Thursday, November 04, 2010

The Sucker Punch Official Trailer is Out!

I interrupt our regular programme to bring you this,

Babes! Giant samurai mechas! Zeppelins! Zombies! Dragons! My mind, it's blown.

I wrote about this flick and its amazing teaser trailer in July, and this full-length trailer is just more of the same type of awesome. This time around, they got Scott Glenn doing a grizzly voice-over of the sypnosis on the film's plot - as if it needed one *pffft*. We do however, get to look at more never-before-seen footage of femme mayhem and oestrogenic action (and more of Emily Browning's hair billowing sexily in the wind). I know it's a big dumb movie but by Jove, I don't think I have ever wanted to see one so badly in my entire life.

Okay, I got to split now - I got a movie to catch in one hour. Expect a real post some time tomorrow the day after tomorrow, people.


Phoebs said...

emily browning has such a nice body T____T

Anonymous said...

hi sen wai, i have been very busy with sch, so i din get a chance to reply ur prev comment. Yes, i do und where u r coming from. me n bunkmates didnt have the opportunity to test out if the ghosts really existed using different methods. We did shift the cupboard out of its place, n examine it.There seem to be no foul play nor defects. Some of thought it was the expansion n contraction of metal..i think what was shocking was that when my friend locked the cupboard under the witness of his us, we switched the lights off, and the lock was found on his bed buddies pillow..
so somebody, knew the guy's lock combination, n during the split second of time, turned the dial, n put it on his neighbor's bed while he was about to drift off to slp. lol..i still find it quite unbelievable for tt case man...oh anyway, i was watching this video, it might interest you -


Jen said...

phoebs: her lips are better.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Phoebs: yeah, pleasantly plump :D

kel: or, it's simply a trick played by the person who owned the lock. or a trick played by several people in cahoots with one another - it's certainly not unheard of. i wish i had been there. it's important to investigate something in situ, and all i'm having to work with now are simply your anecdotes. besides, no matter how implausible you think your explanation might have been, it's still more plausible than believing that a person died, that his spirit persisted on earth, that it is able to interact with physical objects and that it would try to scare all of you by making noises in a cupboard - all assumptions without proof or evidence. it may seem more reasonable, but it really isn't. i'll check out the vid some time later :)

Phoebs said...

Jen: uh huh :D and her eyelashes