Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flunkie Gonnabe

"Thanks to the excellent curriculum of my medical education, I am now absolutely terrified to leap down from any step higher than 3 feet off the ground for fear of my gut herniating into my ball sacs."

Yours truly

The First Year University Exam is officially out the window! - lest I get slapped with a Borderline Viva Voce summon should I marginally fail any subject (if I did, I'm marching down to Satan's office for a soul refund). The worst that can happen is that I flunk something outright and I will have to spend another six month in Med School First Year [shivers]. Such a depressing thought, that - I'll dwell some more on that tonight when the atmosphere is a little bit more suitable for emoping*.

*Copyrighted triple entrende portmanteau. Using it without my permission will result in loss of Karma points.

Truth is, to say that I've been shirking my study duties is the great-grand-daddy of gross understatements (sorry Dad). Let's examine my total swot input;
  • One-and-a-Half Day for Anatomy Theory (possibly the only subject that interests me at all)
  • One Hour for Anatomy Spotters (my interest died after the Theory Paper)
  • Five Hours for Physiology Theory ('cause the lecturers hate me)
  • Four Hours for Physiology OSPE and Practical (so I hate them back)
  • Seven Hours for Biochemistry Theory (who likes Biochem anyway?)
  • Two Hours for Biochemistry OSPE and Practical (you'll have to be exceptionally talented at failing to flunk this)
Take into account also that I only started to swot before each paper after midnight (sometimes as late as 3 am). So I only get an hour or two of sleep time max - or more often, none at all. That's why you might see me replying blog comments at ungodly hours such as 4 or 5 am.

And I was alloted nearly a whole month's time to play slave to the books.

May Hitler have mercy on my soul.

Über Hitler Almighty

Guess I should stop pottering about my blog and get things moving. I'm going to call the landlord of Acara Compound (or
Acharya Kompa'undhya; me no spell so good in Indianese) to pay the deposit. If everything goes according to plan, I'll be the proud tenant of an attic-ky new room by dinnertime.

Update: Checked the Viva Voce list and I'm not on it. Uh oh - safe passes or clear fails? The suspense is killing me. Where's my dinner?

Pawned by education,
k0k s3n w4i


michelleg said...

at least ur exam is over. mine is in 4 months time.. 2 years worth to read. sucks

k0k s3n w4i said...

got 4 months ma...

haha... IMU got give study breaks one not?