Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Picture of the Day

"Friend: A member of the opposite sex in your acquaintance who has some flaw which makes sleeping with him/her totally unappealing. "

The Dictionary of Dating

I remember standing outside her house with a stalk of white rose in one hand, and sweat on both. It was St. Valentine's Day of 2004, and tradition called for a gift of dismembered reproductive organs of plants from a boy to the girl he loves or is hoping to win over. It's a strange thing that no matter how much a girl insists that she don't like flowers and that under no circumstances she wants to be given such a gift, they'd still squeal in obvious delight when they are. Of course, that effect is generally provoked if you give her a massive bouquet of maybe 12, 33 or whatever other catchy number of posies you can put together with generous trimmings of forget-me-nots, baby's-breaths and lil' daisies as fillers. Not so much one single white rose - which incidentally (and very much unfortunately) was all I had. Being poor sucks. Mega suck. Like St. Valentine pointing to his nuts saying "Suck this!" suck.

Another obvious source of embarrassment was the fact that I was standing by the roadside with a flower in my hand, and having single-on-V-day-cyber-cafe-dorks (which SS15 had in alarming quantity) pointing and snickering at me as they pass me by. It was then I appreciate just how difficult it is to pretend that a flower is a natural extension of my limbs.

That, was the first time I have ever given a flower to a girl.

And on the other end of the spectrum,

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Teddy man.

I spotted this sweet, sweet bloke outside of the Indira girls' hostel while I was waiting for Phoebs for dinner yesterday.

Someone's Daddy with a birthday present for his big little girl, perhaps?

Who's your Daddy,
k0k s3n w4i


michelleg said...

i havent got one b4.. lolz..

pinksterz said...

i don't like flowers too.

wahlui said...

owh so sweet. let's hope he's not a sugar daddy. XD

michellesy, fan of (affordable) flowers said...

Lo and Behold, The One Who Was To Absent Herself From The Wonder Known As The Internet is back online again 0___o

Heh - you can blame it on the rain, an abrupt change of plans and a mother who has a habit of obsessively converting all Australian prices into Ringgit.

Hence, The Mater has declared staying at home to be the most cost-efficient method of passing this cloudy, it-might-or-might-not-rain afternoon.

In all honesty, I think flowers to be a lovely way of expressing one's affection/ appreciation. Lovely, but unecessary LOL!

When I received flowers, all I could think about was how much they cost and how fragile they were. Hence the compulsion to change the water they were sitting in twice a day wtf. You can tell I picked up some of my mom's obsessive genes XD

michellesy said...

BTW, I'm still laughing at their definition of [friend] XD

bevE said...

*laughs at michsy* xD

*thinks of lemony's first time receiving flowers* o.o =D

*thinks of my first time receiving flowers* xD

i dun like flowers. T^T *had at least nine sentences in replacement of this one but deleted them all coz din wanna tell anything about self in the end -.-*

i only like one type of flower. n they're free EVERYWHERE in london ! or UK. but the big ones u have to buy i guess. and i only saw one flower shop that sold it in KL. I only looked at three 'course -.- KL grasses completely void of these T_T

bevE said...

there's a diff of expressions if u gave me one that i thought is pretty, or normal, or one that i like :D

bevE said...

actually michsy po DOES think that way! except maybe minus the fact that they have to have some flaw. :D xD he just dun think sleeping with friends is acceptable T^T though its kinda strange coz a gf would have to be a friend first. no wait - im confused. T_T

lemon said...

wht did u tink my 1st time receivin flowers ws like beve? :D im curious xD bt its a secwet weally T^T

michellesy, peony lover said...

Beve: Oh, does James really go for the whole 'friends with benefits' gig? Hmmmmmm, interesting =D

What kind of flowers do you like Beve? Free + pretty = sounds pretty good to me =P

bevE said...

lemony: i tell u on msn T^T maybe

michsy: i'll tell u privately, if u really wanna know. =D is not something i like to tell ppl for some reason -.- coz its one of those actual things that stay constant as a thing i like. nonono, i only meant he just doesnt need the excuse for a friend to have a flaw before he finds it not acceptable to bed with them x_x sorry

T^T but i dunno. po says he's hamsap - he certainly tries hard to show it

....... xD xD

k0k s3n w4i said...

Aha, a hint! You listenin' in Sherlock?
It's just a matter of time now for you :D

Jual mahal :p.

Uh, i refrained from using that phrase in my post xD, not even in a joking context. Libel suit in the making, that.

Aha, didn't expect you :D
Sensible Asian lady your mater is.
Best flowers are those that are given for no bloody reason at all. Rather, guys use it as a "Get out of the doghouse free" card these days.
"Friends with benefits" sounds like a win-win to me. If only morality can get the fuck out of my way now.

Nonsense. Every girl likes flowers >_>
A girlfriend don't need to be a friend first if it's love at first sight T^T
Like my recent fucked up relationship xD
I AM hamsap. All guys are, you silly naive kindergartener.

Why isn't people talking to me in my own comment box T^T

voon said...

yes oh Gawd glad u brought this up kok isn't it possible for sexually-heterogenous frens to be weely close without having people thinking that you're boinking each other?

michellesy said...

Y'know what James, I think for all your vehement protests that you're really a pervert deep-down inside, you don't come across as one =P

Die-hard romantic sounds more like it - poetry and roses and love at first sight and the whole kit and caboodle and all =)

ps: Hang on to that piece of morality, cos I don't think softies make good players - too many regrets/ bouts of self-recrimination down the road, non?

michellesy, sporadic moralist said...

Beve: LOL - he tries really, really hard to be humsup does he?

He's been exceptionally well-behaved in front of me then - probably because he thinks I'll throw myself off of my moral high ground and plummet to death or something. WTF XD

k0k s3n w4i said...

If sexually heterogenous friends are close enough, they'll might not invariably end up "boinking" each other. But they might want to anyway xD. And no. Some people WILL think you're screwing each other. The exact same people who never had any real friends before because they like bitching so much.

ALL men are perverts deep down inside. At your age I think you should know better, Mitch. Roses, romantic nothings, a Chardonnay in an ice bucket (or Champagne if you like 'em fizzy) - all these are the tools of the trade for humsup dicks.

bevE said...

what ?! so why do I get the "hamsap side" shown to me ?! >_> seems like u're trying but doesnt really show it T^T

not like ALL ur next relationships will be love at first sight -.- u gots teh tell me bouts the last one - i dun understand how there can be love at first sight T^T i only understand lust/attraction at first sight