Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life in Progress

"Hold the city to your ears
You can hear the winds come in"

Believe Me (2010) by Ellie Goulding

This blog has not been abandoned - the ghost of its former blogger still resides here. I apologise for the famine of new posts, but I had been cruelly separated from the teats of the internet by completely foreseeable circumstances. You see, I had finally moved out of the spare room of my former college mates (now coworkers) and now resides at an address that shares a name with a very posh property on the British Monopoly board. I have yet to reestablish a permanent, devoted connection to the One True Goddess, the World Wide Web, so expect further spotty updates.

I'm loving my new place. It's got an automatic gate, double doors, two-storeys with an obscene amount of square feet, a compound that is big enough to park three cars, and a backyard which is half as spacious. It's located five minutes away from the heart of Kuching town, the hospital where I work, and the least embarrassing mall in the state of Sarawak. It also has a burglar alarm system, a four-piece sofa set, a refrigerator, a microwave oven, a gas stove, a washing machine and a broken telly which no one wants to watch anyway. I live with two other doctors who I did not know a month ago and each of us got our own private bathrooms attached to our fully-furnished, air-conditioned bedrooms. Most importantly of all, my shower has one of those fancy hotel faucets that magically rains hot water when you turn it one way, and cold when you turn it the other way. I have yet to solve the mystery as to where the hot water originates from, and I suspect I will not bother finding that out until it stops coming on demand.

Anyway, I'm only paying RM 400 a month for all that (RM 300, if we can rope in another tenant). The moment I found this place, I stopped looking. True story.

My New Room
My new room. I stitched this from two pictures - the photo, not the room.

Another accessory to my new life is my new car - a freshly baked Myvi filled with that inexplicably gratifying new car smell. The plate has letters which will score 19 points in a game of Scrabble followed by four numbers that I have yet to memorise. Then again, I still have not memorised my girlfriend's phone number either even after seeing her for two five four some years.

My father did most of the liaising with the car sales-bloke owing to how little time I have to spend outside of my new job - which I was completely grateful for except for a few hilarious hiccoughs. Initially, the Dad suggested that I purchase the car after the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month, and my response was basically a blasé declaration that I don't believe in the existence of spirits except those that make me uncharacteristically happy when I consume them in immoderate measures.

After that, I found out that he had asked the salesman to avoid getting a car plate number with fours in it (because they are homophones of the word "die" in Chinese). I immediately voided that weird little request and told the salesman that if he can get a plate that is all fours, I'd totally want it. Or thirteens, because I have a soft spot for unloved numbers.

Side and Front of My New Car
I wanted it in orange actually, but Perodua hates happy colours.

Back of My New Car
Yes, orange is my favourite colour. That, and electric blue.

I'm seriously considering repainting the bonnet, the roof and the hatch at the back at some yet undetermined future date (y'know, to differentiate it from the bajillions of Myvis currently on the road and to make it easy for me to spot it in a crowded parking lot). To decide which colour that would contrast grey most strikingly, I inverted the colours of a picture of my car and found out that the opposite of grey... is another shade of grey. My palm met my face followed my the marriage of my forehead with the desk at my own stupidity. Of course it is!

Anyway, does anyone have a colour to suggest? I'm thinking of a blindingly bright shade of orange, but I'm not known to be a great thinker at the best of times.

Playing The Sims for realsies,
k0k s3n w4i


Phoebs said...

take me for a ride in your new car! :D

shanaz@RS said...

oh em gee I completely am in love with your planky floor. Dayummm, that's a nice find - at a rate of RM400, and air-conditioned with a private bathroom that has a fancy faucet! I just cannot believe this. It's too much of a grand bargain that I honestly think the house is haunted. But then again, you consume spirits so there then, all solved! :P

Accent color of choice for your glittery gray Myvi, after much thought and googling around, is ORANGE.

Take a look at this:

Kinda pretty and since Orange is your color, why not. Have fun!

Liz said...

OMG, your place sounds absolutely AWESOME! RM400????? That's a STEAL! :D

Go for orange! You'll definitely stand out! :)

yuhhui said...

purple and orange!!=D

McGarmott said...

Just stick with this colour lah.

k0k s3n w4i said...

Phoebs: why don't you drive me around in my new car instead?

shanaz@RS: i'm not a big car fan but my dream car is a fully-electric-powered mini cooper and i'm hoping that when i'm purchasing my second car, a good model would be available. i'm quite in love with the mini aesthetic. as for my myvi, i'm actually leaning towards red right now. it matches the lights.

Liz: i feel it's quite a steal too. still, it's a little rich for my blood and i wondered if i should have rented a cheaper place :/

yuhhui: i'm not willy wonka!

McGarmott: i bet you wear only white underpants and eat the same thing for dinner everyday as well.

Jen said...

When in doubt, go for leopard print!!! :D

Sapphira said...

Haha, talking about Spring, are you? ;) Your new place sounds swanky! How's the food in Kuching?

k0k s3n w4i said...

Jen: i don't want the distinction of being the most tasteless guy on this side of the south china sea.

Sapphira: there's no food in kuching. there's only kolo mee here.

Rainmaker said...

Perhaps your car could have an orange base paint, followed by a stylish *insert dark colour here* stripe vinyl(you may change the style to tribal or any other) to match it.

Alternatively, you may prefer to just paint your name on the car