Saturday, January 19, 2008

im not drunk lol xD

"phoebs thinks its cute."


"she's your gf. she's biased."


"thank god."


beve n i about my msn display picture... or sum shit liddat la


phoebe n i went to bluewaters jus now cos i promised her earlier this week tat i wud take her dere to makan da mash taters there mar. taters soundss so much betta than po-ta-to rite? i dun noe y people even stil call em po-ta-tos. somethin shud be done bout that in that oxford dictionery thingy srsly. taters roxxor. po-ta-to suck ass!!!!!

where was i? OH!!! I remember!!! u kno not? the mash taters at bluewaters is da shit man. its the best i hav eaten evar. and phoebs tinks so tooo. i noew it looks kinda funky... i mean... kinda funny. but its kinda funky too joo noe whut ah mean??? but okay okay.. nuff wiv my shit. here's pikchur...


i noe it looks laik vomit, i agree oso but then da taste damn the geng 1. i dono y la. no gravy oso rite?!? first time i eat it that time hor, i at first tot they mixed sum rice innit. i can feel like got pieaces of squishee stuff inside my mouf. meybe its sum tater not mashed kau kau. buthen hor, the flaver realli nice mar. so evrytime go there i order lor. the important thing is dun think so much when chew can d.

of cos we not only eat mash taters la. got other stuf oso. err she had chiken steak i think. and i ate... erm..... errr.... wait wait, lemme think, i noe this 1.... OH! chiken steak!!! chiken steak oso, but my one got mushroom in the sauce mia. hers dun have. so they dun taste the same.....

but lemme tell u one thing la. the portions at bluewaters very the kiam siap 1. makan tak kenyang mia. cos tat place club mar. oklar, it's not club so hi class like zouk or pure bar or shit liddat, but still got ballroom for ppl to dance somewhere at the back la. u walk past the toilets den can see d. i dono y bt i feel like going there too. suddenly feel like i very pro at dancing bt phoebe dowan let me go..

BEST. DRINK. EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH OH OH!!! wana tell u all hor. i damn like tis pina colada. i think it got rum n coconut krim. n oso got that spiky fruit mia but i not talking abt durian here k? a bit yello 1 inside. NO LAR. NOT DURIAN LA! i noe durian oso yello inside bt tat's not it k? kanasai...

but dun worry la, i a bit a bit wun get drunk mia... pina colada only mer. like shandy only, i tink.

I dono abt tat 2 other glasses of something else i drank la. got vodka 1. and gin. and tequila. and got rum oso gua...

my supercute gefren mabuk d lolololol!!!1!11!!!1!

too bad my lou po not geng at holding her alcohol. she became like lobster boil too long d after oni half a glass of tequila sunrise. u look at her face!!! n her cheeks wuz srsly burning up when i touched them. i sit beside her can feel her radiating solar power.

bt i happen to tink that she's way hotter after she mabuk d xD. her smile also becum broader :3...

so afterwards, in case i order sommore pina colada, i faster call for the bill and pay lor. n while we were waiting for the bouncer guy at bluewater's front gate to call for an auto (also called tuk-tuk in siam and jawa) for us, we challenged each other to stupid drunk tests. like walking in straight line. and throwing stuff into the air and catching them with one hand oni. the other clubbers whu were just coming in gave phoebe funny looks (not me cos i damn the sober). wait wait wait!!! i just remember somthing funny!!! when we juz exited that place n was walking to the bouncer, phoebe suddenly just drop the purse she was holding in her hand!!! like walk walk walk walk then drop... can't even hold her purse properly d LOL!!!111!1 after oni 1 cocktail!!

i duno y la but when the auto came d, and phoebs and i was walking out, i accidentally ter-kicked the door. and i said sorry to it xD. the bouncer fella and his frens was there and they all LOL at me..

i wana go bek there to makan again next week :D

where got drunk leh,
k0k s4n w3i


pinksterz said...



jayjayne said...


That was a most epic post thar kiddo! Using the grand whopping total of approximately 2 brain cells fizzling slowly in pain and agony (Like watching a turtle. Eating a banana. Slowly.) while being submerged in about 5 pints of rocket-fuel esque "alcohol". The stuff was probably so string you semi-blinded yourself when you made a grab for the cocktail menu and promptly brought it up to your eye and stabbed yourself. 3 TIMES!


I don't usually comment interestingly, do I? For me, the more interesting the material of the writer, the more enlightened my commentry (with much more "look smart" - LUCKY J00!

ANYH00 - nice postin' and esp the super tacky random dragon thingeee dosomething. Which I thought was a laugh and a 1/2 and told my friends and they told their friends and those friends told their parents and so i started this silly thing and they all told me to shut up and eat my cookies damn you.


Anyhow, coolness. I need to get out more. And possibly be less stingy with my punctuation.

3POINT8 said...

I wand3r iF It tok u more timme 2 contsruct ur post..

well, I did take longer to write this comment than usual...

Jen said...

u see hor, this kind of post, very suits you leh! why now oni you do wan? i wait very long liao.

yor.. the mash tater thingy so look like vomit ah! i see aso i wan to go toilet and vomit aso. but then u say very nice, so ok lor i believe you lor. haiya why i so nice wan i aso dunno leh. two two aso eat chicken steak, why ah? got special rule izit. so farnee wan. i aso wanting to laff. ahahahks. lolzz.

eh i tot you dont drink a lot wan. you bluff meeeee!! yer i dont like pina colada lar. coconut so teh yucky where can drink wan? but then hor you very the terrer leh! can drink so much! wahhh i aso sked adi.

phoebe, why never let him dance. can take video and show us wan mah. i very sien here you know anot. haiyo next time ah. can la can la can la. you aso look very the sexy hor when you red red drunk adi. feewit. that my wolf whistle. you like anot??

Zzzyun said...

LOL that sure was hard to read.. i cud only glance thru most of the words.. manglish not really my cup of tea i think.

promise u will revert back to ur usual state soon k?

and congrats!! ^^ u are back in love.. hehe looks like no more of those touching emo posts..!!

Yen(Penny) said...

What's wrong with your post? This is the first time I see you writting in such a way...

Anyway, it's not good to be drunk, kills your liver and brain.


phoebe said...

i wasn drunk k T^T my blood vessels vasodilate only mar. i can stil pose 4pikchur wher got drunk. not like u try 2camwhore bt half of my face not inside >_> hmpf *giggles & falls off chair* i like ur post. so funny xD n i wasn biased bout d msn display pic T^T cute k *pokes cheeks* ooo.. i tink ur pikchur labels r cool. ehhheehhe xD

jen: im so plannin 2make him drunk nxt time n c wht happens!! xD i'll take video if he dances *wiggles eyebrows* bt thn i'd hv 2lug him all d way 2d auto whn goin home >_> i like d wolf whistle ^_^" ehheh. thank u ^_^"

michelleg said...

haha funny post, but hard to read those short forms. and i hate people who use way too short short-forms. lol

minwi said...

shite. overload of "da" n "tink" n "rite". "becum" is e worse.


phoebe said...

i c a lot of my short forms in ther ^_^" ehheh. i like this post tho. n im not biased T^T n i tink its ok 2b silly sumtimes n hv a lil fun T^T

mrbherng said...

You even gave a thought over screwing up your watermarks.

calvin said...

limpeh bo understand lu hamik tokking here la...

kuha said...

those eyes are only meant for one thing...

at this point i realize i should put my optimus prime on the shelf and go find a gf...


pamsong said...

Whoa. Power to the Manglish. Why you is writings liddat wan? Damn kau Beng, man.

bevE said...

lolll xD best post evar xD

"the important thing is dun think so much when chew can d."

"i sit beside her can feel her radiating solar power."

"i accidentally ter-kicked the door. and i said sorry to it"

xD u so stupid wan xD ceh no surprise la u mmg teh stupid T^T the watermarks are teh best evar too

pinksterz: BENGKOK xD good one xD
feebsie: why u need to repeat so many times about ur unbiasedness =_= im the one who sed it not him

bevE said...

where my comment ?! oh ya forgot got moderation =.=

pinksterz said...

beve: pun is intended (indeed)! xD

phoebe said...

beve: im repeatin it coz obviously directed 2u >_> duh *snigger*

bevE said...

obviously chose to ignore it lor *smirk* u're biased T^T

k0k s3n w4i said...


jayjayne: you have no idea how hard it was for me to write like a moron. so many brain cells to shut down. my "grammar nazi centre" in my cerebral cortex was a real pain to override.
It's always a pleasure reading your comments :)
I was beginning to think that only 2-3 people bothered to read my D-war post properly. and it's probably the one that took me the longest to write in recent times :(

3point8: it certainly took me longer than usual to ah-beng-fy my post. can't understand how some bloggers do it so effortlessly on a regular basis.

jen: really ar, jen jen jie jie? I write more postsie like this wan not? scared my visitors' head explode only.
couples must alwiz eat same stuff wan. old peeple say it's good for making sure our first child is a boy boy and not a va-jay-jay.
i memang no drink a lot mer. only like once every few weeks. and sommore hor, only tak power type 1. pina colada damn the yummy okay. I tink neber try the combo b4 la.

zzzyun: it's a one shot post only. cos it's hard to write. and it's only funny becos i've never done it before xD
funny u shud mention emo posts. I have one in draft :)

penny: you do realise this is a satire, right xD ?
I don't think the being drunk part has anything to with liver or brain damage. it's the excessive drinking part that gets to people ;)

phoebe: they vasodilate cos u got alcohol coursing thru your system :p
u were tipsy. admit it. i've never seen you laughing so much before in one night xD
Yerr. Bias la. U must be bias. it's in your job description.

michelleg: I always wanted to make a parody of this writing style of malaysian blogs. and this seems like a perfectly boring post that needed the jazz :p

minwi: I can't stand them either. imagine how torturous it was for me to write that way -.-

mrbherng: details, ven. details. i'm absolutely anal about those stuff.

calvin: I only know one hokkien phrase. Pang sai chua.

kuha(n): you don't have one yet? yes, shelf optimus prime and start watching spongebob. chicks dig spongebob. Seriously.

pamsong: just for the heck of it :). I tot it'd be funny to do so

beve: yerr, you like gimmick posts one. God, kicking that door and apologizing to it has got to be the second most embarrassing thing I've ever done in my life. maybe I'll write about my MOST embarrassing one later.

phoebe said...

chicks wher got dig spongebob? T^T chicks dig patrick d star

gaL said...

what is mash tatters? hmm.. *shy*

nv saw u so "broken" before. LOL.

ps: love is in the air huh? so mabuk cinta ah u? hehe

k0k s3n w4i said...

phoebe: tell that to Jen :p

gal: taters = potato :). I was mabuk a lot of thing ackcherly xD