Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shady Solly

"Yerr, I like your new room sooo much!"

Chun Mun,
whose new room in Premier Residence doesn't rock as much as mine

"I wish I booked this place earlier! Can I stay in your upstairs room?"

Torng Lei,
from whom I 'stole' the room by paying the deposit before she did


Me, the alcohol talking

Looks like I'm finally sober again (after a solid 12 hours sleep). Now, courtesy of Inn Shan, who was kind enough to loan me his magical-picture-snapping-device, I can take you on a virtual tour through my new casa.

In the spirit of cheaply imitating those uppity English home-owners, I have named my place Shady Solly. I'd explain why but I've decided against such a vulgar display of lameness.

But first, let's share a flashback moment of my room in good ol' Nehru;

This is where Bollywood shot most of its Hindi horror flicks.

After living there for a whole year, I've still yet to figure out how to turn on the lights in the corridor. This is all part of MAHE's master plan to save on the power bills - either the switch is camouflaged or the lights were just there for show.

Lesser men have gone insane living here.

Everytime I try to describe Nehru, 'Alcatraz' comes naturally to mind. This place is so dead that Queen Elizabeth II has more party life than it does - except when there's a power outage. Then, every inmate monkey resident would start screaming and wailing mournfully in their rooms. I do not know whether it was done for a spot of childish fun - or because the ├╝ber geeks living here can't stand to be separated from their lecture notes for even 15 minutes.

MAHE is too cheap to tile the floor properly.

This is just my half of my room. The other half (not depicted in this photograph) belongs to my ex-roommate Inn Shan. After he moved out, his half of the room became the official trash can of the room. That's where I pile all my scrap papers, textbooks, snack-wrappings and dirty laundry - hence, providing the illusion of the supposed neatness of my half here.

'Ome, thweet 'ome.

I wondered long and hard at what the architect originally had in mind when he stacked my place on top of that dingy little room below. An 'Atlas with the World on His Shoulder' theme? Modern architecture? Marijuana?

Yellow means chill.

At the back, you'll find some steps. Looking at that lil' yellow gate, one can't help but think "What's that going to stop from going through? Tortoises?"

More steps.

My front door.

Extra TULAN Top Security

This is the most trusted brand in India when it comes to pad-locks. It comes fully charge with several megawatts of awesome 'Tulan' powerz that would fry any thief who attempts to break in. It's truly a great innovation in home security systems. Get one for yourself today!

My own anteroom! How deliciously posh!

Domicile Edict #1

No shoes shall go beyond this point. Law-breakers will be forced to hear me sing.

As decreed by,
k0k s3n w4i,
Lord Resident of Shady Solly

As soon as you enter.

This is my bedroom/guestroom/entertainment center. By entertainment center, I mean that my laptop and internet access will be located here. I hope you're not looking at the bed when I said that.

Not the entertainment centre.

'La toilette' - even shit-holes sound romantic in French.

Holy Mackerel! Two floors!

This is the main reason I've decided on this place. I mean - how many of my batch-mates have a place that is more than one floor? None! [Error: file evil_overlord_laughter.mp3 not found]

My coolness level have just gone up several thousand points just by living here. I'll be referred to as "that guy who stays in this place with two floors".

My study room.

This is the floor that Torng Lei wanted to rent from me. I'm still considering though. After all, I do need a place to pretend to study

One of the views from my balcony.

Chun Mun was saying, "OMFG, you're so cool to be living in a place with two floors!"

Li Lian was saying, "Where's my puppies?"

Incidentally, this Acharya Kompa'undhya I'm staying in is the center for breeding dogs in Manipal. Last I counted, there were at least 3 b!tches hanging around waiting for the next 'Daddy'. That b!tch clerk from the Chief Warden's office is applying for a position here.

Li Lian stays in a block shared by several other tenants - nothing as [cough] glamorous as mine.

Panoramic view of Acharya Kompa'undhya (yes, from my 1337 balcony).

Here's a bit of trivia about my balcony in case anyone's interested;
  • It's as big as my study room.
  • It's the highest vantage point in the whole of Acharya Kompa'undhya.
  • Monkeys play here regularly.

The Indian sunset over Li Lian's block.

Ah - the proverbial million dollar view (though in this case, I'd chop off a couple decimal points) for only 3500 Rupees monthly. That's about RM280 at the moment according to

What d'ya think?

Ps: I'm leaving for Malaysia tomorrow morning. Approximate touch-down time would be morning of March 2. There will be no updates till then.

That guy who stays in this place with two floors,
k0k s3n w4i


lingghezhi said...

guess what.. I'm your neighbour ol chap!

lingghezhi said...

Happy holidays btw!

ingshan said...

huh?tornglei no place to stay?
i think i'll ask her to stay with me

nice "brick" joke..hhaa

meifong said...

hey kok! nice place u have over there! anywayz, if anyone would lob a brick into ur room, i think first he would kill himself.. such heavy bricks will hit other floors rather than the highest floor unless the person has skill & strength to throw so skilfully.. happy holidays to you! (= i will be back ten days after that!

sXydeViL said...


2 floors!! *eyes rolling* yeah la, the lord in his hamster-like chamber. Say wat? Shady Solly. >.<

The padlock with the word of "TULAN" encripted really caught my

k0k s3n w4i said...


Yea, neighbour! I'll face my bass and speakers to your general direction.

Hope u got the vacating room stuff all sorted out.
Happy Block 3 to you! (it's a nice block, srsly)


You don't have two floors ;p

Thanks for the cam by the way!


Actually was tempting people to try, LoL. So they'll kill themselves. Pretty neat way of getting rid of my dumber enemies huh?

Hope to see you and Tzeyong soon at the reunion!


yeah la, the lord in his hamster-like chamber. Say wat? Shady Solly. >.<

Mighty rich coming from someone who calls her scooter 'Bubble', LoL

But really like Hamster Habitrail, rite? I got 'speshul' taste. "-.-

When I first saw the TLAN on the lock, I went; "WTF? TULAN?". I straight went searching for one that reads CBAI or LNCAU or MCH.

sister in the dhamma said...

WOw...a nice big comfy "home"...hehe..but it doesn't make much difference because it's still in INdia.'s fun reading your blog..have nice jokes, and good sense of humour, haha... at least cheered me up who's depressed upon returning to Sharada. :)

k0k s3n w4i said...

@sister in the dhamma

India ain't too bad. I quite like it there actually ;p

And am glad I helped, lol... Look on the bright side; at least Sharada has A/C (unlike my place "-_- )

sXydeViL said...


I didnt name my scooter Bubble for no reason. Poor scooter was teased with that for quite sometime (referring to the time when the exoz pipe popped out, resulting in bubbling noise) Hence the name okaY!

Btw kok, i think im gonna have a freaking hard time reading the never ending entries for the past 3 weeks. >.<

k0k s3n w4i said...

So your bike makes farting noises when it goes? cool.

I think it's safe to just read the newest few. Most of the posts are tripe anyway~