Friday, April 11, 2014

The Second Hundred Days of Baby Darwin

"Love can change a person the way a parent can change a baby - awkwardly, and often with a great deal of mess."

Horseradish (2007) by Lemony Snicket

Consider this a sequel to my previous post, A Hundred Days of Baby Darwin. Yes, you blinked and missed it because my sole progeny have made it to 200 days old last month! He is now a harder, better, faster, stronger baby and is scientifically proven to be 200% better than his closest competitor.

Here are the snapshots (and two short video clips) of him from day 101 to 200.

102 Days Old - Hanky Panky
Day 102 of life: S'up.

107 Days Old - Bleargh

112 Days Old - Cat Pillow
Day 112 of life: Darwin reclining on his fuzziest, warmest pillow.

115 Days Old - Darwin and T-Rex
Day 115 of life: Darwin at a local Toys "R" Us in his brand new perambulator being attacked by a T. rex that Cheryl wouldn't let me buy for him.

 Day 121 of life: Here's a video of Darwin's parents having a laugh at his expense.

123 Days Old - Big Feet
Day 123 of life: This bean bag gets a footsie thumbs up from Darwin.

123 Days Old - Introduction to Tech
Day 123 of life: Cheryl introducing her Samsung Galaxy S III to Darwin.

125 Days Old - Darwin Duck Face
Day 125 of life: Darwin celebrating his mama's birthday at Bla Bla Bla. That face needs no caption.

128 Days Old - Kissed
Day 128 of life: A HOT CHICK KISSED ME!!!
135 Days Old - Darwin Eating His First Ever CNY Red Packet
Day 135 of life: Darwin eating his first ever Lunar New Year red packet given to him by a bloke dressed like Cai Shen at the Summer Mall.

136 Days Old - Darwin By Fountain
Day 136 of life: Sitting by a pretty fountain, watching the water dance.

Day 136 of life: Here I am playing Darwin's favourite game. He has the most adorable and infectious laugh.

141 Days Old - 7.3 kg
Day 141 of life: 7.3 kilograms of cute.

145 Days Old - First Time in Baby Chair
Day 145 of life: Sitting in a baby chair for the very first time.

148 Days Old - Coke Lover
Day 148 of life: Future Coke addict. Like his mom.

148 Days Old - Bird Butt Kisser
Day 148 of life: I think babies just look around a room thinking "What does THAT, THAT and THAT tastes like?!" all the time.

150 Days Old - Quick! He's Getting Away!
Day 150 of life: "OH NOES HE'S GETTING AWAY!!!" Darwin playing with his cousin.

152 Days Old - Ooh My Hand
Day 152 of life: Darwin noticing that he has hands for the first time.

167 Days Old - First Experience with Porridge
Day 167 of life: This is the face he made after his first ever taste of rice porridge.

168 Days Old - Kopitiam Slouch
Day 168 of life: At less than 6 months and 3 weeks after his first seating in a baby chair, Darwin perfected the Malaysian kopitiam slouch.

168 Days Old - Laser Night
Day 168 of life: For his first holiday, Darwin spent a night at a boutique hotel in Penang called Noordin Mews. He was simply fascinated by the dancing dots cast by my laser pointer.

170 Days Old - Darwin Wants Sushi
Day 170 of life: Darwin REALLY wanted our makizushi at Minoru.

172 Days Old - I Lub Pringles
Day 172 of life: Darwin frenching a Pringles can passionately.

184 Days Old - Snack Grab
Day 184 of life: WANT.

190 Days Old - Daddy's Little Driver
Day 190 of life: Darwin (sort of) sitting in the driver's seat of our car for the first time. The bib was purely a happy coincidence.

190 Days Old - Darwin All Stoked Up about Bread Maker
Day 190 of life: Yay, mommy bought a breadmaker! SOOO PSYCHED!

196 Days Old - Darwin Calling Out to Sophie
Day 196 of life: SOPHIE!

196 Days Old - Darwin Grabbing Mikey
Day 196 of life: Darwin, seconds away from pulling a handful of fur from Mikey's face.

197 Days Old - Darwin Eating Hanky
Day 197 of life: He went through a phase where he would stuff his mouth with a hanky and then wave his arms around like a drunken squid.

198 Days Old - Darwin Smooshed at Kalimantan Border
Day 198 of life: Darwin experiencing grass for the first time at the Borneo Highlands Resort's Kalimantan border viewpoint.

199 Days Old - Drooling Carnivore
Day 199 of life: Darwin snarling and flashing his two lower incisors (they first appeared nearly 3 weeks ago).

Just like Darwin's last picture album (and in all the posts I write, really), there are secret captions written in all the photo's hover texts which can be summoned if you just let your mouse cursor linger over them for a sec. So scroll all the way up and start again. Chop chop!

A Hundred Days of Baby Darwin

The Third Hundred Days of Baby Darwin

Darwin's fat landlord,
k0k s3n w4i

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