Friday, February 15, 2008

Lesson #16

Always order flowers a few days before St. Valentine's Day.


The florist stayed open till past closing time on St. Valentine's Day's Eve, much to the relief of the boyfriends and boyfriend-hopefuls of the small town of Manipal. Luckily, I've already filled in my order much earlier and I was only there to pick my posies up. I certainly don't fancy elbowing my way through that throng of flowerless flubs, battling nail and tooth for the last petals in the barrel. It's funny how some of the blokes even brought a female consultant to help them choose what sort of blooms they should buy.

Don't look like a "throng", you say? Well, what this picture don't show is the 15 to 20 guys perched on motorcycles parked right in front the store. They looked agitated so I bet they probably wouldn't feeling very genial towards some nut snapping their pictures.

I like this picture because the shop, with its light brightly shining out into the evening dark, really looked like some sort of beacon of hope and salvation. In a way, that's kind of true, no?