Monday, February 08, 2010

Shake Them Coconuts

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
And they're like, it's better than yours
Damn right, it's better than yours"

Milkshake (2003) by Kelis

Lately, I've been doing a spot of research on food places I have never visited in Malacca and I've turned up several promising leads. One of them is this; the coconut shake on Jalan Klebang Besar. It's a pretty long drive from where I live - but what d'ya know, it's well worth ride.

It's one of those things that you'd wish you've thought of first, and wondered why you didn't. Picture this: Fresh coconut meat and coconut water, ice and a scoop of vanilla ice cream; all mushed up in a blender, pour and serve. Considering the killer heat waves we've been getting in ye olde Historical City in recent years, I swear I can sip that shit all day long.

Coconut Shake
This is how that shit looks like.

And I'd do that too if the stall which peddles it isn't so far out in the boondocks of coastal Klebang.

Still, in spite of its location, I was surprised to find the place packed with customers and many illegally parked cars. Coming from Melaka, just drive along Heeren Street (Jonker's less commercialised sister street) till you reach Klebang. You should see it on your right, right before a Caltex petrol station. Eventually. My most conservative guesstimate puts the whole ride at 5 kilometres minimum. For folks with them newfangled GPS thingies, the coordinates given by Google Earth pins the stall at 2°12'54.93"N, 102°12'22.32"E.

The stall opens 12:30 to 6:30 pm daily 'cept Fridays (they start at 2:00 pm on those days). They take holidays whenever they feel like it. Because they can.

Now, be warned that that long straight road between Heeren and Klebang has been recently broken up by a weird ass intersection in Tengkera. However, if you are coming from that bridge over the mouth of Malacca River near the Holiday Inn, you'll do okay just flying straight.

The stall looks like this,

Coconut Shake Stall
The brand of ice-cream they use in their special recipe is a closely guarded secret.

Of course, coconut shakes aren't the only stuff they sell.

They also pushes coconut shake floats! It's like coconut shakes, but with ice-cream! ON TOP!

Coconut Shake with Ice Cream
It's like they sat around and brainstormed, "How can we make this drink even more awesome!"

For the plain shake, they charge only RM1.50 per glass (or RM1.80 if you want one to go). The ice-cream topped "special" goes for RM2.00 (RM2.20) per pop. Damn cheap right? You can't even get a can of Coke or a glass of fruit juice from most places these days for a buck fifty. If coconut shakes don't rock your boat, they have standard issue coconut water and sugarcane juice too, along with nasi lemak, mee and assorted kuihs. I didn't try any of these so I can't offer you any opinions on them (but I must say that coconut shake plus nasi lemak sounds like a winner).

The drink itself is pretty darn delicious, wholesome and refreshing - and I absolutely love the tiny bits of crunchy coconut flesh in it. For someone who detests the (lack of) taste of coconut water, I'm surprised at how much I like the shake. This place is definitely worth a look into if you have time to kill and a whole lot of heat to beat.

Shit, I sounded just like a marketing exec right there.

Sold on the concept,
k0k s3n w4i


MichelleG said...

looks yumm... need to wait another 11 months.. =\

Jen said...

here's my job. TAKE IT!!


k0k s3n w4i said...

MichelleG: Eh, you used to live in Klebang didn't you? Never try before mae?

Jen: I wish. I'm starting to really loathe medicine.

minwi said...

you know it's like right opposite where i live but i've never had one of their shakes before. shame on me.

février said...

if u like it so much why don't u get summore la? u need a break from ur hateful medical stuff right? is it very far away from your place?

Khimmy said...

oi kok....i also want my share...tag me along if ur heading u on the gas...haha...i remember when i 1st went there, is just only a stall under an umbrella.Now they grow rapidly man.....things are moving fast in mlk huh....

k0k s3n w4i said...

minwi: yes, a shame. you can easily grab one or a dozen the next time you're back. i've been craving it since saturday, but it's just so freaking far away.

beve: yes, it can take up to a half an hour drive to get there if the traffic is less than smooth.

Khimmy: come, we go this saturday. oh have u heard about the high school reunion?

yer house neighbour said...

coconut shaka special satu...apparently they are using walls or nestle vanilla ice cream which is the main attibute to why it's so gempak la the drink....but jauh la....easy for myn wee la...rumah dekat...naik basikal pun sampoi wei...hahaha...
what mhs reunion thing? i dunno anything bout our ol boys except u

k0k s3n w4i said...

my house neighbour: it's walls. reunion is... today, 13/02/10 at the new jusco, 12 pm. come if you can ye.