Monday, July 20, 2009

We Are Saving the World This Thursday

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

I'm not sure how many MMMC students read my web-journal, but bugger me if you expect me to bother finding out - but here's an announcement for you if you're one. It's about the recycling drive we're organising this week,

Uncle Sam Recycle
'Cause Uncle Recycle Sam sez so.

I've already put this notice up as the wallpaper of every lecture hall's desktop, but every job worth doing is worth overkilling for, I always say. So boys, all you need to do is dump your garbage, trash, rubbish, refuse right outside your door and we'll come by and collect them this Thursday like your bitches. That's not too much to do for our damn planet, isn't it? Just put your shit out and then feel good about yourself for helping us save the environment.

For those of you who are better human beings than that want to be a little more proactive, make sure that you don't leave anything gross in your garbage. Exempli gratia: banana peels, dirty cotton buds, used polystyrene takeaway containers, clipped toenails, and tissue papers you've masturbated into. Believe it or not but we really don't want things like that. Everything else, including beer cans and empty liquor bottles (as many have asked), is fair game. We'll sort them out.

Yes, we are going to sift throught your garbage using our hands.

Tell you what, it'll really be a great help if you guys can drop your garbage right at the designated venue; at the foyer outside of the Girls' Hostel in our campus. It'll save us from having to use our cars to cart your garbage there. And if you would go this far, you might as well stay for a bit and help us sort the stuff out into their little categories (I think it's aluminium, paper, glass and nuclear waste or something). Of course, you might find something useful to you amongst the junk. I picked up some ace lecture notes and a surgery portfolio in the last recycling drive, and more clean, unmarked writing paper than I'll ever need this decade. Come take other people's garbage back to your home!

And ladies, bring your trash down for us, please. We Y-chromosomed pack animals do not have authorisation to enter your hostel and pick up your garbage. All you need to do is come downstairs.

The proceeds from the drive will be used by the Tzu Chi Foundation to provide free healthcare to the impoverished folks who couldn't even afford governmental medical services. Yeah, that same free clinic I volunteered at in case you're wondering. See the amount of good you can do by simply giving us your garbage? How can you live with yourself if you can't even do so small thing to help? Wait, don't answer that last question. I don't think I want to know.

Hugs trees,
k0k s3n w4i


b said...

the only one in ur batch who's a recycling freak xD

should i delay my flight ?

b said...

girl's hostel wants garbage xD
why, quality stuff won't do ? poor handsome guys

Inn Shan said...

i was surprised to hear that you are involved in this recycling stuff.

fubi said...

it looks so cool T_T

k0k s3n w4i said...

b: there's no handsome guys in my college -.- and i'm not a recycling freak. i'm a recycling messiah T^T

Inn Shan: i find it several shades more useful to the world than to be a student council member

fubi: nah, didn't really spend anytime on it at all. i mostly just go googling around for stock images and then put them together