Sunday, March 11, 2007

Trippin' KL: Playing Spot-the-Not in IMU

"Rape! Rape! Rape!"

The collective student body of IMU

A couple of nights ago, I attended IMU's Drag Queen Night, which I understand is part of the tradition of the university to make freshies fit right in. Nothing does it like training them to bend over and forcing public humiliation up their hairy asses.

Even back in my Taylor's days, IMU orientation horror stories were very well known.

I can only imagine what will happen if we do the same with our homesick, depressed freshmen forcefully plucked from the motherly nipple of Malaysia. We'd triple the suicide rate here in Manipal. Maybe that's why ragging was strictly prohibited here. Seniors caught perpetrating such a dastardly act would be expelled immediately. And according to the handy-dandy Manipal rulebook, the guilty party may even face some time in the Indian jail for it.


That seriously robbed us seniors of sooo much potential fun.

Created by the godly hands of zzzyun.

There you go, zzzyun. I promised you that I'd stick up a picture of your backdrop if I happen to make it there (sorry for the crappy pic - blame it on the lighting). I actually woke up at 6 am on the day of her school's Drag Queen Night pageant thingy and decided that I wanted to go after all. I need a shot of testosterone soon - I'm turning into a fickle girl.

But forgive me for being dense. I simply don't get the theme - especially the justice part. Dressing guys in drag is NOT hot and by NO measure at all can be considered justified. But I can't help but chuckle at the irony that the hall the event took place in was as stuffy as a sauna.

Look at the pose that guy in the row behind pulled.

Meet Gan (fine, call him Eric if you're so particular about surnames), a Biology major and an old classmate back in my Malacca High School years. He sat beside me in class in the Fifth Form and wakes me up from my ZZZ's when any teacher got too close.

And meet Gan's sister (who preferred to be known as Michelle though I personally call her Fei Lee). Guess she caught a bad case of iamacamwhorebuti'mjustactingshyitis so she wasn't up to posing for pictures. I'm sure she'll recover as soon as she buys her own digicam. And oh yeah, she's a 3rd year senior at IMU and had made countless juniors' life miserable by ragging the sh!t out of them.

The introductory video at the start of the event. This is how IMU girls look like.

I'm sure Joon Keat would have liked checking out the directing skillz of the IMU folks - he directed our orientation movie for Batch 19. Apparently lingghezi is involved in the production of the Batch 20 orientation video. It ought to be worth a watch.

Deck the hall with drags, oh golly!

Mooned by a wo-man.

In Manipal, we're ordered to treat the juniors as if they are Agong's brats. Our orientation programme consisted of us putting up a show for them - dances, sketches, singing performances etc. It's all a very welcome-them-warmly-and-show-them-our-love kind of bullsh!t. And in their first evening in India, we had to show them around town like some cut-price tour guides.

I volunteered to assist during the hostel allotment event for the free lunch to make the juniors feel right at home. We were also ordered to assist them in carrying their luggage like coolies the caring seniors we are. Besides that, I also whored my time in the help-desk-Q&A-session to check out the chicks in the new batch, but fate dealt this cruel, cruel hand to us and no girls were placed in the care of our desk at all help the freshies out with whatever they need to know about classes, studies, and crappy life in Manipal.

Fragile ickle things, they are. Mustn't upset them delicate, homesick children, or else, they'd do something stupid like hang themselves, slit their own wrists or drink bleach. No sirree - keep 'em happy and kicking, sez the Dean. Bloody spoilsport.

Man-thing backstage.

"Come and get it, boys."

IMU is a whole different ballpark though.

They don't expel or clap handcuffs on you just because you have a bit of harmless fun with the new blood. And as the Drag Queen Night attests, these bunch really knew how to let loose and go wild. If you look closely in the picture above, you can see that there was a lot of balled-up scraps of paper littering the stage. That came from the audience during moments of intense, unbearable lameness.

If we do that (or even boo) during any stage show in Manipal, we'll get an hour long "Ahem, that's no way for a medical student to behave" lecture from the Dean the day after.

But that night must have been more fun for the freshmen than for anyone else because I left before the show was over. It's amusing when the first (or even second) drag queen candidate goes on stage but it got old after awhile. I laughed out loud on only 6 different occasions - which was rather pathetic for a 4-5 hour show.

Also, there were too many untimely, unnecessary and uncalled-for rapes. It stalled the show and really messed up the thread of things.

For the benefit of those not from IMU, a bunch of students would leap on-stage and proceed to 'rape' (rip the clothes off) lame performers. Back in secondary school, we have this similar pastime where we would chase down a classmate of ours, pin him down on the floor, and pinch the hell out of his nipples. We call it 'petik'.

Hotel La Sopha.

We left the IMU lecture hall about 10 pm (or maybe later, I have such a bad head for time) and headed for supper. I spent the night on a couch in Fei Lee's apartment because none of her housemates were generous enough to share their beds. Young people these days are so unkind. We are living on the brink of a major morality collapse here, people.

The outsider,
k0k s3n w4i


michelleg said...

eh, got place to sleep for free good enuf la. haha.. just jk. many ppl bunked at my place b4.

k0k s3n w4i said...


Haha.. thanks. If i needed a free place to couch the night, I'll remember your place.

Sure none of your housemates get lonely sometimes? I'm sure that that long hair girl might need some company when her bf's not around.