Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Third Hundred Days of Baby Darwin

"When I ask how old your toddler is, I don't need to hear '27 months.' 'He's two' will do just fine. He's not a cheese. And I didn't really care in the first place."

George Carlin

Because trilogies are de rigueur for epic stories, here is the third instalment of Darwin's hundred days - this time spanning the 25th of March to the 2nd of July, 2014 documenting my little pup's growth from 201 days old to the 300th day of his life and following his growth from a drooling, faeculent, flatulent baby into a more mobile, larger and heavier drooling, faeculent, flatulent baby.

He spent most of this period in Penang at his maternal grandparent's place so most of the pictures and videos here were captured using her Samsung Galaxy SIII phone camera, the screen of which he recently cracked. Ain't no Gorilla Glass tough enough for this baby!

202 Days Old - Posing on Foam Playmat
Day 202 of life: Look at them thighs.

210 Days Old - Crawling After Toy
Day 210 of life: Darwin's first crawl (with actual forward motion) after being on all fours and rocking to-and-fro for the longest time.

211 Days Old - Darwin in Baby Chair Cosy
Day 211 of life: Darwin drools so much that his mom decided to get him a baby chair cosy (or whatever those things are really called) that covers his immediate surroundings in entirety.

212 Days Old - Darwin Watching Isobel Get Shorn
Day 212 of life: Darwin crawled to the glass door and watched as his grandmother shave Isobel.

220 Days Old - Darwin Stading For First Time to Look at His Grandmother's Laptop
Day 220 of life: Darwin standing up for the first time while trying to peek at what his grandmother's doing on the laptop.

221 Days Old - Darwin in Superman Outfit
Day 221 of life: Darwin in a Superman outfit.

221 Days Old - Superman Stealing Food from Senior Citizen
Day 221 of life: Superman stealing food from senior citizen.

226 Days Old - Darwin Meets Himmat and Arvinder Singh and Had a Racist Outburst
Day 226 of life: Darwin meets Himmat and Arvinder Singh. He bawled because he is racist like that.

Day 227 of life: Darwin learning how to handle cats from his mother with assistance from Isobel the Ragdoll.

Day 229 of life: Darwin feeling up his first pop-up book, a gorgeous copy of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, gifted by his mom's buddy, Amy. He is, however, treating it like a scratch-and-sniff and gets upset when no one flips the pages for him.

240 Days Old - With Spoon at Kim Gary
Day 240 of life: I flew to Penang to visit Darwin. We had lunch at Kim Gary at Queensbay Mall right after I landed.

241 Days Old - Prim Darwin at Kim Gary
Day 241 of life: Darwin and I spending some father-son time together at the Gurney Plaza Kim Gary while his mom and my mother-in-law watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

241 Days Old - Darwin Swimming
Day 241 of life: Cheryl taught Darwin how to swim splash about in the pool.

244 Days Old - Darwin with Cheryl in Her Old Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform
Day 244 of life: Cheryl using Darwin as an accessory while modelling her old Singapore Airlines uniform. Va va voom!

245 Days Old - Darwin in Bathtub with Rubber Duckies
Day 245 of life: In the bathtub with rubber duckies.

246 Days Old - Darwin Begging Eyes
Day 246 of life: Look into my eyes and obey, parent.

251 Days Old - Darwin Holding and Eating Cookie
Day 251 of life: The first and last time Darwin was photographed putting food into his own mouth on his own. He figured that it is easier to just keep his mouth open until one of his parents shove edibles into it.

254 Days Old - Darwin in Paddle Pool with Cousin
Day 254 of life: Darwin being watered by his cousin in the paddling pool to help his sparse peach fuzz grow faster.

Day 258 of life: This is the first time that Darwin was caught cruising on camera while holding on to a couch. His motivation was to look at a smartphone's screen (what else?). You can see him changing the direction of his cruise when the phone was moved.

262 Days Old - Darwin Sucking Thumb While Sleeping
Day 262 of life: [Narrated by David Attenborough] And here we have a common human infant sleeping in nest of cotton gathered by its mother. We have to be very quiet so as to not startle it from its hibernation. You can see that the little hominin have one thumb planted in its mouth as a simulation of the comforting taste of his mother's nipple...

266 Days Old - Darwin Going on a Safari
Day 266 of life: There is no toy quite like a simple box for young children.

273 Days Old - Brushing Teeth
Day 273 of life: I don't know how Cheryl did it, but Darwin's trained to open his mouth to let us brush his 4 little front teeth whenever we bring his toothbrush near his mouth.

Day 281 of life: Darwin developed a nasty habit of biting his parents and he would do it so hard that his little jaw will tremble from the exertion. In this video, Cheryl scolds Darwin for being a cannibalistic little jerk and he cried some of the most ridiculous crocodilian tears I have ever seen.

286 Days Old - Darwin's First Day at Daycare
Day 286 of life: The day after he returned to Kuching, we started him in a daycare which he took to surprisingly well. Here he is, in his first day there.

295 Days Old - Darwin Chasing Sophie's Tail
Day 295 of life: Because of the shedding and heat, we shaved our cats. Here is a newly-shorn Sophie trapped in Darwin's newly converted playroom.

300 Days Old - Darwin Blowing Raspberry in Walker
Day 300 of life: Another annoying habit Darwin picked up - blowing raspberries, thus turning his drool into projectile weaponry.

In case you missed it the first time, all the pictures in this post have alternate captions in the hover texts which you can reveal by moving your mouse cursor over them and waiting for a beat.

A Hundred Days of Baby Darwin
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Chief captioner of Darwin's photos,
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