Sunday, March 15, 2009


"What is bought is cheaper than a gift."

Portuguese proverb

Look at what
Jen got me!

Jen's Gift
Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid by Lemony Snicket (the nom de plume of author Daniel Handler).

It's my absolute favourite sort of gift; a book, given under the best of circumstances; none. I always thought that there is a quiet, strong significance in gifts of book. It's a bound piece of loyal companionship, a promise of hours to while in placid pleasure or sometimes to endure. That depends on the nature of the book and the nature of the reader, and how deeply the person who marries the two comprehend either. It takes a heartening measure of wisdom - or a frightful degree of temerity - to perform. These are my feelings of gifts of books.

Jen knew that much, and told me the same. Stressful was her adjective of choice. Stressful it was, she said, her choosing of that book for me. I asked why and uselessly so, since I knew the answer. She gave it to me a fortnight past, in a hastily semi-arranged accidental running into at the Curve. She wanted to meet my Phoebe, and they met. I left with an unexpected book in hand and without the ice cream that Jen wanted to buy me. I am terribly ungraceful at receiving gifts, so I try not to receive too many in too short spans of time.

In case you are reading this, Jen (I can never really tell since you've stopped announcing your ghostly visitations), I give you thanks. Thank you, belated as it is. Why did I deserve this? I have read the obfusticating zen introduction and devoured two hilariously morbid chapters out of thirteen. You knew I like these forms of titrated literary irregularities, you sly woman, you.

P.S. Am in you turf grounds right this moment. I arrived Saturday evening - yesterday actually. Mayhaps, we can arrange that proper date with drinks and conversation which Phoebe, you and I couldn't manage two weeks ago.

At your service,
k0k s3n w4i


Jen said...

tis time for me to announce my presence! =D

glad you like the book so far! i really wanted to find someone who would appreciate the book and see the dark humour in it as much as i did. no idea why, but i just HAD TO. unfortunately, said person just HAS to be all the way in malacca la.

you're lucky i didnt end up using it as a coaster for my coffee mug at work and forget all about it. hmph.

if you didnt like it, i would have sworn off buying books as a gift for people anymore. and indeed, receiving a gift for no reason at all is a rare pleasure these days.

bevE said...

mm, not so rare as i'm surrounded by generous people. maybe doesn't count as a genuine surprise sort of gift, but nonetheless could be counted as one if they suddenly offer to pay for things

k0k s3n w4i said...

Jen: not even ONE of your regular friends could get the book? Anyway, even if I didn't like it, I wouldn't let you know :P BUT I DID. Really xD So please continue getting me book gifts for nothing. Please.

bevE: I'm mainly talking about how difficult it is to buy books for people T^T. besides, you're a girl. when you're a girl, you get free stuff a lot more often than us men-types.