Sunday, February 13, 2011

This is Technically a Post

Hi, I'm currently in the thick of my final Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) examination and I've never been more strung up in my life. For the past several weeks, I kept finding myself looking at dogs and cats (stray or otherwise), and thinking, "Gee, wouldn't it be nice to be one of 'em." I'm also slipping repeatedly into daydreams involving time travel. That's how I know that for the first time in my life, an academic examination is actually bothering me on a psychological level. Just look at how trivially I regarded my penultimate med school exam last year - I wish I'm that guy now.

Anyway, I've finally gotten around to building a categorical list of my selected essays and articles which I've published on this site over the years. You can see the link to that new page on my sidebar. The current incarnation is admittedly a tad bloated and could do with a bit pruning, but I'll only have time to deal with it on a later date. The quality of the older posts is quite iffy so if you spot some really egregious error - factual, typographical or grammatical - in one of them, don't hesitate to write a comment pointing it out and telling me what a shitty blogger I am.

And yeah, St. Valentine's Day is tomorrow - what of it?


février said...

Emma and I were in this Japanese store just now, and I saw these really cute stickers. I told her she should get these brown bear stickers for me, and I should get these white rabbit stickers for her. Because of our skin colours. xD And it made her cheer up about not having a Valentine tomorrow too. :D We're gonna give it to each other tomorrow, wrap it up n' everything. So exciting! xD

BearDoc said...

Good luck for your MBBS !!

Phoebs said...

i don't have a Valentine either T__T

février said...

that is a blatant lie feebs =_=

Phoebs said...

is not T^T po doesn't celebrate Valentine's

février said...

so? it's not a big deal. everyday can be valentine's, and he does sweet things for you anyway.

i didn't get anything for valentine's day (i'll write a post on this soon, and you have to read it mkay :D) but it made me happy when i saw the rest receive their presents. sophie said she wasn't expecting to get anything or be anyone's, but i made her day. made me so happy! it's nice to give things to people when they least expect it, even if they don't care about the holiday. i suppose po can't do that, the meaning would be different since he's your bf. xD

it was the best valentine's day ever. :)

Phoebs said...

that sounds nice xD i'll read it. is it on your blog or tumblr?

février said...

tumblah. abandoned the blog. too depressing.

k0k s3n w4i said...

beve: trust you to make valentine's day racist. and phoebs' right, i don't celebrate v-day. i don't think there's any point to it since we are in a long distance relationship anyway.

BearDoc: thanks :)

Phoebs: um, our v-day this year shall be the next time i see you :P

nicoletta said... asked for it so, grammar nazism in progress!

The title of your first heading "Religion and my lack of thereof" is erroneous. It should be "Religion and my lack thereof", since the definition of "thereof" is already "of it".

That's all. The new page is great; now I can choose which of your older posts to read just by deciding which title is more appealing, instead of continuously clicking the "Older Posts" link.