Monday, August 13, 2007

Malacca or Bangalore?

"When the hornet hangs in the hollyhock,
And the brown bee drones i' the rose;
And the west is a red-streaked four-o'clock,
And summer is near its close--
It's oh, for the gate and the locust lane,
And dusk and dew and home again!"

An extract from In The Lane,
a poem by Madison Julius Cawein

At the moment, I am in dilemma - a word here which means "can't bloody make up my mind whether I should go back to Malacca for this coming 5-week-holiday or stay here in India like I planned originally".

Since the monsoon season is upon me, I can't very well go gallivanting about the country and see the north of India like I wanted to (those plans have to be postponed till my next vacation). I figured that I should maybe take a one-person trip to Bangalore, rent an apartment there for a month or a half, and see the city proper. Besides, I heard that there are some decent bookstores in the city, and I desperately need to restock my rainy-days book supply (which ran out because it had been raining every single day here). Not to mention that I've been wanting to check out India's McDonald's menu for quite a while now. Mmm... McCurry Pan...

On the other hand, I kinda miss home. If I go back to Malacca, I'd probably take a road trip to Penang in my Vitara (I've never been there before in my life!). I would also reunite with my most beloved bookstore (i.e. Kinokuniya) and spend half a dozen days there just browsing like a cow in a field full of juicy grass. While I'm in KL, I will definitely want to meet a few persons I've come to know online as well, and have a chat with them for real. Plus, my mom told me that I'll be getting a new room in my grandmother's house and I really want to go to shop for my own bookshelf - my old one was stuffed so full that my novels were stacked in little towers above it. And of course, there's the good ol' awesome Malaccan nosh which I can look forward to.

Jonker Walk at night.

The Stadhuys clock tower and fountain (a Dutch woman I met once on a Town Bus told me that Stadhuys is pronouced Staad-Hoose)

The ruin of St Paul's Church

So should I stay or bugger off home?


Malacca Fuckit
Or Fuck It?

An indecisive, spineless specimen of a guy,
k0k s3n w4i


Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Have fun at home...With the monsoon seasons here I do not think you will have any fun here..

Zzzyun said...

haha come back msia! don't u miss the foooood??

anyway if u do come back, do lets' meet up sometime! it'd be nice to finally see u in the flesh and be chatty chatty abit! ^^

michelleg said...

come back!!! satay celup, chicken rice ball!!!!

last time to see u b4 i fly off. haha =)

InnShan said...

kinokuniya KLCC..

get d ticket b4 it's too late..price getting up!

Innocent^^Guy said...

of course u get ur damn ass home!
Malacca is the place to be...

pinksterz said...

you have never been to penang? O_O

kinokuniya is calling you! how could you not come back? HAHAHA!

and kedai ikan tak masak surely miss you!

mrbherng said...

Why not mumbai or delhi? You will only be in India for a pretty short while compared to the amount of time you will be in Malaysia in the near future. Ok, unless the monsoon is as bad in those 2 places.

Rabbit said...

Wheeee so that's the name of it? jonker walk? I've been there! Eeeks!

When u coming back jek?

michellesy the homesick (again) said...

Go home.

The one thing I regret is letting so much time elapse between my visits home.

Drink deep from old springs, go home.

michellesy said...

By the way, does the last sentence of the poem not hold the answer? =)

ps: Sorry I have been absent from the blogosphere of late. But I can explain in one word: uni.

Ok, maybe two words: uni sucks. LOL!

gaL said...

hey again. =) how long have u been away from mlc? u shud consider that also. =) anyway, i thk u'll get bored in a week or two staying in mlc, so go ahead, travel to penang, ur fav booksstore or anywhere local wud be nice too. =)

k0k s3n w4i said...

@dr.vishaal bhat
Well, the monsoon this year isn't all that bad.

Yes I do, as a matter of fact. Will definitely meet up with you if do come by IMU!

Good arguments. And darn, your posts this few days. So tempting!

I got the same price as you did XD

My ass is on the way.

I actually heard that there's a few good Japanese restaurants in Bangalore.

Because Bangalore is the nearest geographically. I dun like moving around too much or too far. that's why I didn't want to come back initially.

27th this month. See u then!!!

Aww, poor you. Well, MY exams are looming too. Dust the wells 'cause here I come!

Yea. I've seen so little of Malaysia. I really should :(

meninweb said...

Warm Welcome to Bangalore!!!

sXydeViL said...

why u cant travel north during dis time of the year? Not like north will be swallowed by the dungu-ness of monsoon oso..