Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Life in Between Exam Papers

"Last of all Húrin stood alone. Then he cast aside his shield, and wielded an axe two-handed; and it is sung that the axe smoked in the black blood of the troll-guard of Gothmog until it withered, and each time that he slew Húrin cried 'Aure entuluva! Day shall come again!'"

Hurin's Last Stand
The Silmarillion,
by J. R. R. Tolkien

In this day and age, a two-handed axe is also known as "comment moderation". 9 out of 10 trolls in a survey admit that they like wanking to k0k bL0k. The last one is gay.

I am literally writing in between my exam papers here. I just returned from my Forensic Medicine paper earlier this morning - and at two o'clock in the afternoon later, I'll be pitted against a Pathology Practical paper. This is most definitely a filler post - containing snippets of what's going on in my incredibly exhausting life here, in case anyone is at all interested.

What the hell am I doing sounding so apologetic for? This IS pretty much just a web journal after all. My web journal.

First up, I just found out that I have won this year's Inter-batch Creative Writing competition.

Here's a picture of the trophy I got last year from the same contest,

Which is currently holding the job of keeping my cane chair level.

I needed another one for my table anyway.

Secondly, I had my first ever troll in this blog here. He's not the best troll in the world, but he's still my troll, okay? Here are some memorable quotes from him,

  • "You just have to accept it, even if you don't like it."
  • "The truth is we need to fuck, when we need to fuck we fuck" (This cracks me up every single time I read it!)
  • "Hi kok, why the need to hide behind another nick? Feel the need to reset yourself? Of course by reading what you typed we can tell its your KOK LOL."
  • "Come on, you need such a post to win the traffics over because of your inability to write sexual erotic postings. Admit it for once ok?"
  • "Trying to insult our intelligence? LOL You can't."

In the span of a few hours, he managed to refute himself, go hilariously out of topic, become paranoid and mistake a reader for me, attempt lamely to provoke a response and insult his own intelligence. I have encountered trolls on internet message boards before this, but I have never seen one who is so self-defeating. Guys, if you ever meet a troll in your own blog, just leave him alone. He'll whoop his own ass for you.

And, it is always funny to see how a troll assumes that everyone is as jobless as he is. Sorry kibitzer, whoever you are. I hope you weren't the troll's alter ego. I had my suspicions because "kibitz" means "to look on and offer unwanted, usually meddlesome advice to others." [Edit: But kibitzer have been so kind as to shrug off his/her shroud of silent stance of observation to clarify that he/she is not in the least bit trollish, and thus, have my full and official apology for being the suspicious bitch I am. *kowtows* Terribly unfortunate choice of nickname, but I think it has a nice ring to it, in spite of the connotations]

And sorry, Pink Leo, for getting in the untimely crossfire.

[Edit: AND thank you, beve, for referring to me as "narrow-minded kok"]

Just because this post is so ridiculously short and pointless,

Some creepy, hovering thing I drew last year.

I resurrected this from my long dead deviantART account, and I thought that you guys might like to give your expert criticism on how badly my pencil-drawn art suck donkey nads. But since I'm a medical student and not an art major, I'm fully allowed to stink at it.

Okay, that's it for this post. I'm running off for my next paper now. Comment moderation would be switched on, by the way, now that a troll is roaming about the neighborhood and taking shits in the flower-beds.

Is up to here in exam black and blues,
k0k s3n w4i


michellesy, cheerleader said...

I told you so! *dances around like the idiot she is*

Or should that be, Lemony spilled the beans and told me so, so I can now, in turn tell you so? =P


ps: Are they likely to give you anything other than a wooden trophy to prop up your desk with? XD

Perhaps a voucher reedemable at a kick-ass buffet for you and your sweetie? =D

minwi said...

oooh you can draw too!!
*jumps up n down in delirium n giggles hysterically*

eh when are you starting your clinicals? is it this year? i forgot..

minwi said...

oh sorry i didn't see your question. still in good ol' malacca, leaving feb 4th boohoo.

of COURSE i am here la -.- i jst prefer offering, uhm, silent support.

michelleg said...

i got picture in my laptop along with 2 others. im still keeping them after 1 year? lolz. those were excellent sketches. =)

kibitzer said...

i have been a silent reader, an ardent fan of your writing & artwork & certainly not a lecher.

it pains me to be mistaken for first you by the troll & now mistaken for said troll by you.

i do know what the word kibitz means & whatever made you think the lecher would choose to be subtle & hide behind such a moniker. i just thought i'd poke my nose into the comment box for a little romp is all (:

will go back to silent reading & forever cease to appear less misunderstandings regarding my identity arise again.

will continue to read your blog even though i feel a tad insulted *storms off in a huff*

lemon said...

*waves 2michsy* xD

i like tht drawing! didn i tel u so? :D *jumps up n down in xcitement* its so creepy. ehhe

Zzzyun said...

wow told u tat ur story was touching!!

hehe u pulled on the heartstrings of the examiners who had children too! good one..

congrats anyway! =)

k0k s3n w4i said...

michellesy: you guys are chatting on MSN? why are people around me all hooking up without letting me know T_T.
I'd take a kickass buffet over a slab of lumber anyday, mitch. The trophy does look rather neat, but it's just gonna add more weight to my luggage when I go back to malaysia. Need to get rid of it.

minwi: I'll be starting my clinicals in April. And back to Malaysia by September.
Back in secondary school, I drew more than I wrote anyway. The picture isn't even that nice. Oh wait, I have a Jonathan Strange fan art I wanted to show you. Maybe in my next filler post, I guess xD

michelleg: OMG, the other two you keeping not nice lar. I think back also feel that they suck. I think you've not seen my JSMN fanart yet :p. You read d not? Your brother started d k.

kibitzer: Whoever kibitzer was, he/she certainly was not a lecher at all :)
I was just voicing a bit of suspicion - I'm terribly paranoid too and I think to overthink things.
Now that everything's clear, let me just apologize for wronging you, kibitzer. And hereabouts, I don't have fans. I only have friends and readers. I can never consider myself to measure up to having any fandom at all.
I don't think there should be any further cases of mistaken identity. Thanks for sticking up for me. And it'd be awesome if you'll speak up sometimes too :)
You certainly picked one heckuva unfortunate nickname xD

lemon: it's just a concept art for a game I am a fan of :p
too bad the people over at the forums didn't like my interpretion of the creature :(

zzzyun: i wrote it. it's my duty be its biggest critic :)
Besides, I was seriously fatigued when I pen it (and I still think it sucked). Oh, the lecturer who judged it isn't married... and no kids either

lemon said...

i tink he'd look nice wielding sum fancy scimitar wif a long handle :D i like knives, swords n such T^T so cool k

bevE said...

so teruk i dun even get ANY acknowledgement whether i was bad or good in any way in ur flame war T_T

next time i go side the troll and be as defeatist as he is T^T and i wont link to myself either, but i will call myself something along the lines of:


so u will never know. T^T

michellesy, paranoic said...

Oh, I meant to say Lemony spilled the beans on your chatbox - I even read your chatbox ok? =P

Now, now, don't be paranoid James, that's my role XD

michellesy said...

ps: And Lemony and I have so NOT hooked up - you'd know if we did. You played matchmaker for me and Beve remember? =D

pps: How on earth do you do such detailed pencil drawings? 0_0 Mine would look bald in patches due to me erasing and re-doing multiple pencil strokes.

@Lemony: Hey sweetie! *waves back* We keep missing each other on the cbox these days!

k0k s3n w4i said...

lemon: drawing swords is soooo pre-school. I r serious artist.
why dun you draw some if you like them so much :p

beve: Your awesome support have been given credit to. now I shall go cut some ZZZ's

michellesy: I had lots of time in my first year in medical school -.-
No need to 'splain, Phoebe already did that :).
But you CAN hook up with her if you want to.

kibitzer said...

gosh, i didn't think i deserved an edit. thank you. it's all cool really (: *bows graciously in return*

lemon said...

beve: i tink u did gd realy T_T sniff. u dun join anon k. im so sowwy *looks sheepish* at least u got gd feedback n recognition

michsy: thnk u 4readin my spam so fervently. i realy appweciates it *big shiny eyes* T_T n like SENWAI sed we can hook up *giggles*

SENWAI my man: scimitar not sword k >_> n i can only draw round, fat tings coz they look cute. bt he'd look so cool!! like grim reaper-ish bt not quite. i like eerie tings wif weapons fank u T^T givs thm character.

bevE said...

oi ! >_>

satap lah. T^T u knows u is

Jen said...

i deserve some credit for reading through the whole thing. hmph.

sXydeViL said...

minwi said...
oooh you can draw too!!
*jumps up n down in delirium n giggles hysterically*

OMG cock got fanseyy!!!!

eh, a bit lansi right? using ur trophy as ur study chair's coaster.

ah lianzzz...

Michelle Chin said...

TO hell with them trolls. Everyone has their right to say anything.

I had trolls before, Kok and they are not as decent as yours because since I'm a girl, verbal abuse seemed to has it ways at me.

But anyway, as I've said: To hell with them.

k0k s3n w4i said...

kibitzer: why wouldn't you deserve an edit? anyone who gives me any notice or attention, deserve a little back from me :)

phoebe: Eerie things are eerier without weapon. Weapons are over-rated. The creepiest literary characters never had weapons. Like John Uskglass. He dusn even float, hmph.

beve: I damn the liberal k T^T.

jen: Oh, I can edit that into the post, if you like. "AND AND AND, thanks to jen, who... err... read flame posts?"

susu: It's just joke picture la. If I really put it under the chair and the sit on it, it'll break la.
minwi is only fooling around like a fangirl. she's a lot more level-headed in real life xD And heckuva lot smarter than me too :)
You lagi ahlianz, right :p

michelle chin: Indeedy. That's why I let him say his piece - and we he got annoying, I banhammer him. I'm sorry to hear that you've had worse experience with these brutish beasts. But hey, that's one of the hazards of blogging, no?

sXydeViL said...

is has been sumtime since i last dropped by...

juz making some remarkably remarkable remarks. =P

gaL said...

u can draw la...bleh~ ;P . Being in medical line require drawing skills as well ma. So keep it up. =))

ps: that does look creepy.

Michelle Chin said...

I can't imagine myself doing that too. Can you?


k0k s3n w4i said...

susu: I still remember. the last time you were here, u said you're going to spam the heck out of my cbox (or something like that). then never returned -.-

gal: I totally didn't put any effort in my medical diagrams xD
Those aren't fun to draw at all. You're a med student too?

michelle chin: LOL, I already said so in your post, right? Not something I can get myself to do at all :p

jayjayne said...

Holy crap! Your comment logs are getting longer and longer and soon I will be able to print them out in size 4px font and do that ever-so-sexy paper rolling motion in which wads of paper roll from my hand and down a few stairs. NOBODY KNOWS WHY PAPER DOES THIS. It's most likely casuality.

Gawd, I wish I had a fandom (haha, yes, sorry, I read all the comments too. My, I have too much time on my hnads) ;p Anyhow, yay for the win! *Waves arms around with glow sticks* and trollin'? Hah, as a past mod, I just gace them the banstick. I'm certain IP addresses can be given the banstick - just thwap-it on someone - expecially if they just leave moronic comments ;p

G/L with exammage!

bevE said...

if u were so liberal then u wud accept ur narrow-mindedness T^T

lemony: i where got get good feedback and recognition >_>

gaL said...

wah... so byk comments this time. haha...

nope. i'm in engineering line. bleh~ I wish i'm in medical line. haha

k0k s3n w4i said...

jayjayne: It's a phase. Stuff will go back to normal as soon as people realise that writing about Nuffnang, or Innit, or whatever stuff that's oh-so-popular in the blogging world is not really something I do on a regular basis at all :p
And do you always write your comments this interestingly :p ?

beve: I don't only embrace my narrow-mindedness. I celebrate it T^T
In a totally liberal manner.

gal: Yalor. Filler post only some more. The new post I spent 2 hours to edit pictures only got one comment. So potong -.-
Why everytime I write about movies no one care one T_T
Be careful of what you wish for. Med Skul is seriously suicide-inducing.