Friday, March 27, 2009

This is a Short and Very Frustrated Post

I have spent the past two hours writing when my web browser unexpectedly froze the fuck up - so I had to 'X' the motherboard-fucker and restart it. When I did, I found that the autosave feature of Blogger had malfucktioned on me and that all my hard-typed work have gone whoosh down the internet flusher. This is all Streamyx's fault. For the past few days, it takes me ages to load the simplest pages. Roger Ebert's website had been loading for two whole goat-fucking hours and even then, only the background of his mainpage was completed. I turned off my modem, pulled out the phone line, jacked it straight into my laptop and used my Jaring dial-up instead - and voila, the page finish loading in two minutes flat! Get this; Streamyx is slower than fucking dial-up!

And I'm not talking about those times when Streamyx just wouldn't connect at all for days at times.

I miss my Airtel broadband back in India. I pay half as much for the same bandwidth and it is consistently fast and stable. When anything went wrong, the technicians respond within the day. They even replaced my modem when it fizzled out from my heavy-duty usage for free! A colleague of mine said that a technician even responded to him after midnight. Now, I wish people would shut the fuck up about how India is a third world country and that everything there is shitty, low-tech and runs on cow-power. They provide better broadband internet than our foremost internet service provider, alright?

Fuck Streamyx. Fuck you very, very much.


ericG said...

Streamyx is shit. fuck shit... Everything bout them is shit.
Jaring much better. Even here in my Uni the Jaring wireless is a lot much faster than back in Melaka Streamyx. If only the fucking Streamyx don't monopolize this whole internet thing.. Blame the fucking government.
Once again, i ll stress Streamyx is fucking shit. I know how u feel. And so does Wendy.

Inn Shan said...

LOLZ on Screamyx.
LOLZ on Booger autosave.
LOLZ on wasted effort.
LOLZ on Mayalsia government.

Inn Shan said...

whoops, my first try visiting the link failed.
my 2nd try, however succeeded. it finished loading within less than 10secs.
maybe it just happened that the server in US was not responding.

but it will not justify that screamyx is any better.
yeah, i have the sentiment as yours. i miss airtel customer service. we were given a REACHABLE emergency number for assistance. their connection is always stable and performs maximally, unlike screamyx.
screamyx 1Mbit/s plan supposed to give 125kB/s download cap, max. I've never reach such speed till now.

- yuhhui - said...

Mahe sucks tho. hahaha

fuolornis said...

stupid streamyx. bloody TMNUTS
and stupid hostel line.

i really miss airtel :(

bevE said...



k0k s3n w4i said...

ericG: I'm seriously considering switching to a different internet service provider now - maybe to Jaring. Maybe we should have an anti-streamyx league up. Perhaps then they'll start taking notice.

Inn Shan: It wasn't just Roger Ebert's site. I couldn't load any site at all at the time. Even google took me awhile. If it was the server in US, I shouldn't be able to reach it using jaring dial-up, right?

yuhhui: won't debate you on that. i never use MAHE line before.

fuolornis: Airtel ftw!

bevE: bet u don't have this stupid problem in the UK

Ven said...

Silicon Valley is run by Indians. That do explain a thing or two.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Ven: still, no reason for Streamyx to suck as badly as they do :(

bevE said...

nope. any video buffering loads almost immediately, and a movie can download in as fast as half an hour :)

Reubz said...

abit late, but yea, i totally understand how you feel. streamyx didn't deliver my reply to your latest post.

Reubz said...

btw, yes, i have read thus far, and i think your blog has personality. :) gratz!

k0k s3n w4i said...

Reubz: i am astounded by your incredible patience - and yes, we deserve better broadband connections!