Wednesday, July 09, 2008

There are Only Two Kinds of People in This World

How moral is it to strike a stray dog which chewed on your shoes because you left them out? I saw someone doing that the other day and it shocked me. It's not that I've never seen it before but perhaps, I've never seen it happen in quite that way. Maybe it's because it was a puppy which didn't know better but even so, a grown stray wouldn't be very smart about that either. Maybe it's because it yelped so pitifully. Or just maybe, it struck a chord in me, a trigger in my soul which just revolts against being punished while not having the capacity to understand why I deserved it. It's like when I was a little boy and my mom told me to run an errand for her - I simply didn't know how to do it so I went and asked her for clearer instructions. Just because she was in a vile mood, she snapped spitefully at me and accused me of pretending to be stupid so I don't need to run that errand for her. I cried, and she scolded me some more. Because I was really young back then, it left this bitterness in me which I can still taste today, and I tasted that again when I saw that man beat the puppy.

That's the two kinds; one who would kick a dog, and one who feel it's wrong.

I'm sorry I haven't been updating properly for a week now, and those who have stayed with me anyway, thanks for being such awesome readers. I meant to write more tonight, but I have to prepare for my visit tomorrow to a home for some semi-voluntary work (it's required for this phase of my medical course) and cheer up some puppies, I mean, mentally-challenged children. For the kids' sake, wish me some luck here, okay?

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PENELOPE said...

People make mistakes because they think that those aren't mistakes. That's why it is important that someone realises what humanity is.

But for the case of mother and son, I have no comment but this is regular when mums are enduring mood swing...