Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Present State of My Life with Cheryl and Cats

"And I'm gonna ride this feeling as far as it goes
I'm gonna ride this feeling
I don't know, I don't know
Whether I'm flying or falling
But I'm gonna ride this feeling"

Ride This Feeling (2012) by Kate Miller-Heidke

I can't sleep, so here I am.

Yesterday was a few hours ago and she is currently sleeping soundly under a very substantial amount of fabric, just several feet away from where I sit. We were at a vegetarian restaurant earlier where we had a large salad of a delicious fern the locals call "midin" and batter-fried butter mushrooms. Then, we paid a visit to my go-to booze guy and got ourselves a Chardonnay and a Riesling. We plan to keep the Chardonnay for the 5th of November but we opened the Riesling as soon as we had it chilled. It was very quaffable and we had it over the second half of Sideways (she fell asleep halfway through it the night before) and for all of Jiro Dreams of Sushi - all while cuddling on our extra-wide new slipper chair which we bought for movie nights. For weeks, we were out hunting for a nice small-sized settee but when we saw this slipper chair at Courts - and having test-driven it - we fell in love with it and gave it a home.

The Loveseat™.

Last week, Cheryl moved her whole life and her two cats from Singapore to come live with me in Kuching. She left her job and said goodbye to all her friends, and it felt simultaneously gratifying and terrifying that I am worth that much to her. In just the last few days, she managed to transform our glorified bachelor pad into a home (it has a shoe-rack and everything now), making me realise just how empty and frigid the house really was.

Mikey and Sophie
Sophie (right) is a red classic tabby Maine Coon. Mikey (left) is half Ragdoll, half rug.

Her cats, Mikey and Sophie, faced a month-long sentence at the state quarantine centre for the crime of being flown in from Singapore but I somehow managed to arrange for home quarantine for them after a few calls to the vice director of the veterinary department - I am always surprised with what you can get if you take the time to talk to the right people. They are gorgeous, her kitties, and she loves them like a mother.

I have always talked about getting a cat. Now, I have two. It's like all my dreams are coming true.

Cheryl with chalkboard
Taken on the evening of her bachelorette party. Hence the fluffy tiara.

Am I happy? Yes. Yes yes yes. I have never felt more loved than right now, and I wish I can make her feel just as adored, wanted and needed. In a few minutes, I am going to crawl under the covers and hold my fiancée close to me, a rehearsal for all the nights to come for the rest of our lives. I just picked up my new identity card from the office of the National Registration Department and it has three notable changes from the old card. One, it has a more recent picture of me. Two, instead of Buddhism in the religion field, I am now officially an atheist. Three, it sports my new address in Kuching. Cheryl's new identity card carries the same address, and with them, we can now be married in this city.

That will happen in less than two weeks. Remember, remember, the 5th of November and all that. There was a time when I cannot imagine myself marrying anyone. Tonight, I cannot imagine not marrying Cheryl.

Mikey and me
Mikey and I.

Mikey winking
Mikey winking.

Mikey tired from pole-dancing
Mikey, who had fallen asleep while pole-dancing.

k0k s3n w4i


yuhhui said...

omg.. the cat is soooo cute and huge too! you're getting married on the 5th of Nov? Congrats!! =D

Vin Tsen Gan said...

You got me at Kok & Pussy. Gosh your blog comes up with lotsa good stuffs.

Anyhoos, congratulations on this new phase of life that you'll be embracing pretty soon!

Anonymous said...

How heavy do those cats each weigh? Mickey couldn't be less than 10kg? Now u got 2 huggie squeezee fluffee stuffed 'cushions' on the prowl. And I just got hungry thinking of a nice Sri Lankan crab after seeing Mick!

nicoletta said...

Shweeeeet :)

Always nice to hear when someone's life is coming together nicely.

Anonymous said...

Congrats kok! Please with your later wife don't forget to explore beautiful Sarawak and next door Sabah, before you go home to Melaka after your contract.

Cheryl said...

It's Mikey, short for Michelangelo. Named after the Italian renaissance sculptor but later rescued another cat called Raphael so the TMNT characters sort of just...happened.

Sophie Donatello is 6 ish kg while Mikey's about 7.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks for pointing out my error. I wonder what they have for their meals? Can't be just 1 can of cat food per cat per day? Seeing mikey makes me feel ticklish! I would keep a Burmese if I don't have to share the house with my sister.

Cheryl said...

Nah...just that people tend to think it's Disney's Mickey :)

They are fed twice a day. Just cat kibbles, no treats whatsoever. They are suppose to be this big (and heavy) anyway, according to their breed standards. In fact, Mikey's at the lower end of the average weight for Ragdolls.

Burmese are nice...I like Russian Blues too. I like all cats.

Terri said...

oh god i can just see you going on about getting married on the day parliament almost got blown up and the day people celebrate with fireworks and bonfires where straw effigies of guy fawkes get burnt to a crisp.

couldn't you have chosen a regular day like most NORMAL people??

Anonymous said...

Please please post a video of your big day so that we can all admire the beautiful bride and her man in tow. Let us hear kok say ''I do" in his usual loud and clear voice. And we can give angpows online - Paypal accepted?

Paul Leong said...

Good morning Mr & Mrs Kok and welcome to the first day of your lives entwined and intermingled till the final breath. Any wedding stuff to post? We want to share in your happiness on The Big Day. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Mikey n Sophie must be asking each other now "now our missus has found her human love, does dat mean she will love us less, or as usual?"

Anonymous said...

how is married life? do update!