Friday, August 13, 2010

Make Me

"Motivate me,
I wanna get myself out of this bed.
Captivate me,
I want good thoughts inside of my head."

The Motivation Proclamation (2000) by Good Charlotte

Today is Friday the 13th and the unluckiest thing I had to endure today was a 4 hour long quasi-motivational speech on how to be a physician (or as I like to call it: a fate worse than death). It was not the speaker's fault, this - he's one of the most likeable persons I ever had telling me stuff he thought I ought to know better about. He's quite unlike the last bloke my college booked a few months ago; that one was an annoying go-getter and boastful prick who should be immortalised in bronze as the epitomical monument to douchebaggery. You see, I am immune to being motivated. My default attitude towards anything anyone says is one bathed in industrial-strength scepticism.

Anyway, it's not that the speech I received today wasn't useful. It's just that it's already part of my personal philosophy, but in a less sincere and far more sociopathic form. I am the choir, if slightly twisted.

Now, I have like half a dozen posts I have been working on, and I would like to finish a couple of them this weekend. They are,

  1. An anecdotal on Beverly's visit to Malacca (she's "b" in the chatbox and "février" in the comments section - y'know, the one who appears to dislike everything I write).
  2. A postmortem of M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender from the perspective of a fan of the animated TV series.
  3. A medical-sciencey article on why eating durian and boozing at the same time is a Bad Idea.
  4. A Christian colleague about my age told me that my "resistance" to God is a phase, that I have not gone through enough hardships in life, and that I will eventually come around when I am older and wiser - I'd like love to write about that.
  5. A review of Margo Lanagan's Tender Morsel - a fantasy novel based on the Brothers Grimm fairytale, Snow-White and Rose-Red.
  6. A piece on how I face death as an atheist. And also about a genuine near-death experience I had earlier this year.
  7. A fucking explanation on why I fucking cuss, just for fucks, in my fucking posts.

I like to ask you, my readers, to tell me which item in the list of drafts above you want me to complete first. Which one would you be most interested in reading? I may not necessarily show it, but I really appreciate my small pool of readers - some of which have followed me since the inception of this weblog, a few became great friends, and one became Phoebe. The thing I appreciate most is the input,
the comments, because I believe that blogging is in its essence a freely social enterprise. Thanks for listening, and thanks for responding to me all these years.

And to you wonderful people, I share my mind and intimate my life. I hope that that's enough.

P.S. My favourite number is 13, by the way. Just throwing that out there.

k0k s3n w4i


minwi said...

#7! or 6, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, number 4 pls pls pls! Sounds explosive lol! I second minwi on 6 too :D

Phoebs said...

i want 2 & 5! i need to take hormone therapy for my pimples T_T they're sprouting again

Anonymous said...

Number 4, please and thank you!

Michelle Chin said...


Anonymous said...

Number 3! Because I've heard that it would be a disaster but I haven't the slightest clue why. Curiosity may kill me eventually (or the combination of durian and booze) so why not?

-hui- said...

The last airbender!! I love the series but im not too sure about the movie though. The trailer looks ok..

Zzzyun said...

4 or 6 would be good :)

Anonymous said...

no 4. because the opportunities for the use of implicit expletives (explicit, if you would welcome a deluge of holier-than-thous chastising you for taking the Lord's name in vain) are boundless there and I do delight in lyrical prose especially when applied to subjects I'm passionate about.

- cersei

Terri said...

#1 or #2 :D sadly nobody else seems much interested in beverly and her trip. not hoping this one is gonna win the poll, lol.

don't you mean rose-white and rose red?

that stroy always made me sad because rose-red kinda gets left out at the end :( have you read francesca lia block's version? she's got this book full of reinterpretations of fairy-tales, like bluebeard, sleeping beauty, snow white, etc. the beauty and the beast one is my favourite, even though i didn't like her ending for it.

Terri said...


if you want plot spoilers of block's "fairy tales", just let me know! very dark stuff, with rape and drug abuse and molestation and homosexuality and love. in fairy tales! i think she is awesome ^-^ *fan girls*

May Lee said...

read through the list a few times... I CAN'T DECIDE. whichever one you pick, hurry up and get it done, already. =D

k0k s3n w4i said...

looks like #4 won the vote, with #2 being the one i'll be writing on next (which i'm itching to do). well, already done #4, readers. thanks for chiming in, everybody!

minwi: wow, i assumed that you have stopped reading like a year ago o_0

Anonymous #1: and explodey posts are usually the easiest to write too :)

Phoebs: i kinda thought you're the opposite of hormonal.

Anonymous #2: righto

Michelle Chin: ONE DAY.

lovealynna: yeah, i've been wanting to write about it because while everyone knows that it's bad, no one knows why. and i've seriously heard enough about that "heatiness" nonsense.

-hui-: trailers can make bad movies look good and good movies look bad.

Zzzyun: done!

cersei: is your screen name based on cersei lannister? i welcome anyone to contradict anything i say, really. good opportunities to flex my rhetorical muscles.

Terri: phoebs made a remark about the same thing, haha. i'd get around to writing everything on this list eventually but that'll be like a month from now. and i did mean snow-white and rose-red. I've never heard of rose-white, personally. margo lanagan's tender morsels got gang-rape, incest and elements of bestiality... and that's just in the beginning.

May Lee: gone and done it :P

Jen said...

Hah! 13 comments. Allow me to ruin that for you.

Btw, all those posts will eventually surfaces if I wait around long enough, so my vote doesnt count :D

k0k s3n w4i said...

Jen: the votes decide which two should come first, actually. but now that i've done the top two, i'll just go back to being in charge again :P