Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Beloved

Dear Baby,

I have attempted several times to draft a surprise post & rejected almost all of them for sounding too stiff & formal. I don't think this letter is much of an improvement but at least it feels more comfortable when I'm writing directly to you. I do so hope I can have this up by midnight.

To be perfectly honest, I know I am not as nice or as perfect as you make me out to be. There are times when I can be terribly demanding & ridiculously unreasonable over petty things & I am probably one of the most jealous girls you'll ever meet in your lifetime. Even so, you've always written nothing but beautiful, sweet things about me. I love so much the way you always tell me how lucky you are to have me & I don't think many people have had the privilege of hearing that.

I oft lie in bed at night, re-evaluating & reviewing the way I have behaved & it pains me when I realize there were times I have tried to suppress you or intrude into your life without meaning to. I just want you to know there has never been a day I've never yearned to be perfect for you. To be the one reason for your happiness & to be the one to carve a smile on your face. I'm trying really hard everyday to be perfect without appearing too stoic or reveal the fact that I'm actually trying hard. It is a blessing to be loved by you. To be loved for all my flaws & shortcomings.

And because I want so much for us to be happy together, I decided to immortalize it in plaster.

I really did carve your smile myself *beams with pride*

Happy 22nd Birthday Baby! I hope to always remain a part of every single one of your birthdays in the future. I love you.


P.S I hope you can fit into the AWESOME shirt I bought you T^T

Flawed but loved,


bevE said...


LOL looks so much like Po xD HAHAHHA

..... .....sigh. (i'll explain this later, if u ever bother to ask T^T it has something to do with what i'm gonna begrudgingly say next)

happy belated birthday?

calvin said...

The two of you are just too sweet ^^

Happy Birthday :)

fubi said...

beve: oooh! tel me tel me! xD
calvin: thanks ^_^" ehheh
baby: hewwo sleepy head :) *waves*

senorita.. said...


happy bday Kok..

Fubi & Kok.. i'm sure u two can go through the rest of your birthdays together... =)

u're doing good Phoebe, part of being in a relationship is able to realise mistake, admit n learn from it.

nyrac said...

this is so sweet, and that carving does look like him! ^^ semoga sampai ke generasi cucu cicit ya...

fubi said...

senorita: thanks xD most of d time i realize im bein unreasonable. ehheh ^_^"

nyrac: im so glad u think there's a resemblance *beams*

k0k s3n w4i said...

Of course I can fit into the shirt T^T. I lost weight okay

thank you, baby. this is the single, sweetest thing anyone ever did or said to me :)

you are the best girl I've ever met. don't put yourself down. you ARE perfect. I'm so sad that I couldn't be around on your birthday. stupid visa expires on the 31st :(

to everyone else: thanks for the wishes :)

fubi said...

baby: *hugs n smooches* its owhkay i spose. sniff. i did so wish u could stay for mine T_T u muz wear my shirt on my fake bday T^T hmpf.

Rileen Aya said...

YOH. *o*

*explodes of jealousy*

fubi said...

aya: heh xD So funny

Jazzy*Pam said...

Wow, this is so genuinely sweet!
You're one lucky guy, Kok Sen Wai! :)