike some people who belt these out every other post (ads so damn the interesting mae?). As for the advertisements I have tacked all around my weblog, I like to pretend that they aren't here at all. They are nothing but a means of giving me a wee bit of free cash while I write about stuff of greater import and relevance to my life.

Since the launch of Nuffnang's blog aggregator thingamabob, Innit, I have observed the slew of posts that recount just how incredibly dysfunctional Nuffnang's primary competitor really is - and these posts would customarily garner much attention and high counts of "nangs" (Innit's versh of "props" or "kudos"... whatever). I have read posts written by disgruntled bloggers about Advertlets' rather tactless accusations of click fraud against them. Then there was much hoo-hah about Advertlets' purported delay in payment to its members. And the most recent (and also biggest) fiasco - which provoked an angry mob of nightmarish proportions - was the expiry of Advertlets' domain, and the subsequent redirection of blogs hosting their ads to some placeholder page resulting in,
  • Loss of valuable page hits
  • Partial forfeit of Nuffnang earnings for blogs also hosting Nuffnang's ads
  • And much hilarity.
All the top 'nang'ed posts over at Innit yesterday featured the identical predicament. Innit, I think, had became the greatest bane to Advertlets' fast-deflating balloon of a reputation. I can almost imagine the folks over at Nuffnang going, "Look, another anti-advertlets post! Everybody faster go nang it!"

The improbably coincidental and timely advent of the Nuffnang Glitterati interest me greatly because to date, it is the only visible act of offense from Nuffnang's camp in the blog-ad wars. From the beginning, it had always been Advertlets' initiative to deal lame blows while Nuffnang (being too cool to even bother to lift a parrying finger) worked hard at modeling themselves to provide the absolute best for their members and clients. One of Advertlets' most infamous attempt (the ghost of which still lingers here) was their rather contemptible chart which matched themselves against Nuffnang, inch-by-inch. I had an Advertlets' ad for about a week but I axed it in the end - mostly because of the sleazy aura which surrounds the web company. Nuffnang, however, has an unmarred "good guy" image.

But I guess Nuffnang stepped out now, huh? I always thought that that little stickman in their logo looked as if it's shaking a fist and raring for a fight. This time around, Nuffnang actually has the cred to bare its teeth now that it's a big, big dog - unlike Advertlets which had been yipping pathetically all through its puppyhood. I suspect that Glitterati is Nuffnang's long-planned coup de grĂ¢ce to Advertlets, and by "suspect" I actually meant "bloody duh". It's a really brilliant strategy - stamping out the competition when it's down with a referee thumping to ten on the floor beside it.

Let's see if "Asia's Better Advertising Network" can get up at the count of 9.

I have been a long time supporter of Nuffnang and now that I'm getting a regular flow of ads from them, I feel even more disposed to be supportive. I'm constantly amazed at the promptitude and patience of their support team in explaining simple stuff to morons like me; like that time when Pinkpau sent me a screenshot of my blog when I complained
- to much comedic effect - that my ads weren't appearing in my site (they were apparently geo-located). Here's to the excellent peeps over at Nuffnang who have to deal with bullshits from people like me every single hour of the day while simultaneously doling out free cash back! Mucho props, kudos and respect from this little blogger here!

Come 13th of January, 2008, I'll be a Glitteratus. Why does it sound so much like "clitoris"?

P.S. Actually, this whole post was an excuse for me to show you my new-found photoshop skillz.

Am a Clitoris Glitteratus,
k0k s3n w4i


-R·K- said...

LOL... That cartoon's cute ^^

And YAY! for Nuffnang =D

pinksterz said...

actually there are already four advertising companies based in malaysia in just one year.

the last one was a real laugh - NUFFLETS by a ex-worker of adverlets haha!

klubkidd said...

dude! i'm swiping your little cartoon thingamajic for my blog. it is so freaking awesome! will credit.

michelleg said...

haha.. although some people were earning quite alot from advertlets, i didn't feel any interest to put advertlets on my blog at all. finally, our loyalty to nuffnang has been proven the wiser choice. lolz =)

pamsong said...

Love this post. And yes, that cartoon is as good as you think it is. (You know you're thinkin it. =p)

Thanks for popping by. I think I'll be stopping by your page more often, too. Kinda like it here. =)

Zzzyun said...

haha i dunno why, but somehow i like nuffnang better..

(now proven to be a good choice!)

maybe it's because their ads seemed to be more proffesional.. hmm.

and yalah, ur pic is good lah! =P

ColourfulWorld said...

Your cartoon is awesome... Really like the way you portray the scenario. Need to "steal" your cartoon... =)

annie_poo said...

phwoar.. a sudden influx of fans all hankering after your cartoons. stickgal had better watch her skinny stick butt =P you whored your blog on innit izit? haha.

i'm glitterati. i feel so, sparkly *big shiny eyes* 0_0

Eve said...

pictures paints a thousand words.

urs certainly did! hahaha so pawned.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Thanks :). For Nuffnang!

I can't even enter Nufflet's page -.-
So cham. And so kauw lame. What sort of blogger would wanna be associated with a company that couldn't even think up an original name for themselves?

Sure. So long as you tell me you're doing it, it's all cool.

Hell yeah :p
The company punya aura not good la, that's why.

Uh, it's that obvious huh xD
It's just an online diary really, this place - think I'll be seeing more of you too.

Nuffnangs feels more "Malaysian" somehow :)
Thanks. Coming from you that's a really nice compliment :p

So long as you credit :), you can use it all you like.

Influx? A trickle, more like xD
Anyhow, I'm still more of a writer than an artist. Just drawing would really take the fun out of blogging for me. Whored, yes. More visitors = more $$$

I got the idea the moment I received the Glitterati email :p

Jen said...

oh shit. annie_poo's comment is mine. i didnt know my sister's blog account was still logged in when i commented. haha!

sorry to dissapoint you if you thought it was another fangurl XD

k0k s3n w4i said...

Ugh, I thought your sister have finally seen the light and join my fandom. How utterly potong stim.

TOLANIC said...

Wahaha, nice cartoon!!!