Tuesday, June 08, 2010


"You think too much. No one ponders about life and its meaning as much as you do. You are too rational. You insist on reasoning everything out before doing anything. Most people just live, you know - hang out, have fun, be successful, those kind of things. Don't you ever act on impulse, on a whim, or on your feelings? You aren't spontaneous. You aren't spontaneous at all."

"I'm spontaneous," I protested.
"Remember our first kiss?"

I was smiling on my end of the line when I said that - not that she could see it. I guess it's one of those gestures that just matters even when they don't.

"That," she said, "Was a long time ago."

P.S. That rather poignant snippet was taken way out of context from a hilarious phone conversation we had yesterday. And we were actually talking about cockroaches.


-hui- said...

hahaha..this sounds familiar. I get it those lines from my friends and partners. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

cockroaches? it boggles the mind!

SunShine said...

Spontaneity can be reckless at times. But that's whats so awesome about it. Reckless fun. Ü

k0k s3n w4i said...

-hui-: maybe you ought to loosen up, do something crazy for once. the brain has to take a backseat sometimes.

Anonymous: my mind is boggled too.

SunShine: oh i'm plenty reckless. once i drove off to penang and a day later, my mom called to ask where i was.