Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pixar Says "It Gets Better"

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."

Leviticus 18:22

"And Lot! (Remember) when he said unto his folk: Will ye commit abomination such as no creature ever did before you? Lo! ye come with lust unto men instead of women. Nay, but ye are wanton folk."

7:80-81, Al-Qur'an

The Qur'an seems to have nothing against lesbians though. Progress!

Continuing in their grand tradition of reaching out and touching hearts, Pixar had recently jumped aboard the "It Gets Better" campaign which aims to reach out to homosexual children and teenagers who face social ostracization and cruel bullying for being who they are.

You might need a tissue.

Unlike other bullied children, they usually cannot even count on the support of their own family members who would torment them just as badly as (if not worse) than their schoolyard harassers. It's understandable why a disproportionately large percentage of homosexual kids contemplated, attempted and committed suicide. This is tragic. This is why I work so hard to discredit religion and the sanctimonious bastards who hide behind the skirts of fictional gods to persecute people who are just different. This is why I speak up - to show everyone that not all straight people are evil, selfish, bigots who cannot understand that you can't stop a gay person from loving a member of the same sex anymore than they can stop themselves from falling for a member of the opposite gender.

The only way Pixar can top this is if they make a movie about the struggles of a gay teen. I believe that one day, it will happen. One day, it'll be okay for all of us to be equals.

In Pixar he trusts,
k0k s3n w4i


Phoebs said...

I watched this korean movie called antique yesterday :D the gay couple totally made me squeal ^___^

Anonymous said...

I don't have that much faith in Pixar but I'm all for equal rights. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi sen wai,
its indeed saddening..here's a link of a pastor from Singapore tt blasts homosexuality during his sermons, u will be shocked tt the thousands of pple laughed along with him.


malaysia and sg are one of those countries tt still criminalise homosexuality as compared to taiwan, korea, japan, even china..lol.what i will never understand is tt these dumbasses say tt gays are a threat to society and marriages,and they influence the young ones to be gay. But the fact is tt it nvr happens, n its not empirical..but there pple still jaber yaber..blabber..lol


Jen said...

The UN votes against protecting homosexual people from execution. Guess which country says "Aye!".

Yay us!


nicoletta said...

I live in Auckland - NZ's a pretty secular country, and at one point I was passing by this church almost every day, which had a huge sign just outside welcoming gays, lesbians and all others considered deviant. I wondered if it was an attempt to convert these people and make them repent of their ways and so on...so I Googled them, and found to my surprise that the church is actually an ardent advocate of gay rights - and they consider themselves members of progressive Christianity, a term which I'd not heard before until then. When you enter their website (http://stmatthews.org.nz) the first thing you see is this huge colourful picture depicting a scene from the Noah's Ark story, except that the pairs of animals consist of 2 males or 2 females - it was most interesting.

But all this is just to suggest that maybe even religion is making progress in accepting human diversity?

k0k s3n w4i said...

Phoebs: crazy yaoi fangirl D:

lovealynna: but for a major corporate entity like pixar to put it neck out and speak for gay rights... that's a pretty heartening thought.

Anonymous: they always go for their hate the sin, love the sinner nonsense. and in less developed countries steeped in religion, they'd blame gay people for every damn thing, from natural disasters to the economy.

Jen: yeah, i read about that. this makes me hate humanity. a bunch of old straight guys and self-hating repressed homosexuals sitting at the pinnacle of organised human civilisation voting to okay the execution of a minority group of people. disgusting.

nicoletta: religion will never truly progress until they amend their "holy" books - which as you realise, is never going to happen. i personally know a progressive christian girl who would be okay with having a gay child. that is it. i know just one. best case scenario: all faiths should support gay rights, even if they question the morality of the act. it's the same as me supporting free speech for all including racists, bigots and homophobes even if i disagree with what they say. nz is lovely. it's kinda my retirement destination. you're a catholic, right? the catholic church opposes homosexual rights at every turn - even going as far as to blame their paedophilia epidemic on homosexual behaviours when there are clearly girls who got molested as well. you may or may not agree with the vatican's position, but so long as you remain an official member of their often-boasted "billion", they will use that clout to politically oppose the equal rights movement. i know of a lot of atheists who used to be catholics but found that it's almost impossible to get their names removed from the roster. what's your opinion on this? (okay, this whole comment sounded super serious, but i'm not really. i'm just stating an opinion and hope to seek yours.)

nicoletta said...

I can only respond from my own personal thoughts and experiences on religion. Yes, I was brought up in a very devout Catholic family, much more devout than the average religious family these days, I think, and I was sent to weekly catechism classes in my childhood. Me being me, I didn’t really listen much in class, but instead thumbed through my own bible to find interesting bits to read – and all the interesting bits are in the Old Testament, so yes, I did find it strange why there was such a prevalence of anti-homosexual, misogynistic, genocidal sentiments – and a whole lot of smiting down of people (who I actually felt sorry for, even though they were supposedly evil bastards). I used to ask my mum, “and what of the souls in hell? Shouldn’t someone be praying for them so God may, you know, stop their suffering?” Well, of course I was told that it was no point praying for them – hell is eternal, and God wouldn’t change his mind. Things like this ingrained such a fear in me – I cannot describe it, but as a child, there were some nights I stayed awake crying imagining hellfire and devils and all that shit. Bit of a coward frightened of monsters under the bed or the bogeyman, it can be said - =)

But anyway, I do not agree with the Catholic Church’s decisions to sweep those numerous paedophilia cases under the rug, likewise I do not agree with their stance on homosexuality. During a debate session in school some years ago, the question posed was, “should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?”. I opted yes, and listed down several reasons, and went home feeling proud and then told my mum about it – who of course gunned me down saying it was wrong. On the same note, if I had a gay child, I am actually alright with him/her. My only fear would be that I would be an inadequate defender of him/her should he/she be condemned by others – but this is a personal problem as I am naturally reserved and tend to avoid too much communication with others. I am a pro-choice person – and I avoid judging people as much, and as consciously as I can (I agree with you in an earlier post that the Matthew 7:5 statement about judgement is one of the good bits in the bible). So if Catholics or any one else really, wishes to drop out of religion, well it’s their personal choice. I honestly don’t know why it’s so hard for former Cats to be removed from the roster (is this an official roster you’re talking about?), but taking into context the Christian teaching of, once you’re baptised, or born again in the eyes of God, you’ll always be baptised, hence always a Christian. Or perhaps it’s because lapsed Catholics are just a single confession away from being a ‘true’ Cat again, even after you formally leave. Not really sure, this is just a surmise.

Anyway, sorry for the ramble and the personal anecdotal bits – I can only infer on things based on my own experiences since I don’t read too much on contemporary issues – but thanks for giving such a lengthy and interesting reply to my initial comment. (By the way how do you know I’m a Cat? Sound like one or perhaps I seem rather ignorant?)

k0k s3n w4i said...

here's a link to the count me out website which helps people to formally defect from the catholic church,


the site had been suspended because earlier this year, the vatican modified the code of canon law to remove all references to the act of formal defection, the process used by those who wish to formally renounce their membership of the church. this is basically the church's clumsy response to the increasing numbers of defectors in recent times. i find it to be a corrupt and despicable organisation, and i think it's bizarre that so many decent people still want to consider themselves part of it. i wonder what would jesus think of such a bloated, prosperous, pharisaical church dedicated to his name if he's alive today. seems antithetical to everything he stood for.

you might find this advice post interesting too,

Ask Richard: I Want to Officially Leave the Catholic Church

i never had any real fear of hell - mainly because i never really believed in it. i did however read many testimonies from former christians who said that the stories of hell were some of the most traumatising things they went through as children, and many of them now consider it a form of child abuse. i just couldn't identify, though.

thanks for sharing, nicoletta, and feel free to continue sharing. as for why i know you're a catholic... did you think i was joking when i told you i enjoy reading your blog? :)

nicoletta said...

obviously I've got some serious thinking to do about my religious future, and I'll certainly be considering your opinions on religion in your blog.

I did think you were joking - you know, just trying to be nice. But I didn't know there were so many Catholic sentiments in my blog, did you really infer my religion just from reading?

Anyway, I missed an earlier statement in your comment - "NZ is lovely". It is, certainly, but for a film-loving person like you, there is a downside. The majority of new films aren't released in NZ until many, many months down the road from their initial opening. So, you can hear the entire global community talk about whatever film that you've been wanting to watch, while you sit here gnashing your teeth in frustration =)

k0k s3n w4i said...

well, hopefully by the time i get there, the internet media would have picked up to such a degree that i can stream new films off the internet. the gap between a new release with the publication of its dvd/bluray is currently closing fast. anyhow, nz's secularity is one of its most appealing features to me - as is its amazing landscapes. and somehow, i always imagined that nz would be left alone if a nuclear world war breaks out, but then again, we currently have enough firepower to render the planet lifeless several times over.

i think you explicitly mentioned that you're catholic - albeit a rubbish one, to use your own word - in a post somewhere.