Thursday, December 02, 2010

Greek to Me

Yesterday, when talking over the phone with the girlfriend,

Phoebs: One of my classmates just got himself an S-Class!

Me: What's an ass class?

And Phoebe had to spend the next 5 minutes explaining to me the different classes of Mercedes-Benzes there are - which I must say sounded a lot less exciting compared to what I initially had in mind.

To me, cars are a little like those Korean popstars and actors which Phoebe want to have half-Korean babies with; I'm aware that there are differences between them (which I have great difficulty discerning) and I certainly don't remember their names. I am probably one of the few guys in existence who would honestly be unimpressed by whatever car you care to drive due to the sheer gaping void in my knowledge of automobile brands and prestiges. Unless your car can transform into an giant alien robot and defend the right of all sentient beings. In which case it's awesome.


février said...

what the hell is an S-class??

Phoebs said...

you exposed my deepest darkest secrets!! >___<

février said...

you wanting to have babies with korean pop stars and actors is NOT a secret.

Phoebs said...

owh, i must have mentioned it alot then T____T

Anonymous said...

Phoebe's. classmate. got an. S-Class.

Phoebs said...

coz his dad is rich and he's the eldest son after 5 girls xD

k0k s3n w4i said...

beve: it's a car apparently. i asked phoebs if there're A-Z classes but she said no.

Phoebs: that's not a secret. a secret is like that time you confessed you're bi for scarlett johansson :P

lovealynna: so he can get that reaction from you?

Jen said...

Even if the car were able to transform into an giant alien robot and defend the right of all sentient beings, it wouldnt reveal itself to you.

Tell Phoebs to try kicking the car several times in places where it would dent the most and see if that elicits a reaction.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. That's how I sound in real life. :P
No, really, why get that? I would understand if it was a Fairlady or the 370, but an S-class? Seriously?

Phoebs said...

Jen: i've only been in it once. you can watch movies & stuff. but thats about it xD i don't think he'd give me rides anymore if i kicked it T___T

lovealynna: i think the car suits his personality though. he's not fast & furious. more like classic luxury :D

k0k s3n w4i said...

Jen: sez you. you are so not getting a ride when i find one.

lovealynna: phoebs pointed out some fair ladies on the road to me before. no idea what a 370 is. AND WASSAT? YOU HAVE NO INDOOR VOICE IN REAL LIFE?!

Anonymous said...

Phoebe: Haha, I just link the Merc to older people, I guess. I do like the Roadster, and that has a younger appearance.

SW: 370Z is the model that was released after the Fairlady. :) I do have an indoor voice, but apparently, I sound sixteen on the phone. Kill me, please.

février said...

lovealynna: po would be quite taken with you then. he's a wannabe paedophile.

jen's comment cracks me up. xD i'm doing that with po's car next time i see it. this is the first time i've read all the comments on a post coz it was funny.

what i say about cars that are super expensive and are shown off by douchebags has come to a point where nikhil says "bev's policy on cars is this: if it's better than yours, key it."

so true.

k0k s3n w4i said...

lovealynna: you and phoebs should get along great then. she sounds like a teenybopper. i was quite taken back the first time i spoke to her on the phone because she sounded so cartoonish.

beve: so you're the envious type! :D:D:D i simply don't notice them. car types register so faintly in my mind that i'm having trouble remembering what cars my friends drive. i'm still unsure if my mom's car is a honda civic or city.

février said...

lol i'm not envious! i'm just saying. if no one points it out, i don't notice. nikhil and i have walked by the same ferrari over 30 times and i never could point out which was the ferrari each time. when my aunt came to help me dump stuff from halls to home, he asked me which car was hers and i was like "errr.... blue car?" i associate by colours.