Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm Still Here

I have so much to write about and yet so little time. Forgive my last post - it was just a touch of seasonal affective disorder and that's the story I'm sticking with. On a lighter note, I just received a text from the Long-Suffering Girlfriend™ not a minute ago which made me laugh out loud. It goes,

"Grapefruit tastes so bad it makes u not12 eat anythn afta Tht. Or mayb throw up >_> i can't bliv i hv2 eat it4 10days T_T"

She read something about grapefruits and immediately went out to buy a tonne of the stuff yesterday. I have half a mind to set up a secret Twitter account without her knowledge and just document all the things she says to me on a daily basis.


Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

phoebeleaks perhaps.. ha..

Phoebs said...

aaah!! whatever happened to couple confidentiality?? >_> my lips still have that bitter aftertaste & i ate it 5hrs ago! T__T

goingkookies said...

wahaha... that'll be cute but at her expense.. hehe

Dr.Vishaal Bhat said...

Phoebe Phoebe... Anything in excess is bad.. A dentist should know right?

On a side note - Hope you are better now.. almost dinner time..

Phoebs said...

i was looking forward to dinner. thanks dr vishaal :D i have to eat it again tomorrow though :(

c3rs3i said...

I made the mistake of thinking the grapefruit was just an orange but pink on the inside. I then somehow projected its pleasing aesthetics onto taste and inferred that it MUST be ORANGE 2.0 BETA!!! - better looking AND tasting too!
"But why then is it not more popular?" a shadow of doubt crossed my mind.
"Probably because it's a lot pricier and not widely available either." The elitist in me practically purred at this point.
Mmm.. how delightful - a fruit for the senses.

Can't believe how ridiculously wrong I was.

Good luck on your diet/detox, Phoebe. May it be worth it.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Dr.Vishaal Bhat: phoebeleaks sounds like a golden shower themed porn site.

Phoebe: that's why i said anonymous twitter account.

goingkookies: you'll be surprised to know how much joy i got out of her expense :P you'll never find a better sport than phoebe.

c3rs3i: hmmm, i need to try one just to see how awful it really is. i had some grapefruit candy before and i thought it tasted like a more bitter version of pomelos. i'm personally unconvinced that the grapefruit diet actually works without all the other bells and whistles of a dieting regime (calorie-counting, exercise, etc), and detox of any kind is a bit of a medical myth, if i understood correctly :/

Phoebs said...

c3rs3i: yeah its so pretty but it tastes awful T___T

k0k: i AM counting calories & exercising in case you've forgotten T^T oh, i wanna try the other apples in the washington apple series :D but i don't think they're available here? golden delicious & cripps pink sound good ^__^

c3rs3i said...

Yeah it tastes like a pome..lemon infused with the bitterness of 2 to 5 shrews. You probably won't react quite so strongly to it now that you've had any possible illusions dispelled.

Nah, grapefruits assist weight loss but are definitely not the main cause of it. Better to eat a grapefruit with all its allegedly fantastic primary, secondary and tertiary effects on health before every carb-depraved meal than say.. a sausage of the same calorie-count.
Anyway, it's a fruit.. not holy water - there's only so much it can do against evil/fat! ;)
add to the grapefruit a main of celery sprinkled with flaxseed and acai berries chased with a cup of green tea and you'll be quite close to a holy supper.

Ps: Phoebe, please be aware that Grapefruit + some kinds of meds can = death.

Jen said...

I really think Phoebs is being severely short-changed with her moniker of the "Long-Suffering Girlfriend". She needs something more intense! Haha :P

Phoebs said...

c3rs3i: thanks for the advice :D i've never tried acai berries before. the kiehl's acai berry skincare range looks good though xD i think i've somewhat gotten use to the taste of grapefruit but it still isn't a pleasant experience. goin swimming now ^_^

k0k s3n w4i said...

Phoebs: i have not. i'm merely pointing out that grapefruits on their own are all that awesome -.-

c3rs3i: i've read studies on the properties of grapefruits and acai berries and i must say the evidence is pretty unexciting. the acai berry diet in particular is scam-tastic. and i've read somewhere that the whole acai berry trend diet is hiking the price of the fruits to such a degree that the indigenous people who eat them as part of their staple can no longer afford them.

Jen: the grapefruit diet was entirely self-inflicted. the only diet plans i ever recommended were those involving only exercise and calorie restriction - the only methods to consistently show a positive result :D