Thursday, March 19, 2009

13 Things Which Keep Me Awake At Night

"Sleep is a symptom of coffee deprivation."

Author unknown

  1. My progressive detachment from humanity.
  2. The Internet. Nuff' said.
  3. Some people would go through their entire lives without finding out that their spouse has been cheating on them all this time.
  4. Oversized suppers.
  5. That mouse which has taken up residence in my bedroom. I have seen it skittering about from the corners of my eyes while I work nights at my laptop, heard it squeaking after I kill the lights. It might eat my books. I must catch it and bend it to my will.
  6. My unfinished novel, and my inadequacies in ever doing it justice. I don't want to be like Neil Gaiman; having lots of good ideas but sucking at putting them down on paper.
  7. I am 23 22-and-a-half years old but am still stuck in dependency hell. I hate to still be studying when most of my contemporaries have started working. It's killing me.
  8. Am I one of the good guys, or one of the bad guys?
  9. Petroleum will run out one day. Now, I shall go on long string of logical conclusions so do try to follow if you're smart enough (yes, that IS a dare). It took us tens of thousands of years to reach a world population of 1 billion. After the Scond Industrial Revolution and the adoption of petroleum as the de facto global currency, that number surged exponentially to the 6.8 billion of today in 200 years time, largely due to improved food production powered directly and indirectly by oil and partly due to modern medicine, which relies heavily on oil as well (which I shall elucidate in a mo). Now, try to follow me on this other tangent; our planet's biggest source of energy is sunlight, so much so that all other avenues of power we harness for our uses is negligible in comparison. Earth receives a constant amount of sunlight each year which sustains life, grow our food and power our stuff. Petroleum is a fossil fuel, created from compression and heating of ancient organic materials - stuff made using the power of sunlight millions of years ago. Ergo, petroleum is basically ancient sunlight trapped underground. Think of oil deposits as our planet's savings account, accumulating sun energy our planet couldn't finish using in the past. What we are doing in this day and age, is basically drawing cash from that savings account. Our current 6.8 billion world population is grown off and sustained by borrowed energy, surviving on borrowed time. One day, when petroleum is depleted, when all our oil wells run dry, we go right back to using only the constant amount of sunlight alloted to us yearly by the sun. The big question is; can that amount maintain us all? Or will everyone die of starvation till we're back to pop. 1 billion? Also, look at all the cars on every road in the world today. They will all be useless scrap metal once oil runs out. Think about all those airplanes which lets us go anywhere in the world at any time. They run on oil too. And medicine, oh boy. A heck lot of antibiotics, sedatives, painkillers etc are made from petrochemicals - and so is all those plastic we use to make sterile syringes, IV bag, catheters and all manners of disposable medical instruments. Petroleum, the lot of 'em. Imagine a world without petroleum. Scientists have projected that that world will happen in 50 years time or less.
  10. Religions, and how they will be the death of us all.
  11. The Malaysian government. They don't give two shits about the people, or even democracy, for that matter. The Opposition's just the same, or will be.
  12. 99% of my friends, acquaintances and colleagues are virulently homophobic.
  13. Susanna Clarke might take ten years (or more!) to complete the sequel to Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which actually did take her a whole decade to write. She might even die before she finish writing it.

P.S. This is not exactly a meme, but if anyone wants to do it, I want to read it. Leave me a link if you do.

Not getting enough sleep,
k0k s3n w4i


bevE said...


This sounds like a badly written wiki page coz of all the grammarical errors. :p

I somehow like pt 10.

Done on joe black's iPhone.

Betsy said...

I did the meme. Was bored. And depressed.

Inn Shan said...

i tried to make a list, but it's less than 10 of them. when i re-read it, i realised that i'm quite childish. i need to grow up.

but i have the same thought about the government. i felt quite helpless and hopeless in doing my part to change the current situation.

k0k s3n w4i said...

bevE: next time, list them out when you find them. i hate squinting through every line i wrote just to look for them -.-

Betsy: why depressed?

Inn Shan: childish is good. i forgot how to be that. now my childishness only comes in irregular bursts. maybe you shud run for a position in the government :D i'd vote for u

bevE said...

doesnt matter - it's worth going through every single line since there was a mistake on practically every single line xD

jingwei said...

no. 7. I am SO there with you man.

Betsy said...

Cause of my inability and stupidity to comprehend Chemistry. And also "failing of Chemistry during trials" is scheduled in my future.

tubbalicious said...

On number 9 and 10: