Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just So You Know I'm Alive

"Revenge is a dish best served awesome!"

Something random I saw in a comment board.

A couple of hours ago, I was writing a post - a long, sentimental rambler about how big a loser I am and how my life sucks. Of course, being the big loser I am, I accidentally closed my browser page and lost the post. Luckily, Blogspot now has that every-minute-auto-save feature which ensures that my hard-penned drivels don't get eaten up by the gaping maw of the far side of the internet.

That feature is a lemon, by the way. I have seen corpses with hearts that works better than it does.

I checked my draft page and found that my half-written latest entry was lost for keeps. I was so distraught that I immediately went out for lunch and ate a plate of chili chicken which tasted like crap, like everything else here in Manipal.

Life just keeps getting better, huh?

I miss you.

Okay, now that I've started this post, I might as well make a confession.

Back when I was in college in a trip to the Sushi King in Sunway Pyramid with my ex-girlfriend, I spotted a tiny cockroach scampering about the table top by the kaiten-zushi (that's the revolving conveyor belt with plates of sushis on them you see in these joints). Without much thought (as with most of the things I do in my life, unfortunately) I trapped the li'l bugger with one of those transparent plastic covers Sushi King put onto their dishes;

Some picture I stole.

"Eww," went my ex in response. I can never understand why girls (and Shaki) are so bloody terrified of something so much smaller than they are.

Carefully, I maneuvered the bug onto a purple-edged dish which not ten minutes ago contained two pieces of Unagi sushis (grilled eel, my absolute favourite, by the way). The last time I went to Sushi King, the purple plates were RM 8 apiece. I'm not quite sure how much they cost now.

Then, I calmly asked for the manager and showed him the roach.

"There's a live cockroach in my plate," I remarked coolly.

"Oh dear, I'll get you a fresh plate right away. I'm so sorry," he squeked and dashed off immediately, as if afraid I'll make a grand hullabaloo out of the affair.

And that was how I scored a free plate of Unagi from Sushi King. Thinking back, I regret I didn't try getting the manager bloke to tear up my entire bill. I'm sure he would have done so had I but asked.

Now, don't give me that look. I didn't tell a single lie. There really was a cockroach in my plate, okay? It's just that he ran off before I could tell him that I put it there myself.

The moral of the story is: Unagi rocks!

The End.

Will swindle for sushi,
k0k s3n w4i


Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Not everything in Manipal is bad.. Maybe from a Malaysian view point.. but for people who have not seen anything good in life and who have suffered in tiny villages this is quite a good place to be in.

michelleg said...

haha.. i was just talking about "extra ingredints" in the food i ate in my latest post.

wat a disgrace for sushi king. but in msia it's a COMMON thing..

spookygrace said...

today onwards, no appetide on sushi. I think in Sri petaling carrefour KFC's also got a lots of crockroaches running around. Maybe I can do the same thINg to claim a FREE dish then.....kekekekeke..

tat's really disgusting!!!! .. vomit!

pinksterz said...

there is nothing wrong with girls 'ewww'-ing.

and lucky i am no fan of sushi. the idea of eating ikan tak masak is just too much for me. urgh. hahaha.

and that trick is bad la weyh. tsk tsk. *giving that look*

Elaynne said...

Oo my!! U DID THAT??????? hahahaha

Rabbit said...

next time if u were to go to sushi again, can i tag along? *blinks blinks*

Can I can I? *hops around senwai*

InnShan said...

sometimes, all this stuff is quite 'distasteful'. I hate it when the hygiene is bad.
i miss sushi sushi for another 1.5years..

belle said...

i bet u really miss sushi king...

oh..u can continue watching the cows now WHAHAHA

Jen said...

well i say, whatever works ;)

i'm baaaaaaccccckkkk...!!!!

k0k s3n w4i said...

@dr.vishaal bhat
There's worse place than Manipal - and frankly, this place isn't that bad at all. But all of us love our own homes right? And I was just in a huffy sort of mood.

I read your post :)
The worse thing I found in my meal was a dead baby lizard. And I found it after I ate most of it... but i'm not the queasy sort.
A lot of the services in Malaysia is disgraceful - but it provides good leverage for bargaining XD

Oh dear, Rabbit's good friend! I've seen so much of you and I've visited your blog a few times too. These days I just don't comment much.
Carry a small bag full of roaches with you. You'll never go hungry again :D ... use the roaches to get free meal, I mean. Not eat them

There's nothing wrong. It's just something I don't understand. That's all. You afraid of bugs too?
Sushi isn't all about ikan tak masak k. There's a lot of other awesome stuff too. I'll take you go sushi someday!
I didn't tell a single lie. He felt guilty. So he must have something to feel guilty about.

Never pulled something like that again tho'. You can try it if u like XD

Dun worry. If I ever go sushiing in KL, I'll definitely give you a call! You gotta show me the best places!

Bugger, you not going back this hols mae? If you're not, join me go Bangalore. I heard there's a good Japanese shop there.

OMG, rubbing it in my face. Evil Belle!
I watch the cow also no use. Can't eat them.

You ought to like this sort of stunts. Bet you got a few good one in your book too.
Welcome baaaaack!!!

baby sa said...

eh...teriyaki and sashimi rock better