Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On The Meaning of Certain Words and Things

I am angry. It is STUPID to say that since god give us life, only he has the right to take it away. Anyone who tells me that is STUPID and I look down on that person. Anything that can be taken back is NOT a gift.

On an unrelated and not at all angry note, sacrificing something to fix something you caused is not called sacrifice. It's called taking responsibility for the shit you pulled. Also, if you set up the problem that requires your "sacrifice" to fix, it's called being a dick.

A sacrifice is NOT a sacrifice unless you actually lose something or give something away for good. I suppose he did sacrifice some of his time, I guess. Wait, scratch that. A finite amount taken from an infinite amount approaches ZERO mathematically, so he sacrificed zilch. And you didn't volunteer to die for anyone's sins if you didn't actually go kaput permanently.

If I tell a girl that I love her and then threatened her with torture if she does not reciprocate, I am a sick fuck. If I am able to somehow do this forever and ever without giving reprieve or showing mercy, I am god.

By the way, Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore (which accounts for the years not covered in Jesus' official biography - you know which one) is an awesome, awesome book. It's been so long since I've laughed out loud so much reading a novel. I really should look into comic fantasy genre more. Anyway, Moore's book is not hostile to Christianity at all and is in fact, quite an affectionate love letter to the faith, so don't let my scary atheistic blasphemy scare you from reading a really good book. The author's a baptised Methodist too, you know, in case that's important. To those folks who I've intro'ed the Bartimaeus Trilogy to and have subsequently fallen in love with them, this book's for you guys.

I am just... pissed... at someone. Not at someOne, if you catch my drift. But then again, I shouldn't feel the need to say that. It's just not possible to hate someOne you don't believe exists.


Inn Shan said...

wow, good perspective. i would like to see a counter to that.

février said...

poor posie. how come u didn't use your annoying, self righteous, i'm better than thou attitude against them

i'm going to use this :D xD

février said...

oops i forgot to say, finite amount taken from an infinite amount is still infinite! a finite amount taken from an infinite amount doesn't approach zero mathematically

o_O ?

k0k s3n w4i said...

Inn Shan: there isn't any ;)

beve: use this for what? also, what i meant to say is; a finite amount compared to the infinite it was taken from, approaches zero. that finite amount approaches zero, not the infinite one. u phail english forever. what are you going to use this for anyway? last I checked, you were christian :P

février said...

k whatever. u so nerdz.

btw, i made satay celup!! :D :D

février said...



i might call u tmr just to kacau u T^T if i remember

voon said...

LOL, again with this?

Someone giving you THE sales pitch?

Anonymous said...

kok may or may not have a face that says "come tell me YOUR good news"

p.s. who are ur preachy frens?

k0k s3n w4i said...

beve: dun feel like blogging. lots of stuff to talk about, but no drive to write them down -.-

voon: well, it started as an ethics debate on physician assisted suicide... u know how these things always go

Anonymous: the fact that i'm one of the few card-carrying atheists around paints a big target on my forehead for some.