Thursday, March 22, 2007

Auto Anarchy

"You better be careful when you drive. Malaccan drivers nowadays damn crazy one - overtaking and speeding like backside on fire."

My Dad, during the journey from KLIA,
on the first day of my return from India

After a hearty breakfast of Hainanese chicken rice balls at Jonker, I decided on visiting Jusco's Popular Bookstore for a spot of book-browsing. While on my way, I spotted the aftermath of a minor crash between two motorcycles at Jalan Mata Kuching.

Luckily, I kept my sister's camera handy on the passenger seat, and I managed to get a clear shot,

Motorbike vs. motorbike.

What I can't imagine was how two motorcycles managed to bang into each other. As far as I can remember, this road was never a great site for accidents - especially in the sober light of day.

The rest of the Journey to Jusco was pretty uneventful. My stay there was rather brief because the bookshop had nothing that held my interest (Popular Bookstore is more of a stationary supply company anyway). In less than half an hour, I'm back on the road again.

As I approached the junction coming out of Bukit Beruang, I spotted another minor road mishap. My first few shots of the scene was rather shaky and blurred. Fortunately, I managed to capture an adequate photograph through my rear windshield after I passed the cars,

Car vs. car.

When I turned to face the road in front of my car again with the camera still in my hand, I saw this,

Car vs. motorcycle.

This must be a sign from the gods! I saw not one... not two... but THREE different road accidents in one day! Two of them even happened at the same time at the very same junction! What are the chances of that?

And, where's the blooming 4D shop when you need one?

On a more serious note, I do notice that Malaccan drivers are starting to drive like KL hogs. Six months ago during my last vacation, I remember Malaccan drivers to be really courteous and considerate. They would chug along well below the speed limit and hardly ever overtake. Any car or motorcycle sporting a 'P' sticker can cruise around Malacca with the assurance that the other drivers would give way for the rookies (as opposed to KL, where 'P's are eaten alive). Alas, those days are gone but for good.

Some of the worst idiots on the road would even snap pictures with their fancy digital cameras while driving, paying little or no attention at all to where they are going. Bloody insane, I tell ya. Driving in Malacca had seriously become a hazardous business. I can totally see what my Dad meant now.

PS: The above incidents happened more than a two weeks ago. I have to keep postponing this post because I could never seem to run out of things I'd rather blog about.

Now watch me do this with no hands,
k0k s3n w4i


michelleg said...

"..worst idiots on the road would even snap pictures with their fancy digital cameras while driving.."

ur one of them rite? haha...

keep on blogging, interesting read here..

k0k s3n w4i said...

Thanks. You're like the best reader a blogger can ask for!

Innocent^^Guy said...

We should not classify Malaccan drivers as "starting to drive like KL hogs". The fact is, we have a style of driving on our own. There's a huge difference between a KL driver and a Malaccan driver. Here's the thing

KL drivers - Drive extremely fast, ruthless and overtakes aggresively. But one good thing about them is that they know where they are heading and they use their signals.

M'cca drivers - Drive fast but constantly slam on brakes for no reason. Constantly trying to avoid mud, holes, dead cat etc. Nvr use signal. Malacca drivers are very flexible with their driving as they can overtake, cross, or turn into any road, even if there is a no entry sign or double line.


david santos said...


michelleg said...

omg, i think both of us had been spammed by the david santos guy.. shyte!

innshan said...

i'm gonna bkful. mlccan drivers...k0k, u r one of them right?hehe

k0k s3n w4i said...


Wow, you made a study of drivers! Respect!

I'm not that savvy on driving styles, but I lump 'em up together cos Malaccan drivers got wilder than they used to.

david santos



Nooooo! Not spam!!! I refuse to believe you!!! I'm popular!!!! Haha


Not even one scratch on my Vitara before, k? LoL... and no saman before also!

Malacca still isn't as bad as KL la. But when we come back 1 and a half years later, I dunno d.

michelleg said...

aiyo if u dun belive that we were spammed, just take a look at my comments section for the 'do u know urself well enuf' post. it's the same comment!!! haha..

dun worry ur popular enuf..

k0k s3n w4i said...


You're just jealous that the comment he gave you wasn't all capitalised like mine. :p

jk-la, haha, I very sedar diri 1.