Friday, June 04, 2010

This Blog Received International Recognition

"And it occurred to me that there is no such thing as blogging. There is no such thing as a blogger. Blogging is just writing — writing using a particularly efficient type of publishing technology."

Simon Dumenco

If you only read the first two sentences of this quote, it sounds kinda Zen.

Sort of.

I just took a peek into my Gmail account a few minutes ago (which I am known to do twice or thrice a year) and saw an interesting e-mail in my inbox, nestled awkwardly amongst all the garbage I receive on a daily basis from every website I have ever registered in.

It was from a Todd L who may or may not be the same Todd L who has been sending me Viagra, penile enlargement drugs/devices and underage pornography spam all these long, weird years in which I've apparently been battling erectile dysfunction, struggling with small penis syndrome and wrestling with my inner paedophiliac demons - all at the same time. This time, Todd L appears to have abandoned his sinister cabal of internet spammers and came to me with a message from the Medical Insurance blog. Here is the aforementioned e-mail,

I just wanted to let you know that we featured your web site in our latest article entitled: "42 Medical Blogs Written Entirely by Med Students".

You can see it here:

Feel free to let your readers know about the mention, we'd greatly appreciate a link back!

Also, we'll be promoting the article on twitter today as well as a number of other social media sites in order to drive traffic to it. Any support is appreciated.

Todd L

The link he provided whisked me off to this post,

Medical Insurance Blog
I dig how I'm associated with Harvard in this (however tenuous that association might be).

It took me a few good moments for me to spot my own blog on the list because they have prudishly prudently decided to not mention it by name, not that I blame them. Anyway, I'm number 38 and my entry reads;

Malaysian Med Student: This blog is maintained by a med student from Malaysia.

Haha, "maintained". It's like I'm a janitor who occasionally sweeps the place and takes out the trash or something.

On a much more serious note, I don't think I should be on that list at all. k0k bL0k is in no way, in any stretch of the imagination, in this life or the next, a medical blog. I am a blogger and an aspiring writer who just happens to be a medical student; an unfortunate circumstance which I feel is far too late in the game to rectify, what with me a final year prentice physician now. More pertinently, I also actively avoid writing about my grueling, purgatorial medical school experiences as much as possible because I "maintain" this blog as an escape from it - and because writing about med school is what pretty much every blogging medical student out there on the interblag does. I refuse to allow medical academia to consume whatever precious little free time it left me with.

I am a man of many passions. I am a wannabe author, a geek, a bibliobibulus, a cinephile, a foodie, a travel junkie, an animal lover, an environmentalist, a science advocate, a human rights and free speech activist, an outspoken atheist, and an armchair philosopher - in no particular order. I am an epicurean hedonist, a person in a deep, drunken love affair with Life and her Pleasures. I am all of the above first and a med school student last.

Still, I can't say I did not get a kick out of the mention in that Medical Insurance post. Never have I imagined that anyone who's building a multinational list of half a hundred examples of a blogging niche would consider my crummy little online journal to be worth an include. And it sounds like I'm representing the entire population of Malaysian medical students in it.

So get down on your knees and worship me, medicos. 'Tis I, your king in repose.

Executive editor of this blog,
k0k s3n w4i


~An9eL~ said...

"Malaysian Med Student" .

Because "k0k bl0k" just couldn't generate as much interest.


mg said...

Congrats! lol

Zzzyun said...

lol. im glad at least urs was chosen.

jfook said...


ohmywtf said...

congrates! do they include "medical course drop-out"?? *cough :-P

Grace said...

wow cool! Grats ;D

Azizan said...

congrats! XD

Xiaopei said...

Cool. Congrats :)

papabear said...

all i can say i: LOL! anyway, congrats! hahaha!

Glo-w~* said... they include med grad lovers? ;p

Jaerragus said...

HAHA... congratz..

♥Nicole's♥ said...

Congratulation!!! :) Best of luck!

SonnyKazu said...

really arr? lol!

btw Congrats to you...! :D

5ye-dee said...

well~ congrats to you!~

Adam Roslan said...

congratz :)

février said...

medical blog my ass, my tampon post was as close to a medical post you can get here :P

k0k s3n w4i said...

~An9eL~: i'd click on a link to a blog called the k0k bL0k :P most people in the world don't even know which continent malaysia on, i bet. i got that a lot when i was backpacking thru india, when people ask me where i'm from.

Zzzyun: i have this feeling that the med insurance site wants traffic from me more than they are looking to give me traffic. i receive absolutely no inward flow from it, haha.

ohmywtf: why, you dropped out of med school? you lucky man, you.

Glo-w~: are you dating a med grad? or are you generally in love with med grads :P?

beve: funny, i was just rereading your tampon post a couple of days ago. anyway, i wrote a take-down post on medical quackeries once, and some non-medicine related med school stories. plus, i explain medical terms here and there as i blog as well T^T

mg, jfook, Grace, Azizan, Xiaopei, papabear, Jaerragus, ♥Nicole's♥, SonnyKazu, 5ye-dee, Adam Roslan: thanks! :)