Sunday, July 11, 2010

Muffins and Dreams

"Dreams feel real while we're in them. It's only when we wake up that we realize something was actually strange."

Dom Cobb in Inception (2010)

I feel spent. I think my life is slowly spiralling out of control, drifting off into the deep space of adulthood. Weekends feel shorter while the noose of medical academia feels tighter around my windpipe. I'm in someplace I want to be, but I'm stepping into someplace I fear I might never leave. Sunday is still sunny, but the menacing overcast of Monday drew ever closer.

And muffins are still fattening as heck.

Muffins Muffins Muffins!
Begone, ye little temptresses!

My willpower gave up the ghost today at the La Boheme bakeshop in that new colossal Jusco. What's a man to do in the face so much warm, fluffy oven-fresh goodies? And at just a buck each! The plan was to go to the shopping centre to replenish my store of Nissin instant ramen, but I returned instead with four muffins in a bag. Oh, I feel like such a woman.

The queue to the payment counter was so long that it snaked right out of the shop, and I found ample time to do a bit of eye-shopping in the place. I did not realise that La Boheme has such a great selection of baked goods! There was a pile of Danish Chocolate Something there which were just screaming at me to pick one of their number up, and they have just carted out a whole mountain of steaming, sugar-dusted, mini dough nuts (the space between dough and nut was intentional). There was also a Bon Odori special going on for whole matcha-and-azuki cakes at RM 30 apiece, and boy, was I glad that I didn't have that much legal tender on me at the time. The confections looked like the bastard love children of sunbeams and unicorns, and I fear that the sight of them have punched a cake-shaped hole in my soul.

I got sesame, blueberry, walnut and toxic coconut.

While I was lost in my temporary kid-in-a-candy-store reverie, a fat middle-aged hausfrau have covertly insinuated herself by my side in the line with half a dozen muffins and a substantial pile of dough nuts on her tray. I have no idea if she used to be behind me or if she thought she could cut in beside me, but I was peeved. Did she think she could quietly cut me off while I was lost in a haze of floury thoughts, and that I wouldn't notice her doing it?

The Malay man and junior in front of me (chocolate covered doughnuts for the most part) shifted as the cashier finished off another customer. I took a step forward, and the infuriating woman followed suit - placing herself beside me again. This happened every time the queue moved, making my hands itch more and more to smack her with my tray. What? Did she think if she's persistent enough, I'd let her move in ahead of me?

Get back in line behind me, lady
, I did not say. You are fat and you probably shouldn't be eating that many muffins and doughnuts, I also did not say. I did, however, shoot her some of my patented poisonous looks, but her pachydermal skin proved to be quite impenetrable.

What is it with people who act like total smegma-coated cockheads in queues? You know what else pisses me off? Those twits who stand far too close behind me in lines; so much so that I could feel their breaths on the back of my neck as their cheap parfum invades my nose the same way they invade my personal airspace. I hate to break it to you, pal, but the fucking queue won't go any quicker no matter how eager you are to occupy the same timespace as I am.

Anyway, the woman finally relented when we reached the cash counter. Good for her because I was quite prepared to publicly humiliate her had she dare to make an attempt at paying first. I actually got a speech ready. I am NOT a nice person, let me tell you that.

Moving on to pleasanter things: I also saw a pretty cool truck outside of Jusco today,

Inception Truck against a Blue Sky
Yes yes yes!

In a few short days, I would be in a theatre watching the unveiling of Christopher Nolan's magnum opus, Inception. There is no director alive today whose body of work I admire more, and a dreamscape mind-bender blockbuster starring my favourite young thesp, Ellen Page? Words are such inadequate little constructs when it comes to explaining how I feel about it. Right now, I am dead certain that it will be the best movie ever made in the history of cinema. Is there a possibility that I might be disappointed? Am I over-hyping the film for myself? I don't fucking care. I just want to revel in my stuporous, fanboy excitement for now and drown in the buzz.

Inception Truck Side
The other side of it.

The driver wasn't there so I'm not sure if I could walk into the back of the truck to look at more promo material. It belonged to one of those newfangled advertising companies called Imej Jiwa (not a very avant-garde name, if you ask me) and what their website says about the truck is,

Beneath the three gigantic high-quality tempered glass on Mobile Truck lies Imej Jiwa's own in-house designed State-of-the-Art Scrolling Billboard. It is capable of housing five different advertisements on each side.

Mobile Truck delivers advertisements during peak hours in high traffic areas, thus providing advertisers with a wider audience. At night, Mobile Truck is backlit, making it a moving light box!

In short, Mobile Truck stands out from conventional advertising mediums and delivers high impact advertisements.

High impact, eh? It certainly got my attention alright but then again, I don't exactly need any more convincing to go see Inception in the cinema.

Inception Truck Frontal
I like how black it is.

Because I already know it's going to be EPIC!

Don't pinch him,
k0k s3n w4i


Michelle Chin said...

I hate Sundays. Not Mondays. I hate Sunday because Monday is TOMORROW. :(

Liz ^^, said...

Ahaha. What do you mean you feel like "such a woman" !!!! xD

I LOL-ed at that.

NOT cos it's true mind you. Well, cos, it may be kinda sorta true. In SOME cases (not mine) :P

Oh, and I HATE (repeat H-A-T-E) people who cut queue. Damn them. As if they're more important than everybody else, and their affairs more important than everybody else's !!! >.<

btw, those muffins look utterly SINFUL !!!

phoebs said...

thank goodness i don't like pastries :3 sometimes, you're more of a woman than i am T^T

mg said...

I've had too many good muffins here :P enuf of 'em buttery stuff.

YES cant wait for Inception. Pretty cool idea and Leo Dicaprio again, awesomeeee!

Hilda Milda™ said...

wow that is one cool inception truck!

adamYam said...


~J'@nn~ said...

oooo, muffins!! btw the truck looks like those in transformer, haha!!

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

muffins for me!

Supporting your blog.


Tcr Ain said...

I can see soooo much sugar here! Heeee.....

Black Jeopardy said...

I agree, you should not tolerate "mischevious" people like that

elynn said...


Jaerragus said...

Those muffins look so filling... and yeah.. u don't need ppl to tell u that Inception's gonna be great... u'll know it by the plot, actors and also the mobie trailer...

ken said...

i dont like queuing.. =/

and looking forward to inception! =)

JadyCloud said...

Don't wonder my grammar was attacked. Found a true journalist here!

♥ zoe ana ♥ said...

ugh, i despise people who gets too close to me while queuing either, up to the point where i can feel their breathe on me. yuck. and those who flipped hair until the ones behind them would end up chewing some of their hair. gross!

k0k s3n w4i said...

Michelle Chin: but, but, if you don't hate mondays, there's no reason to hate sundays! fail logic, haha.

Liz ^^,: casinos, whorehouses and bakeshops are dens of sin, yeah! i meant the "such a woman" line was said with tongue firmly in cheek, haha. i might even have let the lady go ahead if she had the courtesy to ask and had given me a reasonable excuse - but then again, she ain't exactly elderly or preggers.

phoebs: i'm more a man and more a woman than you are. i am better than you in every conceivable way =d

mg: i can only eat one per mealtime myself. have already skipped 3 meals, just trying to finish the damn muffins. i still got one left! leo dicaprio has been falling apart slowly over the years... kinda like how michael jackson did, lol.

Hilda Milda™: yes, it was.

adamYam: word!

~J'@nn~: really? looks more like a really cool hearse to me.

Tcr Ain: sugar? i see happiness, a dollar apiece!

Black Jeopardy: because tolerance causes stuff like peace and shit! down with tolerance! haha

Jaerragus: a trailer isn't a good indication of how good a movie's going to be. look at the last airbender. insanely cool trailer. mindblowingly bad movie (or so i heard).

ken: who likes queuing?

JadyCloud: i didn't attack anybody, haha! i just couldn't understand a line in your post!

♥ zoe ana ♥: then there's also those that keep letting their friends go in front of them, extending the line for the rest of us behind! sigh.

goingkookies said...

urghh.... i feel ur annoyance regarding the lady trying to cut queue!!!

that happened once at soem reststop... super LOOONG queue but the lady cut the lady behind me.. if she had cut MY queue.. i was more than ready to shoot her...

such rude ppl.. and usually they're of a certain race and tend to be fat

Kelvin said...

Hahahaha, i like ur header pic XD

vangardx said...

currently countdown the opening day of inception movie

Rolling Fumbling Thug said...

:) Cool truck. But why they advertised it using a truck? Thought Inception had enough of publicity.


Michelle Chin said...

I am weird. Do you not know that?

Anonymous said...

I hate idiots like that who don't understand the idea of personal space, and retards who think that the queue is the way they dictate it. Pfft. If you had humiliated her with a whole speech, you would've been right to do so.

k0k s3n w4i said...

goingkookies: and the person who got cut? she did not make a scene? just to clarify, the housewife who bugged me in the queue is a chinese :)

Kelvin: yeah, but it's ancient.

vangardx: ugh, so close i can almost lick it.

Rolling Fumbling Thug: well, it's important to get everyone excited enough to want to go to theatre to see it - one can never have too much promotion :)

Michelle Chin: can't say i do :P

lovealynna: i suppose girls would have more experience with twits unclear on the concept of personal space, am i right? :P

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
i am looking forward for it too..!!
Thanks for ur nanged!
Nanged and clicked on ur advertisement ^^