Saturday, January 12, 2008

Innit is Where Blogging Died

"Innit revolutionizes the Nuffnang community..."

In the help section of the Innit page.

Revolutionizes, my ass.

The recipe which attracts Nangs to posts like flies to shit.

Yes, this post is directed to everyone of you excellent human beings who have put on the mantle of "blogger", then turned around half as quickly and wiped your filthy snot all over it.

I went into blogging early last year with the great expectation of an intellectual community, rumored to be the avengers of hurts unheard and truths untold. And bloggers; you are the heroes which would boldly write where no government controlled press and broadcast ever wrote before. And I believed that the least of you would be authoring a page offering your experiences in everyday incidences in a somewhat coherent and mildly amusing manner.

I found that my beliefs were a tub-load of balderdash. Or in this case, an entire blogosphere of it.

I found that the Malaysian blogging community is an ailing animal, one lumbering under the weight of a free-for-all popularity contest. In my beginning months, I have had many, many visitors whose sole purpose for paying a call was to offer a link to my blog in theirs, in exchange for having their links in mine. For awhile, I did go along with it - till I realise just how utterly pointless it was. None of them was at all interested in what I write at all (nor did they themselves offered any scintillating reads in return). It's traffic they were after, and they would pawn it for ad money or bragging rights - whichever rocks their cocks. I have politely turned down every link exchange offer ever since, and I have linked only one new blogger in the past six months, whose writing I found to be mercilessly entertaining.

My perception of the blogosphere had softened somehow in the course of the year I participated in it. I am more forgiving about blogs which say, contain nothing but endless strings of badly-camwhored pictures of the author in desperately pathetic attempts to appear human cute. I've learnt to be nicer to tagboard-hoppers, even though their apparent purpose of existence is to offer insightful comments like "Hi, nice blog" and leave their link footprints everywhere they go. And I've also stopped telling bloggers who do paid posts that they are prostitutes who have sold their soul. I have became, in effect, a nicer, friendlier blogger.

Then along came Innit.

I was initially wary of using it, given the propensity of such a device to be abused. When I did, I find that Innit is certainly not something that would be useful for me at all because of my tendency to ignore the current hot news, political scandals and the latest updates in the blog ad wars. "Whoop dee doo," I said. I didn't really care.

In the earlier days of Innit, posts putting down Advertlets often garner ridiculously high counts of nangs in spite of the remarkably substandard contents most of the posts actually contained. I found that the situation had a great potential for amusement, and I devised my own "Nuffnang pawned Advertlets" post as an experiment, to see how far it'd be taken (I included an original artwork because posting an entirely "me too" post is just beneath me - and it should be beneath everyone else too). I came back from college later that day to find that my post had been propelled to front-page honour. Amazing what the right blog title can do, really.

And of course, the other "bloggers" realise just how powerful the right blog titles can be too.

Yesterday, for instance,

Yesterday, 12th of January, 2008; smut have completely filled the front-page.

So, this is how Innit revolutionizes the Nuffnang community? Nuffnang, is this seriously the image you want to show everyone? To potential members of Nuffnang and advertisers alike?

Behold ye, the all time popular posties.

The all-time second-favourite post was one of a blogger shamelessly prostituting her sister. And for what? FOR FUCKING NANGS! And number three is a post with a picture of a hot waitress! And she's not even 62 nangs hot! I'd give her 10 nangs, max.

Let's take a step back a reflect on this gross display of depravity. We bloggers have cried outrage at the government for unfairly labeling us as a people of impaired moral sensibilities, as a bunch of yahoos incapable in censoring what ought not be said - and worse, as liars. As of today, with Innit so conveniently displayed for all to see, those accusations were not unfounded. We are a people of extensively handicapped morals. We are a bunch of yahoos talking dick. And as proven by a lot of the posts with risqué titles but lack of the explicit contents it boasts (a terribly, terribly unprincipled trick to harvest nangs and visits) - we ARE indeed LIARS. Is THIS the freedom of speech that real bloggers have risked arrest and suffered prosecution to defend, I ask you? IS. THIS. IT?!

People, everyone has the right to write his mind - but that doesn't mean everyone should. Consider what sort of mind you're revealing for everyone to disdain and scorn, to look down upon with contempt like it's a filthy ball of used toilet paper. Or worse yet, even if you're completely impenetrable by negative opinions on your person, take a minute to think of the image you're associating the rest of us with. Not everyone abuses Innit by posting entries bordering on outright pornography - and (surprisingly) uninteresting ones at that. Not everyone puts a "Nang me pls pls pls link" with every quasi-erotic post they write (or rather, don't write) in lame bids for popularity. Have anyone consider how cheap that looks to readers who can conceivably be interested in your writings, but won't now because they are turned off by your self-debasing, whoring ways?

And you degenerate readers who can't seem to tire of being led on by subpar erotica, you aren't much better. If you must debauch yourselves with garbage, at least get up on your ass and go hunt for quality debauching materials. There's an internet full of 'em out there. I understand that all you "nangers" on Innit are bloggers yourselves. Your support of such unethical, undignified, unclean writings is only going to reflect badly on the entirety of our community - even if you avoid from sinking to the molluscan, filter-feeding "blogging" practices you applaud unabashedly yourselves.

Bloggers, please post only articles you deem worthy of attention and credit for the effort you've expended to pen. Post original opinions. Post things you believe to be imperative to the community, to bloggers and to us, the people of Malaysia and Singapore. Please stop making all of us look bad. Please stop making yourselves look bad.

Readers, please be supportive of writers with genuine opinions. Stop nang'ing posts with suggestive titles but is obviously lacking substance even at face value. When I have the time, I nang posts that deserve the commendation, but aren't getting the attention they deserve. Let's face it, not all of us can write provocative essays, stimulating treatises and discerning discourses of any significance whenever we want to.

But the least we can do is make sure that those that can are heard.

The rest of you out there who have maintained your integrity, have stayed aloof while everyone else have turned into "nang me" zombies, and have steadfastly produced decent, thoughtful posts amidst the noise pollution that is Innit, and the corruption of the blogosphere of late,

You have my sincere respect.

Where's my flame-proof jumpsuit?
k0k s3n w4i


pinksterz said...

aiseh i am drafting a post on this also. -.-"

what to do, sex does sell. but at least don't cheat with titles lah IMO. some even admit in the post that the title is just to catch our attention and to gain hits. wtf.

on link exchange, some still think it works to gain traffic but trust me nowadays link exchange is nothing except that it will slow down your blog loading time. so i moved them into another page. some bloggers tak puas hati when i did that before and took off my link in their blogs but don't care la. but if anyone request for it i have no problem with it though :)

you mentioned something about camwhore pics. THAT IS WHY I DONT POST MY CAMWHORE PICS IN MY BLOG! i want people come in to read my opinion (aka nonsense) posts. no to ogle at my face wan.

and about the nangs in innit. some even go to the extent of creating more log in ids so they can nang their own post! i know because i saw the writer replying to comments with two diff ids.

nissy said...

how to nang u? haha.
innit sucks to the max. abuse is bad, but i think it can still improve. It's good for traffic u know...
still more space for improvement

bevE said...

nah, here's ur wanted comment:

*eats jellyfish*

mrbherng said...

My turn to be living under the coconut shell or is it not big a new enough for me to pay attention to?? Since I know Obama won the caucus in Iowa and Mrs Clinton won the primary in New Hampshire in the Democrats race.

Anyway, I supposed this scenario isn't all that new. Just looked at PPS, it is quite bad if not as bad.

subbie said...

And if you would accept my compliments with no scepticism that you might have found in others, I think it's great that you have been writing such content on your blog. No where else in SEA (okay, a little of an exaggeration, but heck) can I find a blog that's half as decent, especially in terms of writing style.

FYI, I'm one of those who preferred to be spared from the tortures of broken english and writing styles that have a propensity to add X's and Z'x in them (think: lahzz/lahxx).

An intellectual conversation's getting harder to find in this globalized but degradading world, but I wish you all luck in finding another individual you might be able to relate to.


PS. Flame-proof? Ha. You better just call the fire brigade.

Zzzyun said...

haha looks like i fall in the category of ur "integrity intact" blogger after all! yay~

i've never whored my posts on innit yet well actually it's bcs i think they [dont contain sexual innuendoes] are not good enough!

anyway, jokes aside. i gotta agree with you as i think bloggers really shld churn out more intelligent content or how would the gov view us in the end?

i do not want to be bundled with the rest of them who write those sort of posts!! >.<

and highfive to pinksterz as i never camwhored my pics on my blog too! haha [talk abt self-consciousness]

anyway after seeing endless camwhoring pics, it's gets boring after a while.

well time for the rest of us to make a stand! proper bloggers unite!!

Michelle Chin said...

What is worse than killing someone?

Answer: Whoring your own sister.

Reason: I hate people who does such things. OMG! May God 'bless' them and turn your loins into stones. Yeah! To hell with priapism.

P/S: By the by, do you have any more cute puppy pictures??? I love looking at those cute puppykins...

Jia Hui said...

I'm seriously so very surprised by your post. When I bump into your link at innit, I was actually trying to prove my point that innit sucks and most bloggers who use it rambles only to get attention.

Hence, they post about nuffnang, sex etc as stated in your entry.

And i'm so glad you proved my point wrong though I bet you are one of the minorities.

I agree with you and it's such a good news that I can still find bloggers like you who blog about thier opinions, valuable ones in english rightly done.


Anonymous said...

Great writing. Fully agree with you.

michelleg said...

never paid attention much to innit. but those titles that you've posted up, really something.

but i do post up some of my pictures.. sigh.. haha. but sometimes i just feel like posting whatever i want so i don't really care what people think or if there are any readers at all. lolz. afterall im just a dust in this blogosphere. ;)

JoeJoe said...

I think you make a very valid point.

Zendreus said...

I had the same thoughts as you but looks you beat me to the punch XD

You're right, most of the popular posts on Innit are either about how much Adverlets suck or Sex. >_<;

Innit was first created to ensure that the good blog posts were read by the community of bloggers. Instead, it's now a big-fat popularity race of getting 'Nang It's and traffic.

Most posts nowadays are now either ripped off from some website or just some cam whored pictures with 'Look how pretty I am!' messages all over it.

Honestly, I don't really mind but as you said, it's killing blogging. The good posts that truly deserve the top spots on Innit are buried under such 'Nang me cause I want traffic!' posts.

Ah well, there's nothing we can do as blogs are places where people can write and post anything they want. All we can hope is that people mature over time and realise that if you write out good stuff, good traffic will eventually follow.

Oh yea, haven't said this yet;

'Good post. Nanged.' =D

All the best to you and happy blogging! XD

Evelyncyl said...

Well said indeed!

minwi said...

i'm interested in what you write!!
*hops around in glee*
altho i gotta admit, belonging to e (backward) circle of non-bloggers i have absolutely no idea what innit and nangs and whatnot are.
in fact, i don't really care, hahaha. all tht matters is tht mr. kok stays happy n continues writing, so i stay happy too!

sc_Bone said...

every1 has a different perception of what is a blog.

-some using as a medium to write about opinions and views
-some as a medium to update their family n friends of what they are up to
-some is for fun
and so on and so far

i noticed it as well as the top 5 of yesterday's innit was all sex-related

i was hoping of some non-sex related topics to beat the hell out of the current tops

n yes indeed,u wrote a great stuff,
greater than mine, thatz y u have more nangs compared to mine ( that's the way it should be mer)

way to go, dude!

motd said...

It is a sad thing but we have to admit that sex does sells.

Human Being being curious will just nang the post.

As users, we are powerless to do anything. We can rant, we can refuse to visit or nang the post but still it makes it to the top post.

Unless the owner do something about it else the rest of us just have to live with it.

phoebe said...

i love ur cartoons!!! xD d advertlets sperm head looks so hamsap k *giggles*

Charlie said...

hey bro, i love your write up. i think its high time we stand up and tell nuffnang what we as customer really wants. cause all along they assume that they can buy us with money.

i mean, yeah, they did told me to read the term and condition and in fact pointed out point no 2 in the t&c. but when i read it, anything related to sex is prohibited also, but i dunno why they did not ban or deleted any of those such message on innit. but they deleted mine, cause they says it tarnish their reputation. wth. !@#$%^&* anyway, good write up, keep up the good work and lets show nuffnang the power of bloggers. by the way if you read my friend's blog, bobo, she received 2 reply from nuffnang lately too. go read it and i would love to hear your comment.

cheers =)

phoebe said...

ur not pickin up d phone T_T mayb leavin a comment mite wake u =d sniff

phoebe said...

on 2nd thot, afta re-readin, mayb u shld hv been mor biting xD jz 4d fun of it.

Freethinker said...

I agree this dilemma lies on the users than on the platform. The problematic is on the supply and demand. A lot like to mislead using the sex sells technique and many are very eagerly to click it. In principle, that's the democracy and also an opportunity for us to understand what bloggers are "interested". As much as human moderators are good, it doesn't sound feasible in terms of scale... and the last thing bloggers want is a separation identity of those who are elites and those they didn't get their post in innit. Maybe a general rule should be implemented based on "censorship" of keywords to avoid users attempting "sexy terms to lure readers" or maybe an extra option/button for people to raise as inappropriate/misleading, an auto ticket send to Nuffnang team to evaluate and decide...

michellesy said...

I think I must have been living under a rock. Or at least far, far away from the currents that ebb and flow through this blogsphere of ours.

But at least I know who/ what Nuffnang is OK? And Stewie. But that's about it LOL!

Whatever Innits are, I think they're truly deserving of your rightfully directed wrath. It does sound as seamy as it looks. Blech.

ps: So are you saying I was like, totally not like, a fangurl, like when I first started, like (obsessively) commenting on your blog? XD

But hell I was not after bloglinks. As you should know, I am the epitome of paranoia =P

calvin said...

with so many comments up here already, i think i have nothing much to say already.

totally agree with what you have penned down. anyway, that is just how it works. sex sells!

lankapo said...

Nuffnang shud differentiate between nang and click

user will decide if the content is worth to read or not

Innocent^^Guy said...

i feel you man...i totally feel you :D

but life is complicated, so regardless of what people do, setting your mind to only look at the surface will help at times....

shanewei said...

Hi, Nice Blog ;p

Ha, seriously i think it's nice. the picture on the top, that is :)

I tried innit once, just to test it out how it works and i get your point. i think the admin peeps at nuffnang heard you loud and clear too, so it won't be long where we say bye-bye to substandard posts.

David Cheong said...

Weee Mine is the first in the screenshot! But I dare say, although I did post that title, I gave a clear description of what it was in the description so if you did read my post, you'll understand what I wrote about and from the analytics that i get in nuffnang that many came from innit, I'm pretty sure most of them agreed with what I wrote!

I can't say that I'm innocent but not guilty entirely =)

I like to believe that people nanged me because there was some truth in my post and it needed some attention!

Don't get me wrong, i certainly do agree with you! You do have my support by the way ;)

There's always room for improvement in innit =)

YEONG said...

i have nothing more but to agree.

guess the only solution to stop this is to create a filter? filtrate and flush them away!

...okay am i even talking any sense out of this?

but whatever the matter is, it's a known fact that sex sells, and nothing can be done to stop people who create eye-soring titles/links. dont even mention about those who click on them. prft

IMO, there is nothing wrong posting issues or discussions about sex however! going aboard certainly makes Innir looks ugly, like an apple with spikes grown on the surface

maybe having limitations and moderations would be really nice :)

or maybe, like what you said, Innit is where blogging died x(

in other words, well said, kok

Aronil said...

I'm in full agreement with you, man and thanks for putting up this post. You have some really good thoughts in your head and i'll be sticking around more to see what you have to say :) cheers and power on to blogging

Aronil said...

Hey again... for what its worth.. this is what you call a "silent accumulated taboo".. hahaha. Thanks for popping over, and i got you linked and nanged :P. Guess i'll be sticking around way more than expected lol.. now i really need sleep. cheers and keep being controversial... it's entertainment and food for thought :)

pinksterz said...

ok i know i am abit late in saying this...but...

OMG OMG OMG I AM TEH FIRST COMMENTOR!!!!!!11111 *ecstatic*


mrbherng said...

and nuffnang ads are making the site to load for forever this past few days. Your blok didn't finish loading even after 30 minutes. I gave up.

Anonymous said...

Kokwai, you're just frigging gay about how the world works. What is morally correct may not be politically correct. You are just getting too interesting to let go of what you think is right or wrong in this world. You would grow up boy.

davidlian said...


I surfed over to your post from pinksterz site and two thumbs up for you! I totally agree, except on the posting of articles on Innit.

See, as an aggregating service, Innit needs to be a democracy where anyone and everyone can post whatever they wish.

The real idiots are the people who click and nang sex posts. The bad practice is people getting their friends to nang their posts so as to generate traffic.

I think the challenge to Nuffnang is how to prevent abuse of this tool (that's what an aggregator is...only a tool) whilst maintaining a democracy. The even bigger challenge is for one day, Malaysian bloggers to grow up and boycott these sort of posts. As it is, it's very hard to search thru innit for worthy posts because most people only see the top 5 posts. And if they are ever so slightly hamsap, they will click on them.

More and more, we see the internet moving from democracy to sanity. I like because actual humans check out the links to ensure the search results are most relevant and a select group of people rank the sites. This is a far cry from the older search engines which rank sites based on clicks or just newness.

Anyway, good post. It's about time someone stood up.

Aronil said...

hey again kok :) well u got ur first flame from anonymous there haha. but out of the 34 at least 33 are with ya :) The link i got flamed on was this one

but ah well..:)

lemon said...

incoherent flamer T^T *glares*

k0k s3n w4i said...

pinksterz:Gotta hold that post now :p
Innit's clean for the moment. Sex sells, yes. But selling does indeed make us sell-outs :)
I'm not against the practice of writing posts like that to attract attention, but please, have the dignity not to pimp it at a public blog aggregator. If you must, at the very least, let it be well written -.-
I've been meaning to move my links for the longest time, but malas. Who are those people with multiple IDs? faster dish! tell me on MSN xD

nissy: You don't use Nuffnang also :p, only glitterati nuffnangers can nang.
U gave up blogging for the public long ago xD

beve: I will, thank you very much T^T

mrbherng: I don't even care about the elections back in M'sia - much less America
This isn't a really big issue - but it's one that mars the reputation of every blogger, I believe.
I set the ads to collapse to little buttons when I don't have any served ads, but it didn't seem to be working. I've already messaged Nuffnang support about it.

subbie: I shall try with the skepticism button turn off. It's comments like yours that makes me feel glad I didn't sell out for hits. I am kind of lucky because I do have a few bloggers I find great pleasure in talking to - and a great many of my regular readers who are greatly supportive of the nonsense I write here :)
I am not against the usage of netspeak or manglish in blogging - but darn, sometime you just wanna take an axe to them.

zzzyun: Yes, you're one of those good ones :p. That's why I drop by yours regularly. There's too little medical students who blog. We gotto stick together! I wish I can refrain from using Innit too - but it's just... there! xD

michelle chin: Sorry girl, fresh out. That was the last post. they were stolen , remember? -.-
It was a girl, apparently, who whored her sister xD

jia hui: I DO want to appear as one of those ramblers just so people wud come in and flame me. Only way to reach out without resorting to headlines like "OMG, GIRL HAVE NIPPLES THE SIZE OF SAUCERS LOLOLOLOLZZ!!!11!!" Thanks, mate

michelleg: you're an exemplary blogger! because of you I started my own blogspot k? xD You just write without worrying about trying to get traffic or ad money. Kudos :p

joejoe: I hoped I did. Thanks :)

zendreus: Thanks for the support. I kind of imagined that there is a lot of silent disapproval from the members of Innit. I saw little posts hinting at it, but no one have taken it onto themselves to speak outright.

evelyncyl: Thank you~

minwi: you always stay so quiet I also don't know you're really here one or not :p.
Thanks for your support tho. But srsly, I'm not very good at this blogging thing, or writing :|
Ur in Aussie now?

sc_bone: Yours have more nangs in the end xD. I managed to get my word out, and I think that's good enough. I believe in freedom of expression - but it's also darn obvious when something is abused the way Innit was :(

motd: the great peeps over at nuffnang ARE doing something. Given that they asked a nobody like me for suggestion, but that's still doing something xD. I'm hopping that they'll disable the automatic nanging everytime someone clicks on a link.

phoebe: advertlets sperm head ALWAYS look hamsap one. my phone was on silent xD, and my computer was off.
It was originally much more biting - I kinda have to tone it down.

charlie: that's the limitation of using a service provided by a corporation for free. it's hard to blame them for reacting, and I'm sorry that you didn't find your experience with Nuffnang as satisfying as I did. I HAVE read Bobo's post on her Nuffnang experience, but I am afraid I can't give much of an opinion since I have never asked for a payout since the day I joined (I'm in India, after all). Pinkpau who works at Nuffnang have written an excellent post which I found to have put a lot of things into perspective. It's in the "all time popular" page of Innit. Maybe it'll help if you and bobo give it a read.

freethinker: I don't think anyone is anal enough to be Innit's watchdog and send tickets to complain about posts that are offensive. I don't believe that many of the porn posts are "nanged" intentionally. Visiting shouldn't count as "nanging"

michellesy: I have said it over and over again. You're one of my best readers - one whose opinion I value a lot :D. Not. Fangirl. xD
I must be underground, right beneath that coconut shell of yours - because I didn't know that Boss Stewie has a blog till yesterday :p

calvin: maybe there's just something wrong with the way things are working :). Blogging is not the same as selling beer.

lankapo: lots of people are suggesting that. I'm sure Nuffnang have taken notice of it :)

innocent^^guy: True. But the urge sort of bit me. I kind of snap when I saw that the top 5 posts was porno - and posts from bloggers which I think deserve the attention, aren't getting any.

shanewei: FINALLY!!!! Someone other than my girlfriend noticed my little drawing!!!!!!! I won't be so optimistic to assume that it's all over, but I was kind of pleased to see that the amount of XXX material have dropped today.

david cheong: I have nothing against any personal post, or blogger. It's just that sum of it - the sight of those titles aggregated together sort of made something snap. I'm sure a lot of other bloggers felt that too (just that I write damn fast :D)
I commented in that blowjob post of yours, didn't I ;p?

yeong: that's an interesting way to put it. An apple growing spikes :). I have reservations about moderation, and I think that separating nangs from clicks is a capital idea - but first things first, THEY NEED TO REMOVE THAT POST SOMEONE WROTE WHORING HER OWN SISTER.

aronil: sticking around :p? You'll be disappointed. I hardly ever blog about stuff like this. I usually just post mundane stuff about my life as medical student here in manipal, my offbeat philosophies and outright nonsense here... in short, I'm enjoying what I write :)
Oh by the way, I really like your blog's template. So very neat and pleasant :)
Read the comments in your post. It was... illuminating

anonymous: you sound precisely like one of those cynics that had, at a young age, have ideals and thought that the world should conform to them - and when they didn't, you became an old and cynic bitch telling everyone how fucked up they are for trying too. If you think it's impossible, don't get in the way of people doing it. And WTF? "What is morally correct may not be politically correct"? What has stating the obvious got to do with anything here? You're not from this region aren't you? You don't even know how to address someone by their chinese name correctly. What's the politically correct term for "suck my dick?"

davidlian: Hey man, thanks for the support.
Put it this way - considering some of the candidates people support in the Malaysian General Elections, I'd say democracy should be reserved for those possessing some primitive form of thinking faculty. That is to say, only people who knows what's best for them - should be allowed to choose. The behaviour on Innit was evidently self-destructive. Self-discrediting. Self-debasing.
I do not agree to outright moderation to post contents (I said so to Timothy myself). My aim for this post is for the posters to realise what we need for a community to work - for themselves and for everyone else.
Innit is ours. Exclusively for Glitterati. It'd be dumb to try to sink it.

phoebe: yeah, it took me awhile to make some sense of what he said. But I think he payed me a compliment somewhere in his bullshit. not sure tho, LOL.

michellesy said...

I am still laughing at your acerbic reply to Anonymous XD

David Cheong said...

haha yeah, totally forgot that you did commented =p funny comment though LOL

Anonymous said...

Well you are the one who has ideals and thinks the world SHOULD conform to them. The world run itself. The world is driven by natural forces. We see woman, we wanna fuck them. We see sex stories we wanna read them. Who cares about your respect for what?!?! Everyone has different agendas, to put out your own and interpret it as universally correct speaks of your ability to blend in with the society.

Don't like sex stories? Don't read. Don't like to smoke? Don't smoke. Trying to make a post based on your opinion on what is right or wrong from your narrow point of view would not influence how the world would be run. You just have to accept it, even if you don't like it.

pamsong said...

I totally agree with this post.

k0k s3n w4i said...

michellesy: you'd laugh at anything :p

david cheong: first thought that came to my mind. honest :p

anonymous: You're mistaking me for someone advocating idealism. I'm actually a realist. I do not think that the world should be squeaky clean and porn-free. I think porn is great and everything, but there's a venue for everything. If you got porn stories, is a great place to post them - but Innit is a blog aggregator associated with an ad company. How many of those ads served by Nuffnang advocates explicit contents, I ask you? The reason Timothy himself came out to address the issue is because it IS giving a negative impression to everyone associated with it - Nuffnang, the bloggers themselves, and the advertisers alike. And seeing from the attention this post had garnered, I'd say that A LOT of people agrees that it cheapens the blogging experience. I enjoy a well-written risque tale as much as the next guy - but you must admit, a lot of them aren't properly written at all. They are just posts screaming "Thongs, Sex, Boobs!" for attention, and when readers visit their page and get disappointed, they'll receive less hits in the long run too. And seriously, you like the idea of someone whoring their sister for Nangs?

pamsong: Inspired partially by your short post about it :). Thanks for the support

bevE said...


Ceh. Just coz you dun agree with something dun mean you can't think about it d lor. At least narrow-minded k0k got think of things that go against his morals or beliefs and can come to a personal conclusion unlike someone who dun had the consideration to think about stuff that the world might not conform to. He din say oso that ppl "HAVE to conform, even if they "should", he din say they don't have the obligation not to. Besides, one person can change the world. Wad more if many?

He din claim that his views are universally correct, he din claim anything d wor, but the number of ppl commenting and agreeing to his opinion concludes that his opinions represent sum part of society.

Why u go scold him when u dun even tell who u are leh, besides "anonymous"?

Don't like his post? Don't read it. Don't like his opinions? Ignore them. You don't have to conform to a narrow-minded idiot's summarization of an opinion you don't agree with. I'd like to quote someone I have the opinion of being intellectual,

"You just have to accept it, even if you don't like it."

Anonymous said...

I don't necessarily like or dislike. My preference is my prerogative. I can't just shove it up the ass of anybody i dislike just because of what he written and tell him he sucked you know?
The world doesn't work this way i'm afraid to say.

You have your idea of what is right and what is wrong. You have your preference of what is allow on where(which kind of platform).

You have your idea of where the red light district should be, whether is it in neighbourhood or somewhere farout. But listen, that doesn't remove the fact that men needs to fuck. And it can be a lucrative industry.

If you want to touch on the quality control of articles on blogs that qualifies on aggregator, then may i ask whom are you to qualify or disqualify them? And on what grounds? Just because you don't smokes and you condemn smokers? Just because you don't club and you condemn clubbers? Just because you don't drink and you condemn drinkers?

One man's meat is another's poison, at the end of the day, if something you think is not good, if you think you dont enjoy it, then dont do it. If others wants to do it, then let them. You are in no position to tell someone what he can or cannot do. Just because their written proficiency is not as good as you does not mean they should not write. Just because you are not happy reading their blog does not remove the fact they do not require your permission to write. Some of them are maybe 16 year olds? Or 18 year olds? At an age where they are coming face to face with vices and curious about them, whats wrong with blogging about how they feel? And we're talking about democratise the society? Is democracy means we become the person we want to become or we become the person society expect us to become? You will grow and learn to look at it from a different viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Beve : Since this is a discussion within a discussion, you can't use the "You just have to accept it, even if you dont like it" on me. Because the fact he started this point and ping is mean he is allowing his opinion to be debated. Otherwise, might as well disable this comment section, right? Or are you only keen to hear whats nice to your ear? In that case, then filter out all negative comments, keep the good ones, like how kok suggested how innit should be run. Control right? Talking about democracy in Asia....with people like you, i wonder how long is the road. Longer than what we think thats for sure.

k0k s3n w4i said...

anonymous: The first thing you need to do is read my replies to you properly, if you're indeed the same person cowering behind the shroud of anonymity, that is.

There are people who have genuine experiences of a sexual nature to share. Fine by me.

Then there are people who uses sex to try to gain hits, at the risk of credibility. Okay too, but my point is that it is casting a bad light on other Innit users as a whole - and when I believe that it's starting to affect the impression of integrity in other bloggers, it ceases to become personal.

They aren't blogging. They are trawling for hits.

And judging from the response from regular Innit users here, I have to say this - the people have spoken. This IS democracy.

Got that clear now?

Secondly, for the umpteenth time - it was ME who went against outright moderation. I stood for free speech. What I want people to realise is that the DELIBERATE act of attempting to get attention through posts of a sexual nature isn't going to get them anywhere. Like a heads up, if you like.

Men needs to fuck. Do you fuck in your bedroom or in the mall?

HELLO? I USED to be 16 or 18. Take a big good fat look and see; a lot of them AREN'T blogging about how they feel about vices at all. I AM. ME. I'm blogging about how I feel about vices. This post. You're reading it. Thanks for defending my right to speak :)

And I DO put my opinions on the line for debate. And I must say, the majority of people on Innit, who are users Innit - felt the way I did. Democracy doesn't mean that one person get to choose where the red light district is. It means that everyone has a say in it.

Anonymous said...

The great asian value which tells you what is right and wrong and acceptable in the society is not a value in the west.

The difference in culture between the west and the east is that the west bring the best out of an individual while the east requires the person to conform to society's standard.

In the west, 18 year olds go out from the home, expose to all kind of vice , grew up from it and mature quickly roughly in the mid twenties.

In the east, there are expectations of you to fulfill in your roles in the family and in the society.

Which is better? I say the great asian value that in placed in Asia and which individual's thinking were developed from which then becomes part of formed his behaviour is a mere hypocrisy. It is teaching you to NOT become what you wanted to become and conform to eastern rules or subject to scrutiny from society.

In the west, you are not expected depend on your family when you are grown, and you are not later on, expected to take care of your family. It is solely the decision of the individual and seniors has no expectations of the juniors to take care of the family. I mean what is the point of enforcing it through values if people do not enjoy the process? Did you do something you truly enjoyed or because people would look at you differently if you do otherwise? If you had been or intend to do something because the society decided for you what you should do then i have this to say to you - You are a hypocrite because what you had been doing are not something you wanted to do - It is not linear to your original feelings.

The west however survived from a true democracy not only in government ruling but also in their living choices.

If you've been to west, stayed there for a while, you would realise that prostitution is not as hot as in Asia. Why? It is for the simple reason that people do not need to visit a red light district for a fuck. Yes, they sleep around, Yes they had one night stands. Yes they have fuck buddies. But so what? The truth is we need to fuck, when we need to fuck we fuck. You mean in Asia, when people said you should only fuck with your gf or bf because that is morally correct. Excuse me, if you find a gf or gf just because you need to fuck, that is a sheer hypocrisy alright? Fuck has nothing to do with marriages or your commitment to a relationship. You dont need to get attached to fuck, it is 2 separate issues. We are animals and we just have to accept the fact. In the west, people fucked at a young age, had all kind of fun, so much so that by the time they reached the time ready for marriages, they've been there, done that, they no longer curious about 'how does it feels like to fuck someone who is not your partner'. Ironically, Asian Values says that you cannot fuck, that is morally not correct. So when you're ready to marriage, you found out, the size doesnt fit and you go around looking for best fit or you are curious, the animal in you are not released or whatever. Prostitution only thrives in Asia. Adultery in Asia is as common as finding a kopitiam selling chicken rice. Did you grew up becoming something you wanted to become? Or did you fell into the trap of the Great Asian Values, i mean the Great Asian Scam? It is not your fault people, it is the society's fault for making you believing something that you should do, however it is against your preference. The society decided for you. The script had been written. You are just require to act according to it. How do you feel?

In the west, the openness of the society means that you are allow to grow as an individual according to standard of what is good or bad. You do something you truly enjoy and you head in the direction of your passion, not the expectation of something.

In the west, people truly decides for themself what they want to do. Whether they are a doctor, or a painter, or a musician or a sportsman or a construction worker. They are not guided by materialism - the opposite of Asia. You can do anything you want for a living and you would still be able to live comfortably - means you can afford a house a car whatever you want - the society has not become an entity that would discriminate anybody even if he decides he wants to be a road sweeper. And it is no coincidence why we have better musicians/actors from the west, because they truly are able to express themself naturally and passionately in the things they wanted to do. It is not face value. There is no such thing call face value in the west. In asia it is all about face. You lose face to your family. You lose face if you do not study. But did you wanted to study or do well because you wanted to , because you enjoyed it or because you were programmed into believing studying is a road to better future?

In the west, you decide for yourself, what you wanted to do. In the east, the society already decided for you. Your this particular post on restricting what ever a blogger can write or what even aggregator can aggregate is a replica of the analogy of the Asian Value which is what people in the west call it the Great Asian Scam.

k0k s3n w4i said...

anonymous: "The great asian value which tells you what is right and wrong and acceptable in the society is not a value in the west."
Agreed. Welcome to Asia :)
So go stop your fellow westerners from listening to our Jpop, watch our animes and red our mangas.

Anonymous said...

You said : Then there are people who uses sex to try to gain hits, at the risk of credibility. Okay too, but my point is that it is casting a bad light on other Innit users as a whole - and when I believe that it's starting to affect the impression of integrity in other bloggers, it ceases to become personal. They aren't blogging. They are trawling for hits.

I say : You are in no position to assume other's agenda. Even if others had an agenda, it is their right. Come on, some blogs for fun, some blogs for therapeutic effects, some blogs for money, some blogs for traffic. There are many reasons why people blog, why should we tell discriminate any group of bloggers? And more so you are just assuming! How do you know they are trying to achieve what you believed they are trying to achieve? Did you ask them? Did they tell you? Or did you assume it? Did you really know? Or just based on your personal feelings and assumption, you wrote this wonderful postings and then justifying your method of democracy by the amount of positive feedbacks here?

I can say you are trying to gain traffics so you can make more money from the traffics because this is a controversial postings which ride on the Asian Value which of course we know all asian's mind is programmed with. So you had pressed the right button here. Try do that in Africa and see whether is it relevant.

k0k s3n w4i said...

anonymous: The "nang me" links in their posts were dead giveaways.
You are right. It has absolutely no relevance in Africa. :)

Anonymous said...

Japan had pulled away from the Asian Value long long time ago. If you had been to Japan, you would find people working as a construction worker and still not looked down upon. You see them getting equal respect from say a doctor. There is no coincidence as to why Japanese people are creative beings and so many good products come out from Japan. Their system is exactly like the west where people choose their profession based on their passion. They are not guided by money or face. Thats the difference between japan and the rest of asia if you havent realised. You think its by chance engineers can make good cars in Japan? You think if they had a society that is driven by money, they could produce so much extraordinary inventions? Japanese truly had a passion in development and customer service and that is the only reason why they excel. And it has nothing to do with the Great Asian Value.

k0k s3n w4i said...

anonymous: I recall that not so long ago, China was plastered all over every economic magazines and reviews. Gosh, you don't even use the blog aggregator yourself. You're not even from this region. The point is, the admin at Nuffnang agreed. A lot of users agreed. And measures will be taken.
I still fail to see how how "My Sexy Sis; Nang Me!" translates to creative self-expression worthy of cultivation.
This is my last word on the subject :). I have to go study for the Forensic Medicine paper of the Medical course I have chosen and go on to join the Médecins Sans Frontières like I always wanted to, because I don't want to spend all my time sitting on my fat ass having pointless internet arguments on blogs.

kibitzer said...


IMHO, what kok is trying to imply is simply the fact that posts with erotic titles do not deserve the amount of nangs they are getting. And besides such opprobrious conduct (the posting & nang-ing of such posts) IS making innit look preposterously shoddy when all the top posts have suggestive titles. And your argument to this is,

"The world is driven by natural forces. We see woman, we wanna fuck them. We see sex stories we wanna read them"

"You have your idea of where the red light district should be, whether is it in neighbourhood or somewhere farout. But listen, that doesn't remove the fact that men needs to fuck. And it can be a lucrative industry"


It just gives me the impression that you're simply another one of those lecherous, salacious men who'd settle for any form or erotica they can find on the internet. And who said anything about democracy anyway? You harp on it an awful lot.

And yes i threw in as many big words as i could into my comment just to spite you xD

And yes im having fun *whistles*

kibitzer said...


OMG you're so cheong hei

kibitzer said...


kok posted at 12.08am

you posted at 12.11am

wow you type fast.. im amused

Anonymous said...

Hi kok, why the need to hide behind another nick? Feel the need to reset yourself? Of course by reading what you typed we can tell its your KOK LOL.

Anonymous said...

Whether you like it or not, Innit or Ping or whatever are going to have lotsa sex related articles from many many blogs. *chortle*

Lets see how you're going to ban yourself from reading em ; )

kibitzer said...

@anonymous the lecher

what makes you think im kok anyway? other people not capable of proficient english?

Anonymous said...

How you feel to have 30 odd people stroking you with "nice post" comments? I thought you're the one who condemn those people who do that? So its ok because you're getting it eh? LOL

Come on, you need such a post to win the traffics over because of your inability to write sexual erotic postings. Admit it for once ok?

kibitzer said...

kibitzer & kok are NOT one and the same.

Anonymous said...

Trying to insult our intelligence? LOL You can't.

Pink Leo said...'s heated here!

Anonymous said...

I'm tempted to use the word imbecile on you, but then that would be a downright insult on imbecile people. LOL

Pink Leo said...

kao, what is 'imbecile'? si be chim. Don't bully me this Cheena girl ler..

k0k s3n w4i said...

pink leo: don't worry about the troll. he's sorta spend all his time refreshing this page looking for chances to display his painfully embarrassing behaviour. :)

Right, seeing that anonymous have stepped over from simple flaming to overt trolling (name calling, random baseless accusations, and criminally irritating usage of the acronym LOL), all further comments from him will be deleted.
There's criticism to my opinions. And then there's trolling.

I have to head for my test paper now.

michellesy said...

The only thing funnier than an inept troll stumbling over his/ her own feet is an inept troll with very powderful england stumbling over his/ her own feet.

A troll who is trying far too hard to insert bombastic words in order to bolster his/ her pitiful vocabulary and inane opinions no less.

Like whatever LOL!

ps: James doesn't need his ego stroked by 30+ readers, the majority of whom he has never met irl.

He has a life btw, so I suggest that Mr/ Miss 'Chicken Shit' Anonymous go get one too, just so they have something better to do other than mope around and pick fights with bloggers who have something to say, and can say it well.

subbie said...

Whoa. It felt as if I just walked in and out of hell. Even the fire brigade I offered wouldn't help. Haha.

I shall excuse myself while I get back to work. Hope your test went fine. Haha. Cheers!

mrbherng said...

morally correct and politically correct? I see lots of terms and arguments flying around without satisfying any of them.

David Cheong said...

Wah liao, so the drama! Ganas shit! Hahaha... you're getting real popular dude =)

Just ignore the hypocrite! He has no life that he has to insult others! It's your blog, you don't have to explain yourself to him!

I've got your back!

Elaynne said...

Wah wah wah.... very interesting post and comments!! And after blogging for a year or so.. I dunno wat is innit!! hahaha... I'm hopeless! I basically use blogs to keep friends updated on each other's lives now that we are all over the place! At least I know how my old fren Kok Sen Wai is doing! cos we kinda did lost touch......

calvin said...

anonymous: They are not guided by money or face.

i have stayed in Japan for nearly a year now and i got to say that the Japanese still have very much concern about losing their face.

that's all i have to say. i'm not going to use any big words here. the arguments have gone too deep to my standard already =P

Aronil said...

Yo again Kok. You like the template?? cool beans but gonna change it soon And hey isn't that what blogging's about blogging what's in your head? :P